I Don’t follow?!

Remember when you were in highschool, the only abbreviations you had to know was A/S/L and LOL. For those that somehow didn’t have ICQ or MSN messenger back in the day (poor you) A/S/L= Age, Sex, Location and LOL the most common means Laugh out loud.

Fast forward to 2009, there are over a jillion different abbreviations. Some are valid and others are just plain STUPID. Not to mention, I know alot of y’all go around making up your own ones expecting the whole world to get it. No really, I’ve seen some really crazy ones out there and it really makes me wonder if some of you think I’m a morse code specialist. Apparently the new lingo for A/S/L -> A/S/L/M/H = Age, Sex, Location, Music, Hobbies.  WTJ?!  (What the jail). Isn’t that kind of extreme for just meeting someone in an online setting? You now have to answer “My name is Neeks, I’m 24, I live in Canada, I love all types of music and long walks on the beach sipping a Coca Cola? For petes sake.


In sequence: Laugh out loud-> Laugh my ass off-> Laugh my f*cking ass off->Laugh my Bloodclot off (? correction)-> I’m not even too sure if that’s the right ‘spelling’ and the last I’ll give you 2 minutes to try and figure it out.

*Sings the Jeopardy theme song*

Times up! Anybody guessed it?

LSHITIPA= Laugh So Hard I Think I Peed A little.

*Blank stare*

I mean seriously?! People, it’s getting out of bloody hand now. I cannot keep up with all of this, I just can’t. If it takes me more than a minute to figure out what the heck that abbreviation meant, IT’S NOT AN ABBREVIATION. It’s just making things that much more longer and drawn out. Smh.

 Let’s cut it out for 2010 folks.


You guys can feel free to list whatever abbreviations you guys have come across that are utterly ridiculous, or that you’ve made up yourself.


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I'm a Virgo, I love most things entertainment related. Love PHOTOGRAPHY, and Fashion.

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