Chad’s Way

This is just some morning eye candy for my ladies.

There is something about this man that is so sexy. *fans self*

Chad Ocho Cinco is a NFL Football player, who plays for the Cincinnati Bengals. Currently he’s on Dancing with the Stars and I’m thankful for whoever made the decision to put him on there.



The Chad Way? Yes, please.

So umm.. yea… goodday!


Good morning,

I wasn’t even going to address this, but now I feel compelled. Yesterday, over Twitter a certain Toronto rapper decided to publicly air out his grievances towards Drake. The general public only knows 1 side to the story right now, and that is the rapper calling Drake a snitch and that he hates him. To tell you the truth, I’m not even going to give this claim much thought because we don’t know the full story. What I do have a problem with is the word “snitching”. The whole of Toronto is talking about this situation and some are taking sides saying that “snitching isn’t cool”. Do you remember couple years ago when people were actually airbrushing t-shirts with “Stop Snitching”. The ignorance of that is pretty disgusting to me.

*rolls up sleeves*

What exactly is snitching and what classifies a snitch? I wish this BET generation would just go away and read a book (one that isn’t strictly Eric Jerome Dickey or Sister Souljah). Is there ever going to be a day where we get past this stupid ignorant mentality? I don’t give a DAMN what any of you say, if a crime happened to one of your family members and they told the police you wouldn’t call them a snitch. You know what helps people not get caught? DON’T DO A CRIME. Brilliant and groundbreaking, huh? This ‘hood’ thuglife for life mentality needs to seize. The more unfortunate part about all of that is that majority of those that preach it, do not even live it. Up out my face with that nonsense. If these people spent more time perfecting something positive or even perfecting their craft, there would be less time for the foolishness I’m hearing about. Everyone wants to be hood and get rich, why not do it in a respectable manner? You want to live the life of rappers you see on tv? Well guess what, half of the stuff they’re rapping about they don’t even do! Again, up out my face. Guns are killing my people and if you don’t care enough and want to keep your “cool” outlook that’s on you… just don’t let me hear you complaining the next time a 4 year old gets shot on the bus, or one of the friends you grew up with was an innocent bystander just waiting for her boyfriend to meet her & gets shot and sadly killed. This stuff gets me heated, so I think I’m just going to end this right here, some of you may not agree with me but as you know I don’t care- this stuff must stop! I’ve been affected by this on a personal level and if we keep this mentality up, crimes will just get increasingly worse and people will continuously get away with it. Is that the kind of world you want to raise your kids in?

Didn’t think so

ThoseGirlsRWild like Nicki

Good morning,

I really should be getting ready for work, however I’m on the internet. *shrugs*. I love ThoseGirlsAreWild as I keep saying. They’re intelligent, beautiful and HILARIOUS women. This video that they did is their bid to be besties with Miss Nicki Minaj herself. Check it out.

(Andrea, you really do look like Nicki… slap some pink weave and some spandex and you’re good to go! lol)

Celeb Look-a-like (1)

I don’t know why I haven’t started this before, but better late than never. My friends and I have a great habit of comparing people to celebrities when we go out, and taking pics of/with them. This pic was sent to me via Twitter and I laughed out loud. Literally.

Ladies and Gentleman, I give you Drakes long lost brother…


                  Here is Aubrey Drake Graham…

You can't say you dont see it!


No folks, this isn’t his real bro but he definitely can pass for it.

Shoutouts to Drake, holding it down right now.

When a Womans Fed Up

When is enough really enough?

How many times can you put yourself and your spirit in harm’s way for the sake of ‘love’. I put love in quotations because sometimes it’s not even real love. Sometimes it’s the idea of it, or changed love.

Folks, if someone keeps showing you time and time again through actions and words that they don’t care about you. Please listen. Why allow them to damage your heart even more than it already is. They’ve proven to you time and time again that they don’t cherish it, so in my books that means they’re not worthy. At one point in time, maybe the love was mutual and shared. Now it isn’t and deep down in your heart, you know this. Yes, it hurts and yes you love that person but is it really worth it? Years of abuse to your heart is not doing you any favors. It’s just making it worse for your mind and soul. You wouldn’t trust a 2-year-old with your iPod because you’re afraid they’ll break it, so why would you trust someone unworthy with something as sacred as your heart? Think about it.

(To my friend that’s going through this right now, yes this was inspired by you. Keep your head held high, you don’t deserve to be treated like you’re insignificant. You’re worth way more than that <3)

Jon Kortajarena

This is the type of Male Model I’d love to shoot.

