Double Standard (3)

Hello There,

Todays Double Standard is another one I’m sure you ladies have heard before.

Here’s the thing, males seem to love lesbians. The minute they think of 2 lesbians + them = Excitement on their behalf. So why is it when a girl is NOT a lesbian and has no interest in women, some males feel the need to force the issue like it’s nothing. This has happened to me on more than 1 occasion mind you. This incident was the toned down one. A couple days ago myself and a male friend of mine (just a friend folks) were having a conversation via bbm about the post I wrote “I was getting some..”. Jokingly he says we should have a fun night with the 2 of us and another girl. At first I laughed it off and said “no thanks, I don’t do girls”…. his response… “Don’t worry you soon will”. Of course I had to hit him back and said “how about we make it me + you and another guy?”. Of course I knew what his response would be, “I’m not gay“.


So I am?!


It’s amazing the way some males think. For some odd reason they think it’s simple for a woman to experiment with girls but they would never entertain the idea of experimenting with other males. Just because there are DVDs like “Girls Gone Wild” and “The Girls Next Door” does not mean this girl is going to go wild with another female. I’m good, thanks though. I’m glad you like vagina and you were willing to share the concept with me, however I’ll pass- I have my own 😉



This goes out to you…(2)

This might be a new section “This goes out to you“. It’s shall be a dedication of some sorts to an A class idiot.

This one is a shoutout to a real thirsty b*tch. There are a lot of things on my list of annoyances and 1 of them is unoriginal people with no kind of sense (common sense, street sense, book sense, fashion sense, etc). This female needs this shoutout as an “I see you”.

Nowadays everyone has their own side hustle or dream they are trying to achieve. Most folks are not rolling in money so to get your business or name out there you have to realize that others need to eat too. Just because you are friends with someone does not mean that they should automaticallyalways hook you up. That’s tacky. There are things that friends can do for each other but it’s a matter of give an take and better yet realistic expectations. Example: If you’re starting out your own business and go to your friend that you know has a styling team and can get the photos/editing done as well would you expect all of that done for free? Well let’s throw a monkey wrench into that example. Why would you ask the pricing and then when told the pricing you dispute it. Don’t be a groupie, keep it moving then! You’re out of order right now. Take your thirsty behind somewhere else and see if you would be able to get all of what you were asking for, for half that price. Then to add insult to injury an original idea was pitched to you and now that you’ve come to terms with the fact that you’re thirsty and cannot pay up… you say “I’m going to use that idea with or without you”.

*Cut the record*

You’re for real right now?

You were serious when you just told me you’re going to steal an idea that wasn’t yours and take it somewhere else?

Okay Minni Vanilli.

We see you.

Do not forget word of mouth is crucial to any business. Kudos to you for playing yourself out.

Good day 🙂

Just Wondering (8)

…Just wondering who the hell gets Pink Eye at the age of 24? Guess who! ME !! *Side eye*. Friday morning I woke up and found it strange that I couldn’t open my left eye. Went to work and everyone kept trying to convince me it was Pink Eye. They eventually forced me to the walk in and he confirmed it. He gave me medicine with instructions that were even printed on the box “Apply in Left eye, 1 drop twice daily”. Fine. I woke up Sunday morning and guess what? I couldn’t open my right eye! Fantasticcccccc. When I went to put on the medication that night, I realized there was a paper in the box describing how to apply the medicine. You know what it said “Apply to both eyes regardless to prevent the spread”. *Blank stare*.  Y’all realize why I really dislike doctors now?

…Just wondering how I’m missing so many important items from my room. My “Fade to Black” Dvd, my “I Told you I was trouble” DVD and my navy blue nail polish. I’m pretty pissed off. These 3 things are vital to me (maybe that’s a boost but you know what I mean). If I happened to lend anyone those DVD’s and forgot, can you please just swing them back my way. Greatly appreciated!

…Just wondering what happened to dating? I know, I’ve written about that before but I’d seriously like to know. It’s long gone and I suggest for 2010 everybody makes a strong effort to bring it back.

…Just wondering who has the time to think of these stupid bbm (blackberry messenger) forwards. You crackberry users know what I’m talking about. The Christmas tree, the big “2010” one, the “if you love your mom forward this to 10 people… a girl didn’t do this and 4 days later her mother died”. I MEAN REALLY?! Are you people that dense? Do NOT send me this trash. I don’t care.

