WOWWW July 27th

Sometimes I really have to wonder if some people have any real people on their team cause some of this stuff just baffles my brain. If I were to ever look like this and subsequently dress like this, I really REALLY hope that one of my homies would check me with the quickness. This is downright unacceptable and I give her 2 speeding tickets and a do not pass GO for this travesty. that you...?

Girl, WHAT

She is on the ride of her life and I would just appreciate it if she hopped off ASAP. I would say she’s on crack, but doesn’t that make you skinny? She is stretching that poor pleather/leather jumpoff for dear life. I don’t even know what to reduce these pictures too. I guess nothing but no mirrors and maybe a too tight weave. I’m over this Foxy, while you’re throwing out this “ensemble” I’ma need you to change your name too. Ain’t nothing about that mess “Foxy”.


POTD: Deuces!

Do you understand how much I love this song? I swear this song is apart of the soundtrack to my life. To those that I’ve chunked the deuces to in the last year or so… you didnt see it coming?


Corey aka Broadway doing his cover of this song. By now you should know how much I love his voice. Mmm hmmm

The hilariousness that is Affion Crockett did a spoof video of course.  Here it is:

JOTD: Shenehneh (2)

This is EVERYTHING. This show is so classic, I miss it dearly.

Chris, this is dedicated to you LOL.

Shoutout to you

The inspiration I’ve had to write falters from time to time like Naomi Campbell’s edges. The fact that a lot of you cuss me ever so often to write something feels good to me. Sometimes I feel like no one gives a damn if I ever put anything out there. Shoutout to those at work that told everyone about this blog (not really lol). That makes me very careful about what I say (not really). Shoutout my friends that read this and actually do me the pleasure of passing it on to others. The best way to sell anything, is through word of mouth and with that I’m grateful. Shoutout those that don’t like me that read this, I hope I’m everything that you thought I’d be (not really). I’m just being an ass cause I can right now, funny how that works huh? *Dave Chappelle voice* Y’all shoulda neva gave me a bloggggg.

The Pursuit of ‘Happy’ness

Hello Lovers (and the rest of y’all)

Before you try to clock my tea right now, yes I know I’ve written about happiness before but I’m going to do it again if that’s okay. You like that eh? How I asked you like if I would have stopped if someone said no lol.

The Pursuit of Happiness.

Your pursuit on the road to happiness will definitely not be the same as mine or anyone elses. With that being said, why do we invest so much in “checking” with others if it’s okay to be happy within ourselves? Everything we do seems as though we have to okay it with everyone in our lives. The thought of running it by a friend to run it on the “Crazy” or “Sane” scale is cool, however every decision you make does not to be okayed by everyone in your circle. Too often do I see people who are unhappy in their relationship, career, life in general and are afraid to fix it because they care about what others will say. Here is the thing, people will ALWAYS talk and have something to say about whatever it is you do that’s just life. There is a reason why things like TMZ, ET, Inside edition, Access Hollywood, etc etc etc exist. Gossip magazines make money from publishing pictures of Britney Spears eating spaghetti on a damn patio for goodness sakes. Typically one of the tougher decisions that you make in your life, most people will try to persuade you not to do it just because it’s such a big choice. Last time I checked, they’re not living it. If you’re cool on mediocrity that’s on you. There is no way that someone could tell me to stay in a relationship that I’ve been in long-term just because folks will have some mess to say. Girl, bye! If someone had told me to stay with my ex of 3 years that cheated just because I’d laugh at them and call them an idiot. Wait, not “if” that did happen. To make a tough decision in the face of adversity shows a lot about your character. The thought of being unhappy everyday in a loveless relationship just doesn’t make any kind of sense to me. That math was clearly done by Fantasia (shade). Granted no one wants to hurt someone on purpose (well some wretched people do) but for the most part you faking a relationship is just hurting all parties involved. Sometimes no matter how much superglue you put it still falls apart the second you walk out of your house. You’re putting on a song and a dance for people who deep down don’t care about you. The things I hear from some of you is downright foolishness. Acting like we haven’t been freed yet, we’s free people… go.get.yours! Before someone else does…

JOTD: CiCi coming at ya

This was sent to me today and when I tell you I literally LAUGHED.OUT.LOUD. I was in tears.

