Random Thoughts

  • Am I racist because I don’t like the brown M&M’s? I’m sorry, I’m down for every other color but for some reason they made the brown ones gross. Hmmm, maybe it’s a conspiracy *ponders on that thought for a second*. Ha! Let me stop before some of you guys think I’m crazy.
  • Am I the only one that’s ready for 2009 to be over? This year has been a rough one for me. Learned a lot of Life lessons, a whole lot. The thing is 2010 is already looking up, have a lot of plans and things in the works so I’m just ready to forget this trashtacular year and keep it moving.


  • Taylor Lautner (Jacob from Twilight) needs to be cloned and aged about 6 years. Even if he can’t be… wrap him up and I’ll take it to go! I’m just saying. I’m not Mary Kay Letorneau but I could be. (I’ll wait as you google who she is lol)


  • Why do males think it’s okay to leave the toilet seat up when they live with or have a female visiting? Not cool at all. You can spare me with “Why can’t y’all just put the seat down?”. It’s not appealing to see a pee rimmed seat in front of your eyes all the time. Not to mention, I don’t think it’s appropriate for me to fall into the toilet in the middle of the night because you left the seat up. Do better!


  • The last episode of Friends was on last night and I’m still happy that they put Ross and Rachel together in the end. If it happened any other way, I would have written an angry letter.


  • The Soul Train Awards– I was going to dedicate a whole post to it but why bother. It’s yet another not quite right Black Awards Show. I will just point out a list of questionable points.
  • Bootsy Collins had the same outfit on as the Cowboy Robot Guy that stands in front of Eaton Centre.
  • That Trey Songz & Toni Braxton kiss was yawn-tastic. Toni, I’ma need you to stop taking tips out of the Lil Kim/Sammy Sosa playbook. You looked 12 times better as your normal self, cut the crap!
  • The Awards show reminded me of how much I miss R&B. The genre is on it’s deathbed and seeing performers like Boyz II Men, Johnny Gill and Chrisette Michele remind me of that.
  • Kandi Burress, I need you to explain to me in depth what happened to your voice and why? Inquiring minds would like to know sweetheart.



  • If you don’t watch Dexter, you are missing out on some good tv. Holay! That show is freaking amazing. The writing is incredible- the show is dark, witty, suspenseful, intelligent. You should start watching it (from the beginning of course) you won’t be disappointed. This season is the best one yet.


  • I’m not good at pretending.


  • I’m trying to figure out what told this male (that I know) to stop following me on Twitter because I didn’t reply to his message about going to see a movie. First of all, you never asked me -you just sneak attacked your way into it. 2nd of all, I never said no, I apparently just didn’t answer quick enough for you. You’re following over 500 something people so clearly this was really personal for you to unfollow me. Wow, it’s really rough in these streets huh? *Plays Carl Thomas “Emotional” and drops the mic and walks off*

POTD: Be With You

Just one of those moods.


I just wish I could see her perform this live in person.


Ohhhh Beyonce.

Have You Ever Been in Love?

Just a random question.

Don’t worry, no one not even myself will know what you answered. Just click one!



SOTD: I Am Your Woman

Syleena Johnson is a great vocalist. A lot of you probably don’t even really know who she is. She released a couple of songs, but the never really blew up. She’s a grown woman singing grown womans music. Very underrated in my opinion. Oh for those that really don’t know who she is, she sings the hook on Kanyes “All Falls Down” (That song is on my Top 5 list of Kanye songs).

This song is excellent.

Just listen.


It’s not you, it’s ME

Good Afternoon,

*Wendy Williams voice* How you doing? Me, I’m doing alright. Just alright. Last night, I saw the movie “New Moon”. It’s funny, I never had any urge to watch any of the Twilight movies, however 2 weeks ago I said “let me see what the fuss is about”. Apart from the fact that, the acting is not that great- the girl in me really enjoyed it. Also I had previously seen the preview for “New Moon” and it had me thoroughly intrigued. The love triangle between Bella, Jacob and Edward is quite interesting. The movie had me walk away with one question on my mind…


What does “It’s not YOU, it’s ME” really mean?