…Just wondering why a lot of you tell me in person/bbm/twitter/phone that you liked what I write on here but you never actually comment and take part in the discussion. You don’t have to put your name or even your real email address. Put “whotheheckcares” as a username and email “dontworryaboutit” if you feel like it LOL. Just COMMENT!

…Just wondering why it’s so early in the morning and I’m already craving Coke. It’s like insulin to me, argghhh. Whoa I just read that back, I’m talking about COCA-COLA … COCA COLA LOL. Before 1 of you send me a heartfelt letter telling me to go to Intervention lol.

…Just wondering how is it that I haven’t left the house in 4 days and feel absolutely no way about it. Yes, I know I have Pink eyes but I like being by myself sometimes. My only issue is that I really don’t look human to me lol. I’ve been trying to avoid mirrors and what not because it’s not pretty. Blah

…Just wondering why some girls are walking around calling Amber Rose their idol. I mean, what?! What has Amber Rose done but cut her hair? Is this some kind of joke? When I say a lot of females are so misguided, I really mean that. Amber Rose has done nothing but be in a couple videos (no one knew her then), she cut her hair and shacked up with Kanye and now she’s idol worthy? Foolishness at its best.

Tuesday WOWWW Worthy

Umm I’ve heard of the Bee-hive hairdo, but the Birds Nest?!

What's happening here?


No really, what?!


The fact that the front half of hair is straightened just further proves to me that she did this on purpose. She purposely did that to her headtop. Yikes

January 13th

This day was complete and utter ‘crosses’ (badluck). 

I mean seriously I don’t even like talking about it because it was so stressful. This day I went to work like any other day, with some slight differences. One of which I had a photoshoot later that evening and I was extremely sick.  Not my idea of goodtimes at all. The previous day, I called up an acquaintance of mine (who is also a photographer) to help me out. I needed a backup because I didn’t feel well enough to conduct the entire shoot and also he had lighting that would be vital to the shoot. *exhales*. Now that you have some backgrounds I’m just going to point form the rest of this because it’s too much for me to write out in paragraph form. 

  • The shoot was set for 5pm-9pm, I was set to finish work at 4pm. That would have been okay if the shoot wasn’t downtown and that I drived. Factor in those 2 things and I was going to be late, which was okay by the client as they were aware of my availability beforehand.


  • The assistant photographer was aware of the shoot time and it was arranged to have a ride pick him up from his house with the lighting.


  • Approximately 1pm, Aneka (me), gets a bbm message from the assistant photographer saying he won’t be able to make it home until 6pm. *side eye*. The shoot starts at 5pm… anyone else see a problem with that? The scheduled ride for him, WAS the client therefore it was imperative she was on time to the shoot.


  • At this point I begin to stress slightly because I need to figure out an alternate ride for the photographer/lighting. Keep in mind I’m deathly sick and at work myself. This is not going well at all.


  • 4pm: I leave work and head to the GO Station. I arrive at 4:10pm for the 4:20pm bus. Is there any particular reason that I ended up getting on the 4:5opm bus? The 4:20 either never showed or came extremely early. I wish I could describe how cold it was that day. By the time I got on the bus, I was in tears… literally. I couldn’t feel my fingers or toes and with the already sick body I had, that definitely was not helping.


  • Throughout the time that I was waiting for that dreadful bus, I had to make an executive decision to pay for a cab for the assistant photog to get to the shoot. There was no other option, I needed him. The fact that he was coming from Mississauga was all the more stressful.


  • I finally arrive downtown and start to figure out how I’m going to get to the location (I had never been there), my phone is dying. Excellent. Precisely what I need at that point. The assistant photog (let’s just call him Tom) calls me saying he doesn’t know where he’s going. At that point I’m beyond defeated so I say “don’t you have the address?” he says the taxi man doesn’t know where he’s going and doesn’t have a map. THE F*@K?! All the while he’s frustrated and speaking to me in a very rude tone. Okay, let’s bring it on back for a second. I didn’t do sh*t to you, so don’t speak to me anyhow. You have a berry, google it! I was very calm though and gave him the major intersections.


