Monday “Woww”. 3/15

You know what, I like Chris Brown. Always have. Always will.

Yes, he did something extremely messed up… yet we all have. He’s very talented and I believe he’s truly sorry for “Chrihannagate 2009”.

With all that being said, there is only so far my support goes for him ( or any celeb for that matter).

Folks, what the heck is this?

Cut the crap!


“Team Breezy”

Not only is that an extremely stupid thing to do, but it also looks like my 4 year old niece wrote it. The money she spent on that tattoo, she could have invested it in a book because it’s clear she needs it.

Do better people!

Diggy :|

I’ll admit it, I feel kind of like a predator when I look at this video. Diggy Simmons was always cute, but he’s slowly transforming into a man. Wait, now you’re telling me he’s nice in rap? Cut it rightttt out! I really feel like a pervert then.

( I can sense you judging me right now)

Who’s houseeeeeeeeeeeeeee? Clearly not JoJo’s cause he’s wack, LOL. Sorry!

The Dark Side

Good morning faithfuls,

I have so many thoughts that have been swirling around in this head of mine, however sometimes I’m a little nervous to put it out there for the world to read. This topic I’ve been meaning to write about, however it’s so touchy that I end up falling back on it. The more I say I should be careful while approaching it, the more I remember my name is Aneka aka Neeks and that’s not the way that I operate. There are things that people shy away from speaking about and I believe it’s so important to have a healthy flourishing life. There’s more to talk about in life than Gucci Mane, Rihanna and partying.

I digress.

For those that watch the news, you’ll see more and more celebrities committing suicide. With each story, I hear some people say “Why would they want to do that, they have all of that money“. My response is always, money doesn’t guarantee happiness. If you’re alone when you’re poor and suddenly you get rich and you have the world at your disposal, chances are you’re even more alone. Fake smiles and fake friendships only give people a fake sense of self and decrease their confidence. If you feel alone, and I mean truly ALONE most days of your life ; chances are you’re going to spiral into a depression. The sad thing about depression is that usually friends and family realize it too late. That’s something I never understood though. If you know your friend/family member is typically a friendly/smiling type of person and suddenly they are very to themselves and always seem sad, you’re internal alarm should be ringing away. The sad part is, that’s in the easy cases. Some people walk around with a fake facade of utter bliss when inside they are feeling lower than low. I’ve said it before on this blog, that you must check up with those that you care about, because you just never know. Speaking from experience, I’ve been on both sides of the fence. Depression is such a confidence degrading experience, if you have ever been there and I mean real depression, not ” I feel depressed” because you didn’t get the pair of shoes you wanted. Knowing that a friend is depressed and has even made attempts at ending their life is very devastating. Never will I ever want ANYONE in my life to feel like they’re alone and that suicide is their only way out. You can always come to me, for help, advice or even just a hug. It’s heartbreaking to hear someone that you love think that their life is meaningless. Every life has purpose, that’s how God intended it.

From the bottom of my heart, pray about it and look to those around you to help get you through your time of need. Despite what you may think, someone out there cares. That’s real.

SOTD: Everything

I love Fefe Dobson!

If you’re not familiar with her, she’s a fabulous rocking female from Toronto. She’s dating (or was dating) Devon Soltendieck who is a MuchMusic VJ. Unfortunately her album keeps getting pushed back so hopefully she drops something new sometime soon.

This was my favorite song by her, “Everything”.

You Remind Me…

He walks in the room and it’s like the rest of the place is moving in slowwww motion *chopped & screwed* voice.

Somehow I can’t take my eyes off of him, we make eye contact for a bit then both look away. As the night progresses, I continue to search for him in the sea of people. Something about him is just hot (even though he had a slight Swizz Beatz nose lol). After awhile I turn to my girl Steffie and say “that guy is so sweet”. What does she reply?

