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Lately I’ve been writing my little heart out. Yes, I’m well aware it has not been on here. The opportunity to get onto the cpu hasn’t always been there and even if it was, I didn’t necessarily feel the need to. To me, what I write on paper is always better because I feel it’s the real deal stuff. I’m branching out into different forms of writing trying to switch it up. It seems I directly correlate with alot of poets, I’m always surprised when a friend tells me that they write. My friends send me alot of stuff that they’ve been working on just to give my opinion and I hardly ever dislike it. The funny part is, I’ve never considered myself to be a “writer”. I’m just someone that always has something to say about something. This blog became a bigger scale of what I do in my everyday life- talk and just be me! The more I keep my thoughts bottled in my head, the more they continue to simmer and sizzle until it eventually spews out. The amount of stuff that I veto from writing on here is high, I think everything doesn’t need to be shared with the world. What I can say though is that this blog has given me a greater focus on what I want to do. With that, I’m eternally grateful for you that actually read it and let me know your feedback. This blog has opened up some great opportunities for myself and for my Guest writer Michelle *Shoutouts to you 😀 I told you your piece was amazing!* .  Everyone please continue to send me your posts, poems, thoughts, everything. I love reading it and I wouldn’t mind posting some of it as well.

– <3,



About datchickneeks

I'm a Virgo, I love most things entertainment related. Love PHOTOGRAPHY, and Fashion.

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