  • When Tom does arrive he has brought his girlfriend. Which equated to a major problem as the ride home only had 1 space. Ummm that’s nice, that was never approved by me. I express that and keep it moving. At the shoot we had issues with lighting as one of the bulbs broke on the way over. GREAT! We begin to scramble to figure out an alternative. One of the people on set chimed in that they have lighting and could try to have someone bring it over. *phew*


  • The shoot time was originally scheduled from 5-9pm. The hair/makeup/styling wasn’t done until approx.9:30pm. Kind of sucked, but I know that happens sometimes so I was pretty calm. My only issue was that I felt like trash and really just wanted my bed and for someone to unscrew my head from my body. However Tom and Tina (his girlfriend) we re not so calm. They were quite frustrated and continuously expressed that with me. Man oh man. For those that know me, I did so well in holding my tongue. Very well.


  • When the shoot finally started, Tom was so frustrated and everyone was so frustrated with him that I had no other choice but to shoot the whole thing. Have you ever been standing and felt like you just wanted to collapse? Yea, imagine that for 2 hours straight. However I made it through and I was impressed with the final product. The hair/makeup/styling was on point and I’m happy with what I shot.


  • The shoot finished at approx.12 am and i had no other choice but to get a cab to go home. We went outside (Tom, Tina and myself) and I hailed a cab. Here is the crucial part. I got in the cab and said “Can you take us to Mississauga, and can you get me a flat rate”. This part is extremely critical (i’m soooo mad, I had a whole paragraph written at this point and my internet messed up. F*ckkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkk)


At this point the driver asks me how many stops and I tell him 2 stops. He calls his dispatcher and they tell him $63 dollars so he tells me $69 to incorporate the 2 stops. I ask him if he can do better so he tells me $65. FINE. I agree and put on my headphones and try to zone out and forget this horrible day I’d just had. We arrive at the 1st stop and say goodbye to Tom and Tina. Tina barely says a word to me, and for those that know Aneka….you already know I was fuming. We get to my house and give the driver $67 and begin to hop out, he says wait wait you owe me more. Do you know this asshole ran the meter and was expecting me to pay $79 dollars after he had already confirmed $65 with me? I reply “no no no, you told me $65”. What happens next really still blows my mind. He called the police on me…. 

YUP, you read correctly. This jerkoff called the cops on me. At that point gloves come off and that already stupid day just became worse. My anger level is off the meter. I get his cab number and call his company. The supervisor finally comes on the phone and to make an already long-er story short-er. The gist of what he said I have no damn way of winning this battle. He said that a driver has the right to refuse a flat rate and that they reserve the right to call the police after. I replied with “how is a customer supposed to defend themselves then, since he agreed to the flat rate”. He replied “you would have to pay upfront and get a receipt”. The hell?! Do I work for the taxi company? How on Gods green earth was I to know that?! 

As I sit in the cab waiting for the police to show up, the driver decides to add insult to injury and say “Don’t try anything smart. There is a camera at the front and we have your phone number now”. Motherf*cker are you normal? If I was going to do you anything, I would have lonnggggg done it. You telling me that to try and warn me, is not doing anything. As I sat there waiting for the cab I called him every name under the sun. Did I mention he also took out a tape recorder and started taping me? LOL. This story was so unreal to me. 

After approximately 20 minutes of waiting, I see a police car pull up. Out comes a female officer who asks me for my side of the story. I tell it short and sweet. Then it’s the drivers turn and the 1st thing out of his mouth is “she lied about the whole thing”. You guys may think I’m stupid for staying and waiting for police instead of just paying the difference since it was only 12 dollars but that was not the point. It was the principle behind it. Do not make me out to be a liar, when you are blatantly LYING. That will turn me from a sweetheart into super b*tch real easily. The officer seemed to have been believing me as she kept asking the driver “sir what do you want to have done here” and he kept dodging the question. Mind you all the while the meter is still running. Suddenly a next police car pulls up. What?! Realllllyyyy? This time 2 male drivers get out. The female officer explains to them what happened and they converse for a minute before 1 of the males comes up to me. “Ma’am heres your 2 options: Either pay the $12 difference or pay the fare at what it’s at right now (approx 90 something dollars) and go to court after to fight the difference. I suggest you just pay the 12 dollars.” I agree and take out my money and all the while I’m calling the cab driver every name under the book. My last words were “enjoy those $12 in hell b*tch”. Then I went into my house fuming. At that point, I really realized how people hurt others. I’m not even joking. This cab driver lied on everything and felt no way about it and I had no way of defending myself. 

