Sigh x 16

I wasn’t going to touch this subject but something forced me to.

There are days that have significance due to years past and no matter how hard you try to blur it to the back of your mind, it sits right there engrained in your memory.

16 years ago my father died.

The day plays out like a movie in my head no matter how much I try to forget the feeling. Do not get me twisted for a second, I’m not saying I’m trying to forget my father by any means- NEVER that. It’s just the feeling does not go away, personally I don’t think it ever will. I’m not going to go into great detail or anything, I wasn’t even going to write anything about it today, then something so simple happened. As soon as I got home and turned on the tv, Janet Jackson’s “Together Again” was on. This song was always pretty special to me so I felt it was a little too coincidental.

That’s all really, short and concise. Don’t forget to cherish your loved ones, I’ll continue telling you all that until I meet my father ❤

This song felt like it was written for me…


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I'm a Virgo, I love most things entertainment related. Love PHOTOGRAPHY, and Fashion.

5 responses to “Sigh x 16

  1. thegyaldemsugar

    This song does bring back memories still

  2. beautiful, what a very heartfelt post. I’ll listen to this song with a new appreciation now

  3. Love this song forever. It is the loss of loved ones that keeps reminding us to appreciate and make the best out of every moment we have here. Smile. Laugh. Cherish the ones we are with. I learned this when my grandfather passed away. We all will end up going sometime. You got it all figured out, where most people are still going to come to this realization hard. Keep on keepin on!

  4. Andrew James aka

    I see it as Gods way of comforting you. Nothing is a coincidence.

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