Cheater, Cheater

Good Evening,

All day at work the main discussion has not been work but rather “The Tiger Debate”. It’s everywhere you look: TV, Radio, Newspapers, internet! My take on the whole thing is, what he did isn’t right but it’s not our business. Before the story broke (in the initial stages of just the crash) it seemed as though the public was on some sort of public witchhunt. At the end of the day, it’s THEIR business and if they wanted to discuss the reasons as to why he rushed out of the house then they could do so. What pissed me off about the whole thing is that on cp24 yesterday it said “Breaking News: Tiger Woods blah blah blah (can’t remember the exact line at that point)” then after the Breaking News was the story of the car that crashed through the Homesense store. Huh? Which one is more considered to be “Breaking News” here? A celebrity that potentially got caught with their pants down? Or someone crashing into a store and dying?

… I’ll give you guys a minute to think about it…..

Bottom line priorities are messed up nowadays, which is unfortunate. What became truly unfortunate is a lot of the things I saw plastered across Twitter today. If you’re not familiar Twitter stays on top of popular stories across the world. There is a side panel that keeps a short list of what’s the most talked about subject on Twitter for the moment. Today because of Tigers Tales, a lot of the Trending Topics were based upon Cheating and Tiger,etc.  The 2 that brought the most concern to me was #whymencheat and #sidechickawareness. The topic on sidechicks really just produced a lot of jokes which was fine, but the topic on why men Cheat just threw me off completely. Some of the answers that were tweeted were:

  • “She gave me something that I needed, that you weren’t giving”
  • “She put out more”
  • “I liked her personality better”
  • “My ex does it better than you”
  • “I kept going back because the sex was good”
  • “Imagine having steak and lobster every night, even you would get bored of that”

I’m just going to stop right there…

*Counts to 1,352 in her head*

Are you SERIOUS?! I mean seriously? All those reasons only get 1 clear cut response from me…

Why don’t you just leave the relationship then?”

It’s really that simple. Mistakes do happen, granted, however we’re talking about people that consistently step out on their relationships/marriage. What is the friggin point? If you have kids, yes that can get sticky however what is the point in staying in a relationship and messing up your children for the future. Children know a lot more than us adults seem to realize. They sense things and they keep them in their memory, then you  see them on future episodes of “Intervention”.

As a person that’s been on the receiving end of the cheating, trust me when I say JUST LEAVE! What is the point in knowing in your head that you’re with someone and they’re only fulfilling 3/8 of your checklist in a mate and the 5 things that they are missing are enough to make you feel as though you “need” to cheat, please don’t let the door hit you on the way out! If your partner is not giving you what you want sexually, there are books/magazines/internet sites that you guys can read together. Or what, better yet, just TELL THEM how you like it! If your mate is not giving you what you want emotionally, TALK TO THEM ABOUT IT! If that doesn’t work on more than one occasion then I suggest you leave the relationship amicably. Why live in a lie? I mean on what galaxy is that ‘ish okay? How can you be so selfish. What’s funny is, people that consistently cheat have all these explanations as to why they do it, but have their mate do it to them and watch all hell break loose. Then they are scarred for life and every women is triflin from there on out. Spare me the garbage, cause I’m not the 1, the 2 nor the 3.


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One response to “Cheater, Cheater

  1. Tammy Soulful

    Girl you better preach!
    I’m through with this topic.
    *kissteet* I had to let it out, lol.

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