…”Get out of here, he looks like *insert my ex’s name here*”


I will admit he had the same complexion and maybe if you looked real quick he somewhat looked like him but for the most part, heck no. Then I started to think “Is she right?”, like I was getting some sort of complex lol. Have you ever really thought of what makes you attracted to someone? Do you tend to go for the same “type” over and over? Well, to answer my own question- No, I don’t. The guys I’ve dated, and been attracted to have all been different for the most part. Different things attract me, which is a good and bad thing I guess. My track record isn’t walking ‘I Am Robot’ clones, nah never that. Come to think of it, maybe that’s why sometimes after I’m over someone I’m left wondering “what the hell was I thinking?”.

(To the butter guy that night at the Hardrock, you are pretty fly. Apply within 😉 )

Stop Telephoning Me!

It’s here… it’s finally here.

Lady Gaga feat Beyonce- Telephone.

This video gave me life! Fashion, Drama, Extraness, Humor, Dance, Fashion, Fierceness.

That’s all I will say for now.

SOTD: Nothin’ on You

Man, this song is so sweet.

The track is called “Nothin on You” by B.O.B feat Bruno Mars. The lyrics are sweet and the melody is haunting in a good way.

Just listen, I don’t particularly care for the rapping on it but the song is still excellent.

Oh and you guys know I love me some Cover music! I came across this young man and he kills it! He even wrote his own (singing) verses for the rapping part.

I love a man that can sing. Damn.

Updated: I just came across this one.

This girl is LIVE! I really wish her brother wasn’t on it, but she’s nice lol.

(I know 2 people in particular that will appreciate this post 🙂 )

Cut the crap (1)

This should be a new segment that I do, not sure if the title “Cut the Crap” will stay but we’ll see. Either way I’m not having any of this.



Am I the only one that feels itchy just looking at this picture? She looks like she hasn’t bathed in months. Not to mention I’ma need her to get her own style because trying to combine Lady Gaga, Beyonce and Rihanna into one and not combing your hair in the process doesn’t fly with me. The fact that she spells her name “Ke$ha” just makes me think more of her as a prostitute in training.

Ke$ha you get a no ma’am, don’t pass GO, head straight to jail card from me.

My day, March 3rd.

Good morning,

Yesterday evening I went to the mall to finally get my iPod fixed since it’s been hurting for sometime now. The result? They had to wipe out all of my music.

Can we please have a moment of silence?





*sniff sniff*. Do you know what it’s like to lose your music collection? Well sadly I do. It’s happened to me on more than one occasion and it doesn’t make it any easier each time around. You know what’s the real kicker? It’s still doing one of the problems I reported to them, therefore I probably have to go back today. *Kiss teeth*.

After I finished my errands at the mall, I decided I might as well see Avatar while I’m there since it’s coming out of theatres this week. Yes, Yes, I know “you still haven’t seen it yet?”. Considering up until a couple days ago it was still sold out, no I hadn’t watched it as yet. As I’m walking over to the theatre, I’m engaged in a funny bbm convo with the big homie Malaika. We’re cracking jokes and I’m laughing to myself as I walk. Suddenly I hear “look pon teet” from an obvious Jamaican man. I stopped laughing and look at him perplexed and he’s smiling and laughing with me.

Ummmm was that a drive-by shot at me?

I wasn’t sure if to yell out “man down” or say “thank you”. By the look on his face it wasn’t an insult (I guess) but damn, not a very good way to compliment someone. As he passed he continued to look back and smile and all I could do is laugh and think “Damn Jamaicans”. Yea, I said it. To my Jamaican homies, you know I love you but you guys say some funny things.  Sometimes you mean well, but it just comes off… rough around the edges.


As for my Avatar experience. Let’s just say I thought I would have learned 6 languages, had the cure for Diabetes and somehow bad lacefronts would have been stopped.


What I’m getting at is the movie was overhyped by people. Granted the graphics were ill but the storyline wasn’t that different or profound from things we’ve previously seen. As always I had to judge for myself since that’s all everyone has been talking about for the last few months, I mean the movie was still sold out a couple days ago.

Bottom line, I kind of wish I saw Shuter Island instead before this one but it was still a good movie.

JOTD: You’re Doing too much for me

I missed this guy!

Qaadir doing what he does best, telling stories and making me laugh.

Y’all know the deal, his videos aren’t for everybody but I know some of you have a good laugh when I post him.

(Be careful who you play this around because he has a little bit of a potty mouth)