Look at ME!

Technology is one helluva drug.

It’s 2011 now and we live in an age where we can take our lives and broadcast it across the worldwide web, however where do we draw the line?

To me everyone wants to be “somebody” nowadays, their personas scream “Look at me, love me”. To some extent we all want to be acknowledged for something however where does it end? When is enough actually enough?

Nowadays it seems as though a lot of people are starved for attention, which leads me to believe they weren’t hugged enough as children. Maybe? There are so many forms of social networking ie. Facebook, Twitter, Myspace (yes Myspace is still around) ,etc. It gives us the opportunity to post our pics, comment and basically show off what we’re doing with our lives. That’s all fine and freakin dandy to me, however some people go overboard. Listen, I do not need a  step by step of your day-to-day life via Facebook or Twitter.

“Just had dinner with Mike and Tasha”

Next update:

” Now myself, Tasha and Mike are going to bowling”

Next update:

“Hey Mike and Tasha remember that inside joke that no one else cares about that I’m now going to retweet all over your timeline for the next 4 hours? Oh yea that was sooooooo hilarious remember?”    

*blank stare*

Please kindly have a seat somewhere and rest all your attention seeking ways down, they’re making you sleepy.

Why must we always try to prove to people how cool we are and how amazing our lives are? It’s more like trying to prove to yourself that you’re not a loser. By no means am I saying don’t update stuff, and don’t crack jokes with your friends however after awhile I’d appreciate if you shut up. No one likes the kid that RT’s everything, secretly most people think you’re annoying. Sorry to be the bearer of bad news. 

The internet has made me more aware of how many people there are begging to be liked by people that they barely even know. Why? I’m not understanding. Back in the day it was just people trying hard to impress their friends, now you have to impress people who you don’t know too? Damn, that’s too much work for me. Thankfully I’ve always had a strong sense of who I am and not who other people thought I should be.

New Music: Handsome by Pete Genesis

Well it’s about time! For quite some time I’ve been hearing word of Mr Pete Genesis aka Craig Irish being in the studio putting in work and finally we have the fruits of his labor. Pete Genesis is a rapper/producer from Toronto who’s trying to make a name for himself.

This is a little preview, a freestyle over Kanye’s “Gorgeous” beat.

Download it right ———————–>   Here    <————————–

What the?

Long time.

Not in the mood for formalities or pleasantries so I’ll just talk about some things off the top.

1. Why do people on Facebook “Like” their own status once they’ve written it? If I wrote “I’m going to have a sick time tonight”, isn’t it already implied that I like it since it came from my head and I took the time to post the damn status? Super lame. 

2. Why is it when you’re talking about something (general comment, rant, etc) people automatically assume it has to do with them? I come across a lot of people in my life and read a lot of different things. Therefore just because I go off on a rant about hmm… ex-girlfriends does not mean I’m talking about my boyfriends ex-girlfriend(s). For one, he’s had more than one so unless you’ve been doing some sneaky shit, do not for one think I’m talking about you. Second, I’m not checking for any of them cause it’s all about ME now. Unless you disrespect me (or him) I have no issues with you. You were the past, I’m the present and also the future. Let’s get all the way familiar.

*Chris Brown voice* DEUCES