Just Wondering (10)

… Just wondering why I haven’t written in so long?  Well the main reason is, I need a computer (Mac) folks! I have no way of keeping up at home which is quite irritating but that’s life. I love this blog so I haven’t given up on it.

… Just wondering how come people don’t realize that I’ve read their story and I’m just waiting to drop the “tell all”. Keep pushing me, trust me keep it up. When I speak, sometimes I feel like people aren’t really listening to me. As I’ve said before: You smelled the smoke, saw the flame from a distance and heard the sirens… yet somehow you still walked up to the fire and managed to get burned! All the warning signs were there!  I’m not a hard person to get. I’m straight forward in what I say. If I tell you I don’t like the way you’re moving and for some reason you don’t want to listen hear me, that’s YOUR problem. Don’t be mad when I have an attitude or I’m treating you the exact way you were treating me. Think about it.

… Just wondering why it’s so cold today? I’m mad I didn’t realize I’d need my scarf. Oh another tidbit for today? My buckle in the back of my pants that holds it up (it doesn’t have belt loops which I HATE) broke when I sat down this morning. *Insert laugh track*. I had to do some last minute surgery with the help of a coworker. Bad day to wear red underwear I tell ya.

… Just wondering why no one has sent me Chad Ocho Cinco to my doorstep yet. Hurry up folks, I’m not so patiently waiting.

… Just wondering who watched the train wreck that is SNL on Saturday Night that just passed? Gabourey Sidibe (Precious) hosted and it was HORRENDOUS. I only tuned in because Twitter folks got my interests peaked, and I really wished my curiosity didn’t get the Best of Me like Mya (#basicpunchline LOL). In total, I watched about 8 minutes too much and I was not impressed at all. You know when you feel embarrassed for someone on tv? Well yea, that’s what that was. It’s like they had her portray every ghetto Lacriesha girl role that they could think of. Worse yet, she was stumbling all over her words and you can just see the nervousness on her face. Bad look for her, really bad look.

… Just wondering why my aunt felt the need to scar me for life. She saw a picture of someone who I’m attracted to and said “He looks like *insert my cousins name here*”. WTF?! I’m scarred for life, I won’t be able to look at him the same now. I’m not a pervert guys I swear! Well not that kind at least.

… Just wondering why people put up a facade on the internet of who they think they “should” be and what they “should” be doing. The thing is there is always someone who knows you in the real world, so you fronting like you’re God’s Gift to mankind is quite silly. Myself, as well as everyone else would appreciate it if you would cut it right out. Do you need an example? Putting on like you’re such a great man/woman and you know you’re dishonest and doing dirt is STUPID. Putting it out there that you’re making paper 24/7 and you can barely afford a Harvey’s (we know Harvey’s is the higher priced fast food spot lol) combo is STUPID. If that’s not who you are why fake it for a bunch of people you’ve probably never met? Do you at all costs because it’s so much easier.


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I'm a Virgo, I love most things entertainment related. Love PHOTOGRAPHY, and Fashion.

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