One Less Lonely Girl

Yes, I sure did name this post off of Justin Biebers song. Yup, I did lol.  

Lately inspiration has been coming from conversations shared amongst me and my friends (male or female) and Twitter. The bottom line is, there seems to be a lot of lonely souls walking the planet. It’s unfortunate because there is more than enough to go around too. You find someone who you click with, you laugh/joke, go out and have a good time, share amazing conversations and start picturing what it would be like to be in a relationship with that person. Downside? They’re just not serious. They don’t think they are “ready” to be in a relationship. By all means, that is valid in some cases- Either the person needs time between their relationships or you guys don’t really know each other that well yet. I get all of that. However what if you’re beyond that point? What exactly are you waiting for? Armageddon to profess your affection and willingness to ‘lock them down’? This obsession our generation has with playing the field is really out of hand at some points. No one is saying you have to settle down and get married but run with it sometimes. We spend so much time wasted with all of these losers (male or female) that when you come across the “good one” you should pay better attention and handle with more care.  

Winter time plays a big part in this lonely feeling too it seems. Everyone wants to have a good ol’ time in summer and play the fields, but once all the crop dies in Winter you want something more. Winter makes you want to snuggle up by a fire and just chill out with someone special. Yes, I feel you… I really do. It’s interesting because I know a lot of females that just want to be held down as much as they hold down these dudes that they’re talking to. Fellas I know a lot of good “wifey” material women, grab them up and don’t let go.  

Another interesting tidbit is I know a couple good men that are single and available however when I ask them what they want in a woman they are not exactly sure. It varies from day-to-day. Guys don’t jump down my throat right now, I’m not saying all of you, nor am I saying that all these single women know what they want. I know there are a lot of triflin females roaming amongst the masses. Don’t get it twisted for a second.  The bottom line is, if we took more time to build substance and hold down the good ones around us, there would be less broken & lonely hearts roaming the world.


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One response to “One Less Lonely Girl

  1. AD.

    Thats real talk. Im dying about the refrence to the winter time only because thats mad true. Anywhooo time for people to step it up including I. Need to get it with it or get lost.

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