Throughout this whole day I never felt more alone in my life. That’s why that day was the WORST day I’ve had in awhile. As I read this back, I realize it’s novel territory and I’m sure only 2 of you will actually get to this point but I felt I had to vent because lets face it… where else am I going to do that? 

You better hope we don’t meet again buddy. If any of you readers happen to get this bastard. Tell him he’s going to hell for me and then  take another cab

Asshole's ID

What’s going on?


…People running

…People clutching their children

…People crying with debris all over the body

…Dead bodies in the street

…It’s like something out of a movie screen.

Unfortunately it’s not a movie but rather a real life horror story.  The destruction and devastation caused by yesterdays (you see when I started this) earthquake in Haiti is absolutely heartbreaking. My thoughts and prayers are with those in Haiti and those with friends/family in Haiti.  You never really know the right words to say to someone that’s waiting to hear from family on whether or not they are okay. No amount of comforting can really ease the mind. The funny thing is  Haiti has been suffering for many years and it takes an earthquake for people to really send money across.

I digress.

The thing is, it seems as though it’s one life altering natural disaster after another. If it’s not a natural disaster, it’s a terrorist attack. This is really the times that we are living in? For those that are familiar with The Bible, I’m just going to say this ‘Revelations’. I’m not trying to scare anyone because I’m not even too sure what I really think but it is scary for me. It’s almost as if God is showing us that we’ve messed up this planet for so long and this is the end result. 3 earthquakes in nothing short of a week. Wow. I don’t even know what to say to that. The world is getting scarier and scarier as the days progress. Between shootings/stabbings/child molesters/hijacked planes/terrorist attacks,etc you truly can’t help but wonder “What’s going on?”. Sometimes I really wonder how I’m going to raise children in this world. The thought scares me at times.

This song that I chose to post is still very much relevant today as it was more than 30 years ago. Marvin Gaye was a musical genius in my books, who was taken too soon. This song speaks of the injustices and such at that time, which still speaks to today. Despite how sad that may be.

Marvin Gaye- What’s Going On

Please let’s not forget those around the world that need help right now, it’s a terrible situation and we can all do our part to help.

Guest Spot: Sports Center

Good morning folks,

Here is another guest spot by Miss Michelle, the reigning sports Queen herself. Check it out:




There’s a meeting in my bedroom.

Well, well, well.. So much to cover yet not enough of an attention span to pay attention so I’ll make this as short and sweet as possible.

The last time we spoke I had just got 2k10 (PSN ID: Jennings-ariza), the season barely began and I had made some bold statements that I still stand behind, and most have been proven to be correct. It’s about the middle of the season and since the last time I had a guest spot at the lovely Ms. Neeks’ page A LOT has happened so here is a quick opinionated rant about what the hell is going on.

First thing is first. I am LIVID with the NBA! I don’t think I have to say much about why but I do have two words for you. Agent Zero.

Okay, I know what you’re thinking “How could a pretty girl like you condone such behavior?!” Lets be real guys. Do we really know what happened? Were you there? was David Stern there? NO. First off I’m not going to say having guns is right because it’s not. It’s flat out wrong and I not only feel that way about guns but also about violence, domestic violence, assault, drugs, and adultery so I don’t want to be looked at as some bias chick talking about the hottest subject. This is not something that should be glamorized. Nevertheless, personal is personal and ball is ball. How are you going to take out a leading scorer not because of the situation or the event that had occurred BUT because of personal views and comments about the situation made outside of the court. REALLY?! I am not angry because I am not only a fan of the wizards or Gilbert Arenas but because this situation could have been handled a lot better. First of all, if there is a problem like this when the FBI has to get involved and you decided to make the decision or even have the thought of suspension you should act on it right away until the situation is solved. You would think that’s logic right? But I guess not when it comes to David Stern. Is he really bigger then the game? The commissioner not only suspended someone who is still under investigation two weeks after the incident but he left the other individual untouched and released statements that I consider to be completely untrue and ridiculous. “(Arenas) Is currently unfit to be on the court” ARE YOU SERIOUS?! You have players like Delonte West (who plays for the Cleveland cavaliers) on the court that is a ticking time bomb. This season he was diagnosed as bi-polar and was caught coming from the Cleveland arena on a motorcycle with a shotgun in a guitar bag. ARE YOU SERIOUS?! You’ve got some nerve. It also raises some questions like If it were a high grossing player like Lebron James would the consequences be the same? Or If it were someone like Luke Walton who has a respectable father that’s part of the league would the consequences still be the same? Let me help you with that and let you know straight up the answer is NO.

