What is it?


This post may seem all over the place but I’ve been thinking about this a lot lately. I’ve had a few separate conversations amongst my male and female friends regarding dating. One of the many topics discussed was, how do you know if a guy wants you to be his girlfriend or if he just wants to sleep with you? Well damn. In my mind, I thought long and hard on how to answer this but I really don’t know the clear signs any longer. Back in the day, a guy would romance you to show you how much he wanted you to be his girlfriend. He’d even come right out and tell you what he wanted from you “will you be my girlfriend” or “let’s deal” LOL. Nowadays a guy will take you to the movies (LOL I just had a flashback of that Youtube video.. sorry off topic) maybe take you to dinner, compliment you and all but what does he really want? To get at the kitty kat. Hmm… so how in the world do you know when he actually wants something more substantial? In my opinion a lot of males (not all but a lot) are very afraid to tell a female what their true intentions are. Do you just want to cut or do you want to build something here?

The males reading this right now are probably thinking…

“So why don’t you females just ask?”

 Right? I know you were thinking that.

Well for the women that take the time to do that, sometimes it scares off the guy because he begins to feel “pressured”. It’s funny because the woman is not putting a knife to your penis saying “Be my man or he gets it” but rather just wanting to know where this is heading. No one likes being in limbo for a long period time. After awhile when the guy is essentially finished with you, you begin to feel like all that time spent has been wasted. Just flushed down the drain. Sucks, trust me it really does.

Ladies, let me know if you feel me on this one.

Fellas, please enlighten me on how this goes nowadays. 


    A confused Virgo.


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3 responses to “What is it?

  1. O'Sound

    YOU KNOW I’m hopping on this one!

    I can’t speak for everyone, but I can speak for myself..

    Before I can be interested in anybody on a relationship level, I gotta be able to chill with them in group settings. Why? because this way, I get to see who you really are. Your personality, how you interact with others, your attitude, everything becomes clear in comfortable/plutonic settings where everyone is free to be themself, away from trying to impress any guy/girl. In a date setting, we put our best cards forward and hide the junk, so you’ll never get the real truth of who someone is until after the fact, which is often too late..

    If I like your vibe, I will then begin to invest time into developing a friendship one on one with you. No intention of relationship yet, I’m just tryna get to know you. Crack jokes, topic discussions, phone convos, etc (you know how it goes). Because in my mind, if we can’t be cool as plutonic friends, how are you going to last as my woman?

    When I develop a level of surety towards you, I will then persue you on an intimate level. By this point, it will be cut clear what my intentions with you are, because if I was trying to get a quick beat off of you, I wouldn’t have invested so much time and effort into getting to know you on a basic level.. do you know how many girls a man can sex off within that whole period? LoL

    With all that being said, I say this. Women, it’s safe to assume that if a guy doesn’t make an obvious effort to get to know you as a FRIEND first, then he aint tryna be with you. No man is trying to wife a stranger LoL.. Also, it doesn’t hurt to be upfront about things, because you’ll end up sifting out the immature people with selfish intentions mad early before any damage is done, and the serious guys who are looking for the wifey will still be left standing..

    Das my 2 cents 🙂

  2. Heartbrokenfromtime

    Touche’ very well said. Although,what about a situation of a female who you get close with, she keeps telling you she does NOT want anything more than a friendship with a few benefits. So I take its the guys fault, for consistently pursuing her knowing this is all she wants. So now that a guy is used to no strings attached, then the female wants more. I’m saying there is men out there who want more than the kitty, its a real hurting game, if you ask me.

  3. I totally agree with you.I ama man of my word and will tell a female straight what is going to pop of, that way no one can say “your an asshole,” or “your al the same.”

    Just remember that you might have a little girl one day, and some asshole is gonna be playin games with her mind.

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