Keep it to yourself!

Good morning folks!

The weather is starting to really piss me off. In other words, it’s getting cold. *Insert sad face here*. Therefore the eskimo in me shall be coming out slowly. I’m not sure how many times I’m going to stress the fact that I hate cold weather with a burning passion. With the oncoming cold, it’s inevitable that people will be getting sick. Actually scratch that, people have been progressively getting sick for months now. With all this H1N1 aka Swine Flu hysteria, the general public is all scared to death. The way I see it is, I’m not getting no damn vaccination of things that haven’t even been properly tested on humans for an extended period of time. The vaccination is a carefully plotted plan by the Governments and I’m not playing into it. Let me not get started on my thoughts on that, but bottom line is Neeks is not getting any needle for H1N1. You know what my prevention is? Not touching things that I don’t need to be touching! Railings, door handles, escalators, etc. Why? It’s quite simple really, think of how many people touch that everyday. Then when you think of how many people that you encounter that do not wash their hands in the bathroom and what not, yuckkkkkk. You get the picture.

What frustrates my soul even more is at my job the amount of people that don’t have any concern for others. You’re sick, okay fine- we all get sick, HOWEVER don’t be coughing down the place without covering your mouth! Do you have any kind of home training? Manners? Common Sense? That’s so damn disgusting. Not to mention, after you’re done your shift can you do me a favor and sanitize the areas you just contaminated? Please and thank you! Your co-operation is very much appreciated!

… Dirtbag


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One response to “Keep it to yourself!

  1. LOL… You already how I feel about this H1N1 bullshit!!

    & don’t get me started on the people who like to spread their germs!! On my way to work yesterday, this old Indian man behind me coughed up a lung and decided to let the entire bus load in on the experience!! Of course my first instinct was to screw face him, hop out of my seat and run for dear life…. Would you believe he had THE GALL to cuss me for being rude??!

    *blank stare* People need to get their shit together…..

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