NOW, I know you saw that Christmas game with Lakers vs. Cavs. Now, reeelllaaxxx you prince james bandwagoners just because the score is even or one-up does settle any argument. Lebron is NOT better than Kobe and if you actually paid attention you would know why. Besides, I have to give it up to my Lakers. It’s hard playing against two teams. Especially the highest paid in the league, the REFS.

Okay so I’m mid-way thru and I realize I’ve got a lot of ground to cover so I am going to split this into two. Right now there’s a meeting in my bedroom and I don’t want you to be late so take a breath. Breathe, stretch, shake and I’ll be back to talk about the NFL, more on Mamba vs. Prince, A’mare, Bosh, Granger, Dwayne wade, Denver, Ivy, All-star 2010, and FREE AGENTS.


Oh yea, Follow the leader. —>

I was gettin’ some…

Good Morning my peoples,

I’m just going to warn you from now, todays topic is for Grown Folks only.

For the most part, I’ve pretty much stayed away from writing about sex and all things sex related, which has been extremely hard for me. One of my fav. Twitter followers though convinced me I should get it in (no pun intended there lol).  The consensus among most sane normal folks is that getting head aka going down on someone aka cunningulus or fellatio is pretty damn amazing. *Sigh*. Maybe I should clarify though, it’s amazing when done correctly.

This is the year 2010, so I think it’s my duty to put out a P.S.A (Public Service Announcement) to all of you men and women of the world. If you don’t give head because you think it’s nasty, you have no business having sex in the first place. Theres a big difference though, there are some that do it (male or female) and they’ll never admit it because they’re afraid of what others will say and there are those that have never tried it because they are afraid of others will say. Either way, who gives a damn about them?! If you’re about pleasing your partner, you’re going to do what’s necessary. As I write all of this I know there are some of you that are probably completely shocked or turned off by me… that’s fine, I’m just going to keep it 100 with you. There are so many different avenues of sex that should be explored. No one likes a boring partner, noooooobody!

I’ve said it once and I’ll say it again, fellas get your tongue game up. I’m sick and tired of some of y’all frontin like you don’t enjoy the delicacies below the belt. Some of y’all are so ready and eager but you wouldn’t dare let your boys know you do. I mean why? You put your mouth on much dirtier things (cigarettes, blunts, sometimes peoples facial lips are dirty) I mean really?! For those of you that are man enough to admit it. KUDOS to you! I love a man who can confess he gives head and even better ENJOYS it. #turnon. I’m towelling off a bit just thinking about it. Now to my dudes reading this just going down there is step 1 but really knowing what you’re doing is something all in its own. The 2 conversations I had with my male friends regarding this really showed me how different minds think. The seasoned vet explained to me his technique and just that alone, had me *ahem* intrigued to say the least. The depths of how far he takes it was pretty awesome. The 2nd friend was amazed when I told him that there is a little more to it than just “licking the box”. You have to “eat it like you mean it” (thanks guy #1 for that term lol). There is nothing more mood busting than someone that’s just doing it just because they think they have to. If you’re going to head downtown make sure you have your day pass ready to go and come (pun intended). If you’re not familiar with a womans clitoris, get acquainted very quickly. Treat the body as a canvas and paint your portrait very carefully and with purpose. Owwwwwww. There is so much to be explored, it’s crazy!

To my ladies (don’t roll your eyes at me right now) same thing applies, if you’re going to give head don’t do it because he’s forcing you. Do it on your own accord and make it good. The male anatomy is a beautiful thing so treat it as such <– I’m so serious. Do not try to be a porn star and think you have to deep throat it and all that other stuff, take your time and let your partner guide you if it’s your 1st time. Chances are he’ll help you along the way, and do remember you can just tell when he’s enjoying it. Everybody’s body has different indicators to let you know they’re enjoying it, follow it. Be very careful of your teeth as well, for those that have been bitten anywhere on their body before… depending on how hard you’ve been bitten that stuff hurts. I’ve heard many a horror story of  “biters”, so take your time. Just like our anatomy there are many important ‘features’ to a male body. The head (or the tip) is real important. Take your time with it and show its own separate attention. Your tongue is really crucial ladies so use it to your advantage. Switch up the flow and show every inch attention. If you want to have your partner remember you forever, give him some unforgettable head. I haven’t lied to y’all once since starting this blog, so I wouldn’t start now.

