Why does it take walking away from someone for them to  realize that you’re serious with your words? Is it because so many people don’t say what they mean and mean what they say? I’ve always been the type of person to tell you where we stand, whether it be friendship or relationship so why do people take it as the shock of the century when I come through with my word.

For those of you that have taken the time to read my blog before, you’ll see I’ve written about this before and *yawns* I’m so over it.  Back and forth, round and round we go on this never-ending merry-go-round. Truthfully, I’ve hopped off the ride and already tumbled over from motion sickness. My spirit felt weak, my soul stripped. You can’t make anyone love you, nor can you make anyone treat you the way you’re deserved to be treated. With that being said, I resolved to never get on that ride again because the cost was too high and the line was too long. Thank God for that because my mind feels free *cue the Destiny’s Child song*.  When people realize that you stopped checking in and stopped putting forth the effort that you used to give, then suddenly the red flag goes up and they think “what the hell is going on here?”. Unfortunately for them, at that point it’s too late. Damage done, life mash up. With all that being said, does it hurt when the person that made you feel this way realizes the aforementioned? I guess so… makes me wonder though, did you feel hurt when you treated me like I wasn’t deserving of your respect? No? Did you feel hurt when I spent nights upset because you weren’t who you said you were? Oh, didn’t think so.

Take that hurt and put it somewhere, preferably somewhere far from me because I don’t care.