Ho Ho Ho

Good Morning Y’all! 

Merry Christmas !!!! 



What’s everyone’s plans for the day? I hope it’s food and fun with family/friends. I must make a small confession to you all: these last couple years I haven’t been much of a “Holiday Spirit” kind of person. Don’t get me wrong, I’m very aware that Jesus is the reason for the season but what turns me off is that most people don’t. This time of year has been tainted in the worst way in my opinion. Christmas used to be about family/friends and all that good stuff, however along the way it became this commercial mess like everything else. The holiday that was so family orientated morphed into this massive gift giving extravaganza. Nowadays it’s like you have to buy the most expensive looking thing in order to “show that you care”. That’s ridiculous to me. Ever since I was younger I was never the type to go around asking people for gifts on Christmas’ and Birthdays. Now that I’m older, it’s no different. If I want something I’m going to do my best to get it myself, if not then dah well. Call me stubborn but that’s just how I am and how I probably always will be. The cliché saying “it’s the thought that counts” really does mean something. When I say that though don’t get it twisted for a second, if you go to the store and you pick up the ugliest piece of thing and buy it because it’s on sale and you wouldn’t DARE be seen in it and you doubt that the person you’re buying it for will- that thought didn’t mean sh*t lol. For real though! When I’m shopping for someone, I consider the things that they like and really contemplate if they can use it and incorporate it into their wardrobe/life. If I wouldn’t want that as a gift, I’m not buying it for you just because I saw it on sale for $5.99.  Granted we all have different tastes, but if I know that’s NOT your tastes I’m not buying it just to say “I got you something”. I feel like that’s how a lot of people act in this day and age, it’s just not genuine. This Christmas as usual I’m not expecting anything, times are rough out there (trust me, I know). At my work we had a Kris Kringle (a gift exchange) with a maximum of $20 spent. For the person I chose, I got her a very nice scarf and a necklace ( yes, I do consider myself to be the ultimate shopper!).  The person that chose me got me the following : Gummi Bears, Hot Chocolate, Hand warmers, Brownies and Bacon <—- Yup you read right. See THAT is a gift that came from the heart because it’s literally a bit of everything that I love.  If you’re wondering, yes it was extra thick Bacon too. Yummy! 


Oh another Christmas gripe the Blackberry messenger (bbm) broadcast msgs and mass texts. I mean really?! People if you send me as well as all 113 people on your list a generic message and think I’m going to be touched by that, you can keep it. I’m not responding to any mass messages, you’re killing the whole vibe here. If I don’t see “Neeks or Aneka” anywhere in that message, I’m just pressing “End Chat”. I’m so serious.  



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Merry Christmas Tricks




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