The Headphone

It’s finally here!

It’s December 18th and do you know what that means?

As promised KJ’s highly anticipated album “The Headphone” drops today! Get excited, because I know I am *smiles*. I have nothing but love for KJ, his talent is insane and I want the world to be aware of it.

Here is a message from KJ regarding his album:

For 30 days starting from today my entire album “The Headphone” will be available for FREE download as a thank you but more importantly stressing that the music is the most important thing. I would rather people who dont know get a taste and people who do know get a gift, this concept was not a concept I came up with on my own

The Headphone is a collection of very personal songs. All made in a close time frame, this album is meant to take you on a journey, where? I dont know, it probably wont take you where it took me but that’s the cool part and that is what I love about music. I hope you can find the beauty in every song. As for the future, in the New Year the album will be available for purchase at some indie retailers across the GTA until some magic happens, from myself for a fee of $10 and obviously on iTunes and other digital outlets. “For Real” will not be on the purchase copy or itunes version for more than one reason, but will remain available for free download. Other than that all I can say is thank you for making it this far with me.


Click here to download your free copy of KJ’s album “The Headphone”

Album Cover

Track Listing

Album Credits

Don’t sleep on him, I keep telling you guys. Don’t wait until he blows up to hop on the bandwagon. Support RIGHT NOW!


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