The motivation for me…

“…and as for these critics, tell me I don’t get it

…Everybody can tell you how to do it, but they never did it”

                      The maturation of Mr. Jay Z (z)


Dreams mean different things to different people. What exactly do yours mean to you? To some people it could be dreams of getting married and starting a family, to another it may be their perfect career. To some it could be just to be happy for 80 percent of their life. That’s fine and everything because YOUR dream, may not equate to my own. I mean why should it, we are 2 completely different people with 2 completely different minds.

So with the original quote and what I just wrote, why do we allow people (who considerably mean nothing to us) dictate how and if we pursue our dreams? To someone who cares nothing about you, why WOULD they care if you achieve your dreams? There are people that you consider to be your “friend” and that are really not, that don’t want to see you be everything that you can be. Don’t get me wrong, there is a fine line. For example, those people that you see on American Idol in the initial audition phases, that are truly horrrrrribbblllllleeeee- Yes, maybe you should point them in the nearest direction of something else. In that same token, my goal in life is to be a woman of many trades- primarily a photographer. I’m nowhere near the best as of yet, but does that mean that I have no room to grow or for error? Give yourselves some credit sometimes. We all weren’t born “the best”. Even Jordan had to practice his layups. Don’t let one Simon Cowell, kill your hopes and dreams. Work HARD!

There are people that believe in you, but mainly you have to believe in yourself.


“The motivation for me, was them telling me what I could not be… oh well!”


About datchickneeks

I'm a Virgo, I love most things entertainment related. Love PHOTOGRAPHY, and Fashion.

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