GS: The Monthlys

Good Morning,

How’s everybody feeling? Now that Christmas and Boxing Day is over, I’m sure the focus is New Years. Let me know your New Years Plans, we could potentially be going to the same spot. Today’s post is another Guest Spot by Mr.Superfly. It’s a guys take on a Womans Monthly aka The Period.

Period Etiquette


Okay ladies so I understand that males are the lucky ones between the 2 genders. We don’t experience getting a period first hand but that does not mean we are not affected by them. I briefly wanna talk about period etiquette, this is a list of things that us men would appreciate you did when you know you are on/expecting your period

1. Warning

If you are meeting up with your homie, lover, friend and you just got or are expecting your period, it won’t hurt to give a brother the heads up. Not so we can cancel our original plans but just so we know what we are getting ourselves into. Some of you may be uncomfortable talking about this to a dude so if thats the case, just give us examples such as: “i have cramps” “I’m not feeling well” “i need some midol” most of us men can take a hint. Now if for some reason you forget to give us a warning…this leads me into the next item

2. Dont start no sh*t won’t be no sh*t

Ladies if you are on your period and you forget to warn a brother, please and I repeat please don’t start something that you can’t finish. The worst thing you can do is start kissing/touching/rubbing on dude and then when he gets into it and tries to start rubbing back…you push his hand away, WTF?!…I would’ve been just fine laying here watching t.v. but now I’m hard as a rock and your telling me theres nothing you can do about it? Ugh…blue balls is not an enjoyable experience!

3. Tone it down

Now I understand that you wanna look sexy and all but it’s probably not the best idea to wear your sexy outfit on a period day, thats just straight up mean, have a heart ladies…

4. Location, Location, Location


When your on your period its the best time to enjoy some quality outdoor activities, us going out for drinks then back to my house may not be the best idea…some more suitable period destinations should be something active so we don’t end up alone in a bed. for example bowling, movies, Dave and Busters..these are just some basic ideas but I’m sure y’all get the point.


Neeks point of view:

 Initially when I first read this I said “Wowww”. I wish sometimes that just for 1 month out of the year, males could experience a period and how absolutely dreadful it is. Especially for women like myself that get worse symptoms than the average female.  My grips in particular were with “Tone it Down” and “Location Location Location”. For someone like me both of those points are irrelevant. Even when you’re on your period and you have to go out somewhere dinner, club, gathering, movies, bowling, etc. You still want to look presentable and ‘hot’, so for me to dress bummy because of this stupid period -it’s not happening.

The next point “Location Location”, well for someone like myself… let’s just say either way that doesn’t matter.

On that note, I’m out!


About datchickneeks

I'm a Virgo, I love most things entertainment related. Love PHOTOGRAPHY, and Fashion.

2 responses to “GS: The Monthlys

  1. sunnydelyte21

    Oh I love this post!! LOL!! I’m one of those females that will inform you…so you know what ur getting into.

    Glad to see the males point of view!!!


  2. Shane

    I commend my dude for speaking it….nobody likes that slap on the hand….total turn-off, that might ultimately lead to a demise in a relationship(TRUST)…we(men) require fore-warning…and like the man said, subtlety is greatly appreciated….we don’t need graphic details…we’re smart enough to figure it out…

    bravo, bravo (except for the turning it down point) stay sexy and classy ladies

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