HI-LA-RIOUS Sheneneh

This had me in tears, I’m in the mood to laugh and this definitely did the trick.

Martin is a classic tv show and I’m still looking for someone to burn all the seasons for me please (pleeasssseeee someone! I’ll bake you cupcakes 😀 )

For those of you that watched the show, you must have loved Sheneneh too. These are some clips of her, just being her.


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5 responses to “HI-LA-RIOUS Sheneneh

  1. Mr.TramueL

    ROFL! Martin was / is my joint! I know every single episode by heart & can talk along with the lines. All time favorite the first Halloween when they tricked Martin. Hilarious!

    • That episode is classic! One of my fav episodes is when they go on vacation w/ Pam & Tommy. They were fighting the ‘creature’ who Martin referred to as one of Pam’s relatives…lol. Other than that I always LMAO at the episodes with Bruh man. Do you remember the ‘Witty Houton’ episode?! CLASSIC!

  2. LMAO!!! Martin is by far in my top 5 TV shows…Top 3 if it’s comedies.

    Whenever I need a laugh I know I can count on Martin and all of his antics & crazy characters. From Sheneneh to Jerome…they’re all hilarious.

    Thanks for sharing this clip…I needed the laugh!!! 😉

  3. SuperFly

    Cupcakes Really?! I have all but season 4 but i don’t want cupcakes i want a chocolate cake!

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