His name is Jon Kortajarena and I’m sure some of you have seen him in the new H&M campaigns. The first time I saw his pic I was screaming all kinds of “damn-n-n-n-n” in my head and maybe even outloud.

Jon was born in Bilbao, Spain (mmm) on May 19th,1985. He has discovered at Fashion Week, while attending with a friend. Jon has done work for Tom Ford, Guess, Cavelli, Chanel, Giorgio Armani, etc etc etc. It’s not hard to see why he’s so big, I mean… just look at him. He has piercing eyes, chiseled cheekbones, nice full lips and a crazy body. *fans self off*

Jon for H&M

Jon for Tom Ford



That stare


The Stare 2


Jon for H&M(2)

Ladies, what?

Good Morning,

Humans are such interesting mammals. It’s amazing all the funny, intelligent and stupid things that we can manage to do. With this post I’m hoping someone can help me figure out a couple things.

Why is it that when females have a boyfriend (or just started talking to a guy) and they know there is a girl that he currently likes or just recently liked is still in the picture they INSIST that he cut the girl off? Logically, if I know that there’s this guy that I like and I have an inclination that he’s still interested in another girl, I’m not even pursuing it. Why? Because I’ll drive myself crazy because I don’t trust him. Chances are if you force a guy to cut out a female that’s heavily in his life, he’s going to:

A) Do it behind your back.

B) Abide for a bit, then do it behind your back.

 C) The female will sniff out your insecurity and aid him in doing it behind your back.

Think about it ladies, there is a reason that she’s in his life. It may not be good reasons, but there is a reason and if you think you have the upper hand by laying down the law to him- you’re going to get played in the end. Trusttttt meeee. I’ve seen it happen one too many times. So just because you don’t SEE it happening, it probably is… through email, bbm, Facebook, Twitter and the best IN PERSON. Look at how many avenues that is right there. If you don’t trust him, don’t even bother to be with him. You’re setting yourself up for failure and heartbreak.

Brazen Hussy Fashion Show

Good Morning!

Yesterday was a pretty productive day for me. Did my regular 9-5’er, then had a photoshoot in the afternoon/evening, then attended the Brazen Hussy Fashion Show. My photoshoot went well, it was for up and coming dancer Tamara who’s pretty amazing. Shoutout to Shannon and Ren, thank you for all your behind the scenes help. This is the 1st of many 😉 , love you guys.

After the shoot I rushed over to the fashion show with my girl Char (@AsiaFiasco) which was held at ULTRA. We made it in the nick of time! Only missed 1 or 2 looks.

The show was a success, alot of muted neutral colors, which is very much in for the S/S 2010. They showed a variety of things: Dresses, tights, shirts, pants, body suits.

Loved this dress

The designers themselves

It was a great show, with great people.


Miss AsiaFiasco from the Discombobulated Tricks. You already know what it is.

MTV Personality Tika Simone and Char


Char and Amanda

Chey, you the bestest! The amount of fun we had with you was soooo great! Hi Danielle too! You guys are very tall, beautiful and fashionable. Hmmm hate much? LOL. Chey and Danielle represent Liipstick styling team.

Paparazzi snapping

Moi, Chey, Char

Naph: My bud. You’re so facety but it’s all love. Photographer, representing for Toro Magazine.

Steph, Naph, Neeks

Shannon: Long time no see! You’re doing big things with LaVieInc and The Broken Heel diaries. Thanks for the interview, I’m a little nervous to see it lol.

All in all, it was an excellent night. Looking forward to more of these.



For all my people who have been rocking with me for months now, you all know I really have no patience for liars. Lying is a dirty disease and I really wish somehow it could be abolished. What’s worse than someone lying to you? Lying ABOUT you!

Why would anyone go and lie about someone else on something that didn’t concern them in the first place? You’re going and lying to a guy to what… impress him? Get cute, maybe that will impress him more. The fact that you’re so desperate to get a man that’s already spoken for by many is trifling and very basic of you. However what can I expect from someone of your nature? Wild animals only know how to be that, wild.

Fallback off my name, or I will have to expose you.

Don’t say I didn’t warn you 🙂


I’ve tried, I continue to try and you’re not having it. Constantly I ask myself “what’s the point?”, all I’m asking is for you to meet me halfway like Fergie. Nothing more, nothing less. If you don’t want to, which as I continue to type this I realize that I’m the idiot. Why do I continue to put forth so much effort. D’oh!