The Mask

Good Evening, (Started this 2 days ago)

Do you ever feel as though you’re wearing an invisible mask as you face the world day to day?

A friend of mine said to me recently “I know the things that make you laugh, but what makes you cry?”

 *Blank stare*

 Man, he caught me off guard. It’s not a typical question that you hear from people and even worse it’s a question that I have a hard time answering. I walk around the world smiling, laughing and joking with those around me but sometimes I feel as though it’s an alter ego. The thought of someone knowing that I’m really not okay, doesn’t sit so well with me. It’s not that I try to be Superwoman, it’s just I’m not so comfortable on letting the world see that side of me. No, it’s not a sign of weakness to me however I feel it can and will be used against me like in the court of law.

Do people around you really know the true you? What makes you tick if you will. I do admit, I give people what I think they can handle- anything other than that, I keep it to myself. It’s a sacred and scary place giving others so much of your inner thoughts and feelings because we all know what happens when 2 people stop talking for whatever reason. Their loyalty begins to slide and falter. The thought of the world becoming privy to my personal issues really makes me cringe.

To answer his original question, I do admit I gave a very superficial answer (I know you’re reading this, sorry!). I could have went more in depth however we have to crawl before we can walk right? Take time to assess those around you. If they are trustworthy confide in them about something. Heaven only knows that I know the true affects of keeping everything bottled up. One day it will all explode without warning. Believe me, I know what I speak of!


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I'm a Virgo, I love most things entertainment related. Love PHOTOGRAPHY, and Fashion.

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