Just Wondering (8)

…Just wondering who the hell gets Pink Eye at the age of 24? Guess who! ME !! *Side eye*. Friday morning I woke up and found it strange that I couldn’t open my left eye. Went to work and everyone kept trying to convince me it was Pink Eye. They eventually forced me to the walk in and he confirmed it. He gave me medicine with instructions that were even printed on the box “Apply in Left eye, 1 drop twice daily”. Fine. I woke up Sunday morning and guess what? I couldn’t open my right eye! Fantasticcccccc. When I went to put on the medication that night, I realized there was a paper in the box describing how to apply the medicine. You know what it said “Apply to both eyes regardless to prevent the spread”. *Blank stare*.  Y’all realize why I really dislike doctors now?

…Just wondering how I’m missing so many important items from my room. My “Fade to Black” Dvd, my “I Told you I was trouble” DVD and my navy blue nail polish. I’m pretty pissed off. These 3 things are vital to me (maybe that’s a boost but you know what I mean). If I happened to lend anyone those DVD’s and forgot, can you please just swing them back my way. Greatly appreciated!

…Just wondering what happened to dating? I know, I’ve written about that before but I’d seriously like to know. It’s long gone and I suggest for 2010 everybody makes a strong effort to bring it back.

…Just wondering who has the time to think of these stupid bbm (blackberry messenger) forwards. You crackberry users know what I’m talking about. The Christmas tree, the big “2010” one, the “if you love your mom forward this to 10 people… a girl didn’t do this and 4 days later her mother died”. I MEAN REALLY?! Are you people that dense? Do NOT send me this trash. I don’t care.

…Just wondering why a lot of you tell me in person/bbm/twitter/phone that you liked what I write on here but you never actually comment and take part in the discussion. You don’t have to put your name or even your real email address. Put “whotheheckcares” as a username and email “dontworryaboutit” if you feel like it LOL. Just COMMENT!

…Just wondering why it’s so early in the morning and I’m already craving Coke. It’s like insulin to me, argghhh. Whoa I just read that back, I’m talking about COCA-COLA … COCA COLA LOL. Before 1 of you send me a heartfelt letter telling me to go to Intervention lol.

…Just wondering how is it that I haven’t left the house in 4 days and feel absolutely no way about it. Yes, I know I have Pink eyes but I like being by myself sometimes. My only issue is that I really don’t look human to me lol. I’ve been trying to avoid mirrors and what not because it’s not pretty. Blah

…Just wondering why some girls are walking around calling Amber Rose their idol. I mean, what?! What has Amber Rose done but cut her hair? Is this some kind of joke? When I say a lot of females are so misguided, I really mean that. Amber Rose has done nothing but be in a couple videos (no one knew her then), she cut her hair and shacked up with Kanye and now she’s idol worthy? Foolishness at its best.

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I'm a Virgo, I love most things entertainment related. Love PHOTOGRAPHY, and Fashion.

3 responses to “Just Wondering (8)

  1. Shane

    You know what I wonder….I wonder why a lot of girls ask why men aren’t treating them the way they want to…..I think it has much to do with their personal hygiene…ehhheemmm….in particular, I’m speaking on the kitten….the kitten should have no foul scent, sex does not have a smell….if you can’t taste your own finger without cringing then no man will want you, bottom line….go get your vagine checked….this is not a good look in 2010….it’s really embarassing for us men to have to decline sex because you smell funky, nobody wants to hurt ur feelings…..

    Sorry Neeks…had to go off on a tagent there….oh and yea, stop with the idiotic BBM forwards, you’re a f*cking sheep

  2. Shane

    Oh and that eheemmm wasn’t a shot @ Neeks…i’m sure she tastes and smells like the best cookies a man can buy

  3. Things that make you go Hmmmm! I wanna see Arsenio back! Maybe Conan will take his spot back on Fox? I love reading this whenever I can get around to it1

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