Design of a Decade

Good morning Folks.

I guess I should start by saying I hope everyone rang in the New Year safe and sound. My New Years was spent partying with some of my closest friends. I had a grand ol’ time. Typically we spend every December 31st saying goodbye to a year past, this time though we said goodbye to a decade.  Oh and what a decade it was! This decade has been the most prominent one in my life thus far. This was the coming of age decade for myself. These years really molded me into the woman who I am today.

The year 2000 was a big year, I was in Grade 9 and still figuring out where I belonged in school. One of my most memorable funny memories from that year was falling in the middle of the street coming back from lunch. Can we say mortifying?! My goodness. My friends will never let me live that one down. Yes, I still have some of the same friends that I did back then and that’s a big reason why I am the way that I am today. I have quite a few 10 year friendships that are stronger than ever! You guys know who you are and I love you like I love my cameras. The things we’ve been through good and bad, the laughter and the tears helped make Neeks.

Throughout highschool I had a couple of male encounters, couple boyfriends here and there. Nothing too serious until my last year of highschool. There were only 2 relationships that I’ve had throughout highschool that are even worth mentioning. My Grade 10 one and My Grade 12 one. Mr.Grade 10 still refers to me as his 1st love and still checks for me to this day, and I love him to death! I will always have respect for you because of your kind good-hearted spirit <3. As for Mr.Grade 12 and beyond. *Sigh*. That has been the most life altering relationship thus far. This relationship I’ve blogged about previously so I won’t give it much shine right now, but damn. Way to open my eyes to the real world very quickly. The life lessons I took from that relationship is so immense. To see intense “true” (?) love go sour so quickly will never be forgotten. Shoutouts to him for being him because now I truly know what I want from a partner and what I do not want. That’s a gift I will treasure for the rest of my life. That’s real!

Family wise wow, a lot has happened. To my 2 brothers getting married and giving me my beautiful niece and gorgeous nephew to my grandmother and grandfather dying. Ups and downs, smiles and frowns.

The years post ‘him’ have been based on figuring out what I want career wise,  making new friends and having small flings if you will. To be honest, I’m not sure if  “fling” is the correct term for them but it’s the best I can come up with. They were definitely not a relationship so I won’t give it that much credit right now. Thanks to the in-betweeners as well, you guys kept me entertained (good and bad) for the last couple years of this decade. Some of you were good guys and the rest circus clowns. Thanks to you lot, I’m CSI certified to smell out the fakes. Kudos to you! The friendships that I’ve made in the last couple years have been so interesting. The friendships we build as adults are so different from the ones that we build as children/teenagers. The adult friendships take that much more to be sustained. The ones that we’ve already built when we were younger are typically held together by memories. The adult ones are based on trust and creating your own new memories. To the friends I’ve made in the last couple years, some of you have held me down… others have disappointed me greatly. That’s life though, you live and you learn. I’m always thirsting for knowledge so I’m definitely learning.

This next decade I’m excited for what it has in store. The potential within me is being released day to day, so I know it’s only a matter of time.

NYE '09. Myself, Ren and Cecilia

Feeling nice


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