JOTD: Chicken Strips

It’s been awhile since I posted a video from my boy Qaadir. Love this guy. As always, be careful when you play it just because he cusses alot lol.

This one is called “Chicken Strips & the Bake Sale from Hell”.



Tameka, I think you’d appreciate this one LOL. I had to add this one on


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One response to “JOTD: Chicken Strips

  1. Aneka…. I wish you could see the tears I just cried watching these videos, especially the second one!! You already know homie, hahaa!

    You know I have to reiterate his words though right?

    video #1:

    “Now if I was ruuuude, okay? If I was mutha fu*kin Cruella got-damn Duville on that ass b*tch, oh trust me when I say the b*tches would fall the fu*k back, okay? Back back back back, gimme 50 feet. I woulda said 20, but your breathe is killing me!”

    “You’re giving medicine to a b*tch who’s in perfect health!
    …………………………. TEARS!!

    video #2:

    “B*tch, I don’t give a fu*k! Why are you lyin’ to me? Sweetie? I don’t give a fu*k sweetheart!” (<<— That's my new line right there!!!)

    "Daaamn! Mutha fu*ka wanna act surprised when you give them the truth…. B*tch what? That's the problem now! This is a fu*kin lying nation, everybody rollin 'round lyin'!"

    LMAO @ Glutten boots…

    "Like I keep tellin you mutha fu*kers I got the NyQuil for that common cold b*tch, STOP COMING FOR ME…. B*TCH!!
    …………………………. CREMATED!!

    This dude is HILARIOUS! I friggin LOVE him!!!

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