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I wasn’t even going to address this, but now I feel compelled. Yesterday, over Twitter a certain Toronto rapper decided to publicly air out his grievances towards Drake. The general public only knows 1 side to the story right now, and that is the rapper calling Drake a snitch and that he hates him. To tell you the truth, I’m not even going to give this claim much thought because we don’t know the full story. What I do have a problem with is the word “snitching”. The whole of Toronto is talking about this situation and some are taking sides saying that “snitching isn’t cool”. Do you remember couple years ago when people were actually airbrushing t-shirts with “Stop Snitching”. The ignorance of that is pretty disgusting to me.

*rolls up sleeves*

What exactly is snitching and what classifies a snitch? I wish this BET generation would just go away and read a book (one that isn’t strictly Eric Jerome Dickey or Sister Souljah). Is there ever going to be a day where we get past this stupid ignorant mentality? I don’t give a DAMN what any of you say, if a crime happened to one of your family members and they told the police you wouldn’t call them a snitch. You know what helps people not get caught? DON’T DO A CRIME. Brilliant and groundbreaking, huh? This ‘hood’ thuglife for life mentality needs to seize. The more unfortunate part about all of that is that majority of those that preach it, do not even live it. Up out my face with that nonsense. If these people spent more time perfecting something positive or even perfecting their craft, there would be less time for the foolishness I’m hearing about. Everyone wants to be hood and get rich, why not do it in a respectable manner? You want to live the life of rappers you see on tv? Well guess what, half of the stuff they’re rapping about they don’t even do! Again, up out my face. Guns are killing my people and if you don’t care enough and want to keep your “cool” outlook that’s on you… just don’t let me hear you complaining the next time a 4 year old gets shot on the bus, or one of the friends you grew up with was an innocent bystander just waiting for her boyfriend to meet her & gets shot and sadly killed. This stuff gets me heated, so I think I’m just going to end this right here, some of you may not agree with me but as you know I don’t care- this stuff must stop! I’ve been affected by this on a personal level and if we keep this mentality up, crimes will just get increasingly worse and people will continuously get away with it. Is that the kind of world you want to raise your kids in?

Didn’t think so


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3 responses to “S-M-H

  1. Preach it, girly. I love your uninhibited nature when it comes to speaking out about things like this. I don’t get how it’s snitching if police find out that you were robbed at gunpoint while sitting down at dinner with a friend, and you acknowledge that to the cops. What else you gonna do? Be an idiot and tell the cops “nothing to see, here?” Page reminds me of why a beautiful place like Toronto would be so easy to leave… the people here are so brainwashed and lack morals. They copy everything that rap culture dictates to them… they subscribe to this whole ignorant lifestyle that I’m not trying to be exposed to or raise any kids around. SMH at this nonsense… And to add insult to injury, Page is not even good at making music. None of its inspiring in the least bit (for me) and its always the same lack of creativity in delivering his tired-ass message.


    • Itsthewhiz! : I’m signing the papers right now on that co-sign.

      SummerMango: Welcome to the blog! I agree with what you’re saying as well, it’s a tough situation because parents are trying to give them and their children a better life so working 2 jobs is their only way. The thing about it is, some kids use that as a cop-out (as well as some parents). One of my good friends mother always worked 2 jobs (single parent household) and she’s one of the most grounded people ever. Parents have to put in that special effort to pay attention to the road their kids are going down, instead of just pulling a blind eye and saying “… well I’m always at work”. Special attention has to be paid to the youth growing up, they need it so much more than we did growing up.

  2. SummerMango

    These young people today, I’m afraid for our future.. but can you really blame them or is it the society we live in?? They’re being raised by TV because their parents have to work 2-3 jobs to pay the bills.. unsupervised youths getting their “knowledge” from the corporate media– who’s sole mission is to profit as much as they can, regardless of the messages they’re promoting.. UGH!!!! makes me sick……

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