Ever wonder?

Do you ever wonder what it all really means?


  • Do you ever wonder why Suede is such a popular material in Winter? Is that the shoe stores way to make us the consumers spend more damn money? I mean suede boots are cool and all, I love the way they look however I can’t wear them in Winter *Blank stare*. The minute those badboys get a trace of salt from those roads, they’re dunzo so what’s even the point in them? So frustrating.


  • Do you ever wonder how come Celebrities haven’t figured out by now that whatever they do will eventually be exposed. Back in the day, you could get away with doing dirt and no one would tell because they could be paid off on the side by the Celebrity. Those days are long gone. There are more than a dozen Gossip magazines and what not on the newsstands, everyone has a price.


  • Do you ever wonder how hearing the sound of someones voice can instantly put a smile on your face? On that same token you ever wonder how the sound of someones voice has the power to give you an instant headache? I’m not even exaggerating on that point either.


  • Do you ever wonder why anyone would want to work for Diddy? It amazes me that he has a 2nd season of “I Want to Work for Diddy”. Yes, he may open certain opportunities but some of the stuff he makes these people do are utterly ridiculous not to mention damn well degrading. He has no manners!  Also do you wonder why anyone would sign under BadBoy? The man has been known to Scrooge those signed under him, so why are people still doing it?


  • Do you ever wonder why we say “No offense but…” then offend someone right after?


  • Do you ever wonder why Tiger Woods wife, Elin Woods, has a potential to gain 80 million dollars for staying with a man for a couple more years but there are still commercials on tv of people that can’t afford to buy food. (Yes yes, I know the politics of the world. I’m just saying though, have you ever seriously thought about stuff like this)


  • Do you ever wonder what happened to integrity and honesty? To me they go hand in hand and once one left the building, the other vacated as well.


  • Do you ever wonder how Astrology actually works (Zodiac signs and that). I think it’s amazing stuff, that depending on the month you were born determines the type of personality that you have. I strongly believe in Zodiac signs because I find in most cases people are dead on of their sign. I’m a Virgo (you should know that by now!) and I’m pretty much the carbon copy of one (except for 1 or 2 traits).  Interesting ‘Cancers‘ have the worst name out of all of them, but are actually not too bad of people *ahem*


  • Do you ever wonder how many times you cross peoples minds a day? I do. Am I the only one that thinks of stupid ‘ish like this? lol.

About datchickneeks

I'm a Virgo, I love most things entertainment related. Love PHOTOGRAPHY, and Fashion.

One response to “Ever wonder?

  1. *wink wink*

    Yes yes, we Cancers are an amazing bunch aren’t we?? Lol…

    I think people still get down with Diddy because they don’t care about themselves, PERIOD!!

    I always wonder if people are thinking about me… Sounds a lot more vain then it is.

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