Day 3: Pop Band

Next up were the Stepbrothers of the Pop Boy Band phase.

Nick, Drew, Jeff and ummm… (hold on as a google the last ones name…) Justin.

They were none other than 98 Degrees.


The reason why I called them the Stepbrothers of the game was because they were everyones least favorite (think Cinderella before she got her fly glass slipper). They were older than the more popular boy bands and their dancing was pretty cheesy but they still had the vocals, harmonies on point. The main singer Nick Lachey really held it down. All in all, I still listened to their music so they deserve a shoutout from me.

Sidenote: I miss Jessica Simpson and Nick Lachey together. They were a cute couple.

Look at this below video, that was one of my problems with them… you’re telling me noone could have bought them bigger shirts. It looks like they borrowed their little brothers clothes.

My personal fav from them:


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