I was gettin’ some…

Good Morning my peoples,

I’m just going to warn you from now, todays topic is for Grown Folks only.

For the most part, I’ve pretty much stayed away from writing about sex and all things sex related, which has been extremely hard for me. One of my fav. Twitter followers though convinced me I should get it in (no pun intended there lol).  The consensus among most sane normal folks is that getting head aka going down on someone aka cunningulus or fellatio is pretty damn amazing. *Sigh*. Maybe I should clarify though, it’s amazing when done correctly.

This is the year 2010, so I think it’s my duty to put out a P.S.A (Public Service Announcement) to all of you men and women of the world. If you don’t give head because you think it’s nasty, you have no business having sex in the first place. Theres a big difference though, there are some that do it (male or female) and they’ll never admit it because they’re afraid of what others will say and there are those that have never tried it because they are afraid of others will say. Either way, who gives a damn about them?! If you’re about pleasing your partner, you’re going to do what’s necessary. As I write all of this I know there are some of you that are probably completely shocked or turned off by me… that’s fine, I’m just going to keep it 100 with you. There are so many different avenues of sex that should be explored. No one likes a boring partner, noooooobody!

I’ve said it once and I’ll say it again, fellas get your tongue game up. I’m sick and tired of some of y’all frontin like you don’t enjoy the delicacies below the belt. Some of y’all are so ready and eager but you wouldn’t dare let your boys know you do. I mean why? You put your mouth on much dirtier things (cigarettes, blunts, sometimes peoples facial lips are dirty) I mean really?! For those of you that are man enough to admit it. KUDOS to you! I love a man who can confess he gives head and even better ENJOYS it. #turnon. I’m towelling off a bit just thinking about it. Now to my dudes reading this just going down there is step 1 but really knowing what you’re doing is something all in its own. The 2 conversations I had with my male friends regarding this really showed me how different minds think. The seasoned vet explained to me his technique and just that alone, had me *ahem* intrigued to say the least. The depths of how far he takes it was pretty awesome. The 2nd friend was amazed when I told him that there is a little more to it than just “licking the box”. You have to “eat it like you mean it” (thanks guy #1 for that term lol). There is nothing more mood busting than someone that’s just doing it just because they think they have to. If you’re going to head downtown make sure you have your day pass ready to go and come (pun intended). If you’re not familiar with a womans clitoris, get acquainted very quickly. Treat the body as a canvas and paint your portrait very carefully and with purpose. Owwwwwww. There is so much to be explored, it’s crazy!

To my ladies (don’t roll your eyes at me right now) same thing applies, if you’re going to give head don’t do it because he’s forcing you. Do it on your own accord and make it good. The male anatomy is a beautiful thing so treat it as such <– I’m so serious. Do not try to be a porn star and think you have to deep throat it and all that other stuff, take your time and let your partner guide you if it’s your 1st time. Chances are he’ll help you along the way, and do remember you can just tell when he’s enjoying it. Everybody’s body has different indicators to let you know they’re enjoying it, follow it. Be very careful of your teeth as well, for those that have been bitten anywhere on their body before… depending on how hard you’ve been bitten that stuff hurts. I’ve heard many a horror story of  “biters”, so take your time. Just like our anatomy there are many important ‘features’ to a male body. The head (or the tip) is real important. Take your time with it and show its own separate attention. Your tongue is really crucial ladies so use it to your advantage. Switch up the flow and show every inch attention. If you want to have your partner remember you forever, give him some unforgettable head. I haven’t lied to y’all once since starting this blog, so I wouldn’t start now.

Don’t say I didn’t tell y’all!

(I know some of y’all are probably sooooo disgusted with me right now. DAH WELL! I’m grown and you should be too. I censored it a little bit because I could have went sooo much more in-depth. Trust me)

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7 responses to “I was gettin’ some…

  1. I like this post. I like it a lot.

    By the way, nothing is more arousing for a real man than having the ability to make his partner flop and squirm and moan with just his tongue. I consider that godly power, I will use it whenever I can.

  2. starven

    You know I must say that its about time someone came out with this… Once you past 21 you need to realize that you’re grown and this is gonna be something that your gonna have to do… I must say I love eating a pussy like its a full course meal to me… Watching the face of a female and seeing how much she enjoys it is a even bigger turn on…when she runs those fingers through me had and tugs on my hair… EVEN BIGGER… I implore all my fellow brothers to do it… Cuz for those of us that claim to have the TC (thunder cock) need to realize that you can have the wicked dicky but when get down on your knees and you spread the legs and you see the anticipation in her eyes… And you kiss the legs and you move down the thighs and you make your way to the treasure (ya I said it treasure) that right there is making her more horny…which would mean that she wants the TC (thunder cock) more… And you eat that pussy like you life depended on it… When you throw the TC (thunder cock) its like anything she’s ever experienced… Well that’s what’s happened with me at least *kanye shrug*… You need to realize that when you’re licking that pussy your in control… You hold all the cards… *smh* come on guys let’s stop the saying we don’t do it when we know we do… Cuz I eat pussy and I’m proud of it

  3. Marvin snaaaaaaaaaaaaapppppppppppppped, OMG! LOL…

    Interesting post Neeks!

  4. I loooved reading this post!!

  5. Shane

    I loved eating this post….pause

  6. unknown

    ppl who pretend to not give head are lying to themselves & others….either you have a horrible sex life or you don’t…cuz frankly if you don’t give head….u suck in bed! nuff said (and yes it rhymes lol)

  7. growncuz

    speak the truth lil cuz i agree about time someone addressed this issue and as a grown ass female i love the fact that i can satisfy my man with my mouth as well as my pussy

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