Don’t say I didn’t tell y’all!

(I know some of y’all are probably sooooo disgusted with me right now. DAH WELL! I’m grown and you should be too. I censored it a little bit because I could have went sooo much more in-depth. Trust me)

Birthday Love: Asia Fiasco

Today marks the birthday of a very special trick, which one you ask?

Well it’s none other than miss Asia Fiasco of the Discombobulated Tricks.


Me and Char

Happy 21st Birthday!!!!

I had the pleasure of meeting this woman last year and we immediately clicked. The fact that we were chilling for over an hour before we even knew each others names said a lot. You rarely meet females nowadays that are so friendly and cool right off the bat and thankfully this one (as well as the other tricks) are like this. We’ve gotten extremely close over this past year and I consider you to be one of my close friends. You’re a talented, caring, generous, stylish female and good things are coming your way. I know it and feel it in my heart. The business ventures we have and the jokes we have on the regular are priceless! I’m thankful that God brought us together and I know this will be a long-lasting friendship.

Love you for life! xoxoxoxo                 (On behalf of myself and Breezy LOL)

Check her out: and Asiafiasco

2 SOTD’s. Certified

The whole day I knew what I wanted my “Song of the Day” to be, because it goes along with my previous post. Then something told me to check for a song I’ve been trying to put on my blog for MONTHS. For the longest time I couldnt get the full song, or proper audio. What song is it? ‘Certified’ by Lloyd. Some of you may know I LOVE this song. I used to put the song title anywhere I could. It’s sincere and Lloyd’s voice is always butter so it’s a great combination.

Fellas, please take notes…

“Certified” – Lloyd


[Verse 1:]
I’m loving how you twerk,
I’m loving how you do,
I’m loving what you own,
I’m so gone over you,
Now don’t quote me yet,
But girl I think you might,
Be someone for me,
In the day and in the night

Please believe I ain’t the type
To sweat your clothes,
But what’s on my mind,
I gotta let you know.
That I’m thinking of stepping to you
And if I do better I’ll move you
I ain’t you typical man
Girl understand

I’m digging you (and I ain’t tryna run no game)
‘Cause I’m into you (you should know me by my name)
And I ain’t never gonna lie,
‘Cause I don’t really gotta, baby
I’m certified (please believe)
And I’m cocky wit it (baby I don’t mean no harm)
But I got to get it (’cause of your wit and your charm)
Got me on something else,
Baby you know the rest.
I’m certified.

[verse 2:]
Now if I was to say,
You make me wanna sing,
Would you understand
What a nigga really means…
Is that ya lil body
Is rocking like a beat,
And I gotta rhythm
That I bet you can freak
Listen to me.



[verse 3:]
I’m certified,
By my dollar signs
I like to get it up,
Live it up,
What’s ya Prada size?
Now usually I don’t do this
But boo you got me choosing
My navigation get me there,
Let’s go somewhere exclusive
You flip booze[?] or you can
Moulin Rouge me or you can
Keep it real, we chill
And watch a scary movie
I been around the world
So I can turn you onto something
Keep doing what you doing
Girl, girl you’re onto something


I’m digging you (girl I ain’t tryna run no game)
‘Cause I’m into you (and you should know me by my name)
And I ain’t never gonna lie,
‘Cause I don’t really gotta, baby (ooh)
I’m certified (please believe, please believe)
And I’m cocky with it (better ask somebody)
But I got to get it (everything about you)
Got me on something else,
Baby you know the rest (hey)
I’m certified (yeah, yeah, yeah)

So open up your mind,
Lemme come inside
Girl love and satisfy (sexify?) me,
Girl I’m certified
So certified girl,
So certified girl,
Oh yeah
Ride, ride, hey

The 2nd song of the day (my original idea) goes to “Stingy” by Ginuwine. Very much relevant to my previous post as well. Take these 2 songs, however you’d like 😉