Ciara is cool and all but damn, she stays losing.


I Got What Ya Want.

I got what you want, I got what you need… really?

If I have what you want, why does your girlfriend have the title? I’m so OVER these lame dudes. Why are you on my phone or on my ass when you see me, but your girl is patiently waiting for you at home? Questions that make you go hmm? Questions that have no answers? The sad part about it is, is that I trusted you as a friend and you clearly thought that Toronto is the size of Rick Ross’ boxers on a 52 inch HD screen (Too visual? Dah well). For real though, I don’t know what you were thinking. The sad part about this? This can apply to a couple males that I know. Silly rabbits, keep your Tricks… I’m good!

1 Year Later.


We all remember what we were doing when Pandemonium broke out one year ago today. I was at home when I began to see bbm status updates “Pray for Michael Jackson”. My heart immediately started racing and thoughts of “what happened” began running through my head. That night was a bunch of confusion mixed with scare and prayer.  When the news finally were confirmed that the King of Pop aka Michael Gary Jackson had passed away, I was devastated. As I stated last year when I made my posts about him, you never expected him to be ‘Invincible’ however you expected him to be his ‘Bad’ self until at least his 80’s. The measure of a man should not be realized only in death but in life as well. Michael Jackson was and always will be the greatest of all TIME. Point blank period.

Before I go on and on, I’m going to finish off with a poem. This was written by my longtime friend Maria about Michael Jackson and she was gracious enough to send it to me to post on my blog. Thanks Maria!

Forever Missed, Never Forgotten

(When a tear drop falls in your name,

it is because you are missed)


The innocence of your beauty,

purifies the world’s heart.

Your rays of light reflect in our mirrors,

like a shining star.

Your existence overshadows

all negativity on earth,

like an illuminating light

that hovers over the moon

during a solar Eclipse.

Where there is darkness and loneliness,

we are cured with your endless love.

No shape, color or size,

can escape your overwhelming kindness.

The earth’s blue waters and green lands

shine brighter within the universe

from having your magical feet

and selfless hands touch down on them.

Your time spent on our planet

was too short for us to cope with,

but an infinity for what lives on in your name.

Life is short, but yours was a million lifetimes

in half a century.

Your being was larger than life,

louder than words,

faster than light,

and forever remembered.

This world is a better place

because you lived.

You are forever missed

and never forgotten.


♥ <R.I.P Michael Jackson> ♥


-Maria Iaccheo


I just hope that you miss me a little when I’m gone, I just hope that you miss me a little when I’m gone.



I have arrived 🙂  I never forgot y’all, trust! Life gets crazy sometimes, and I have to keep pushing through. Last time I spoke to you all, I can’t even remember what was happening but needless to say a lot has happened. I’d just like to shoutout those that hit me up wondering if my hands were broken or if I called it quits. Negative to both. I can’t let that happen again and with that, I guess I should mention that I got a promotion at my j-o-b. Yay me? It’s cool and all, it’s allowed me to do different things and what not but there is major responsibilities and pressure. The woman who was doing it before me, left a pretty big impact so it’s up to me to put the Datchickneeks spin on it as I always do. Sometimes in life you have to take a risk and just go for it. When the offer was presented to me, I was reluctant cause it was a big move however… I like taking risks. Change never hurt anybody, haaaaaaa major boost right there (Britney head shave anyone? I rest my case).  Besides that boring stuff, my personal life has been up and down but hey better material to blog with right?

Thanks for staying with me and much love to those that are actually reading this right now

Birthday Love: CPD

She won’t see this yet but…


I hope you’re having the time of your life right now in Freshyland. You deserve it, you work hard as hell. To those reading it, this woman does it ALL! She works a zillion jobs, can create something out of nothing, has a big heart, can make you laugh and bad you up all in one conversation LOL. This woman definitely has an ‘S’ tatted on her chest.

So thankful to have you in my corner.

Love you dearlyyyyyy, you slim waist curly haired sensation.

Not sure who took this pic lol

Mego, AsiaFiasco and Pradatrick