This may seem confusing as you read it, who it’s for will hopefully understand.

I opted out of writing anything, however it just didn’t sit well on my heart. This blog has become a serious part of me, strange right? As I sit and write what comes from my head, it unlocks things that I may not have even thought of beforehand.

Damn, I’m rambling.

Things get out of hand from 1 tiny miscommunication depending on the state peoples heads are at. If one feels fed up with everything around them, the simplest of arguments can transpire into a near “2012” battle. It happens, it’s not uncommon. However when the name calling and dirt throwing is unwarranted that’s when it has the potential to become deadly. Where do you go from there?

That answer is extremely simple. You talk and work out the problems and keep it moving. There are some folks that have no business being in your life and there are others that are there for a reason. Pride sometimes deflects that from the average eye. My pride isn’t heavy, nah- I know that kills. At a young age, I’ve learned the lesson that life is not promised. That will haunt everyday of my life.

Do not question my loyalty, that’s a slap in the face.

Do not question my willingness to help, that’s spitting in my face.

I’m always there in the clutch, do not let anger cloud your judgement that easily.

Consider this my open letter (not as hectic as Mashondas lol but yea).

This is regarding you and I, not anyone else as you somehow believe. Don’t believe the hype, things that you believe happened- didn’t. Period. I’m concerned as I see this spiralling into a dark place where it doesn’t need to be. If you don’t want to respond, that’s fine. Just know that I put it out there.

I’ll just sign out now,

      Forever and a Day


About datchickneeks

I'm a Virgo, I love most things entertainment related. Love PHOTOGRAPHY, and Fashion.

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