We hear this phrase in television and movies all the time, and it’s usually meant as a funny let down to someone you’ve been dating- however when used in real life it’s not so funny. Clearly it must be me! There has to be something about me, that you are not particularly feeling. As Qaadir would say “Let’s just keep it real b*tch”. If you’re trying to let me down easy, at least give me the truth. Is it really that hard? If you have issues, okay that’s fine we all do! However if I am willing to work through your issues with you, why would you turn around and use that as a reason why you cannot be with me? I mean really though, just cut the crap. If you don’t want to be with me, just say it! Don’t tell me it’s ‘you’ and the next time I see you, you’re all boo’ed up with another female. Can someone say awkward!  Next time you think of using this phrase to someone to let them down gently, dont! Save it for George Costanza

Simply Untitled

Lately I’ve been writing my little heart out. Yes, I’m well aware it has not been on here. The opportunity to get onto the cpu hasn’t always been there and even if it was, I didn’t necessarily feel the need to. To me, what I write on paper is always better because I feel it’s the real deal stuff. I’m branching out into different forms of writing trying to switch it up. It seems I directly correlate with alot of poets, I’m always surprised when a friend tells me that they write. My friends send me alot of stuff that they’ve been working on just to give my opinion and I hardly ever dislike it. The funny part is, I’ve never considered myself to be a “writer”. I’m just someone that always has something to say about something. This blog became a bigger scale of what I do in my everyday life- talk and just be me! The more I keep my thoughts bottled in my head, the more they continue to simmer and sizzle until it eventually spews out. The amount of stuff that I veto from writing on here is high, I think everything doesn’t need to be shared with the world. What I can say though is that this blog has given me a greater focus on what I want to do. With that, I’m eternally grateful for you that actually read it and let me know your feedback. This blog has opened up some great opportunities for myself and for my Guest writer Michelle *Shoutouts to you 😀 I told you your piece was amazing!* .  Everyone please continue to send me your posts, poems, thoughts, everything. I love reading it and I wouldn’t mind posting some of it as well.

– <3,


SOTD: Deep Inside

Good Morning,


I have like 3 posts, that I can’t for some reason seem to finish so why not start with a song of the day?

This is one of my favorite Mary songs (among my list of like 10). For some reason not alot of people really “felt” this song, but I sure did. It was always relatable to me. Always felt like it was made for me- yes, I’m well aware my name ain’t Mary! Lol


Birthday Love: DITS Nicole

Today marks the birthday of a Fabulous, intelligent, fashionable, discombobulated trick!

HAPPY BIRTHDAY to Nicole aka the B*tch that wears Prada (1/3 of the Discombobulated Tricks)

The fierceness that is you!

You are my muse, and we have many more shoots to do. You are a silent killer in hiding (I’m sure Char & Meg would agree lol)

Let’s get it!

SOTD: Trouble

I wonder if this is any kind of indication of my mindset right now? Hmm, maybe.

Just Wondering (7)

…Just wondering who actually uses “soft” toothbrushes and why? Yes, I’m aware that the dentist gives those ones out but why? Your teeth don’t feel clean using that soft ass brush, it’s like taking the dirt from one side and brushing it to the next.

… Just wondering if I’ll get a chance to be Beyonce in my next life? Have y’all seen that Videophone video? Dammmnnnn. She’s so amazing! I really don’t care if I sound homosexual, think what you like. She’s a baddddd chick!

…Just wondering why this male at my work wears these same Cyclops via X-Men sunglasses every single damn day of the damn year. Really?! Why? You look sooooo stupid. Just stop it.

… Just wondering why the fridge at my work smells so bad. It smells like a decomposing body. There is no damn reason why once you open the fridge you want to gag, then 5 minutes later you can still smell that disgusting odour.

…Just wondering why I have to wear my jacket and gloves sitting at my desk at work. It shouldn’t be as cold as it is outside as it is inside. The folks in here really don’t want it with me.

…Just wondering how you go from talking the most trash about people to them being your best friends? Lost in the sauce.

… Just wondering why singers feel the need to wear the little headset mic when they are lip synching the full song? You’re not fooling any of us, especially with that over singing face you’re giving us.

…Just wondering how people can be so confused about who they are. Say one thing one day and do the complete opposite the next. Figure it out, for all of our sakes.

…Just wondering what it’s going to take for me to meet and marry J.Cole in the next year. Sweet Moses. I don’t ask for much in life, just grant me this wish and I’ll be happy.


…Just wondering how I always manage to leave my phone at home (like today). I’m so annoyed at myself because I literally realized it 5 minutes too late. I couldn’t turn around or else I would be late for work. Now I have no concept of time or anything when I’m on the road. Not to mention I’m always concerned that if something happens, I’m screwed. Hate that feeling.