Pull it up!

I wrote this last year and I feel it needs to get re-read by people.


I hope everyone is enjoying their Saturday to the fullest, it’s magnificent outside.  Yup, I sure did say “magnificent”. 

My topic of today stems from a trend that really irks me. Why is it that so many people can’t just admit when they are mad at or have problem with someone? For instance there is this female that I know that has been running her gums about me for over a year now. I know it, she knows it. So you would think if you were “friends” with someone and you are mad at them for whatever reason you would approach them about it right? Apparently WRONG! She calls me once every couple months, I do not reciprocate. For what purpose? I know you talk about me, yet you smile in my face like everything is picture perfect? No way Jose. This is just one example of many. People can call me a b*tch but I don’t feel like just because you’ve known someone for a couple years you are obligated to be friends with them. For what?! I’m 23 years old, I’m not in highschool anymore. If the friendship is unhealthy and you’ve proven to be plastic rather than rock solid…. buh bye It’s really that simple.

If you have a problem with someone there is no harm in addressing it. If you are  supposed to be “friends”, that is the scope of a friendship. You should be able to voice your problem/concern, solve it (or not) and keep it moving. If you cannot do that, then maybe you’re not meant to be friends in the first place. Straight up, end of discussion.

Shoutouts to those that can keep it real. I appreciate you, I really do.

Here is the original post.


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