Birthday Love: Asia Fiasco

Today marks the birthday of a very special trick, which one you ask?

Well it’s none other than miss Asia Fiasco of the Discombobulated Tricks.


Me and Char

Happy 21st Birthday!!!!

I had the pleasure of meeting this woman last year and we immediately clicked. The fact that we were chilling for over an hour before we even knew each others names said a lot. You rarely meet females nowadays that are so friendly and cool right off the bat and thankfully this one (as well as the other tricks) are like this. We’ve gotten extremely close over this past year and I consider you to be one of my close friends. You’re a talented, caring, generous, stylish female and good things are coming your way. I know it and feel it in my heart. The business ventures we have and the jokes we have on the regular are priceless! I’m thankful that God brought us together and I know this will be a long-lasting friendship.

Love you for life! xoxoxoxo                 (On behalf of myself and Breezy LOL)

Check her out: and Asiafiasco

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I'm a Virgo, I love most things entertainment related. Love PHOTOGRAPHY, and Fashion.

One response to “Birthday Love: Asia Fiasco

  1. Damn that’s love.. ughh i heart u man.. THANK YOUUUU *muah* and tell Breezy i’m on my wayyy!!!

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