Whip it real good.

Just watched this video and snapped.

A couple people came to mind while watching: Charlene, Sajae, Chantea.

This little girl just slayed the game with this performance. It looks some of the choreo for “Whip My Hair” with original pieces added.

 Get your life.

…Just wondering (11)

…Just wondering why I haven’t blogged in a hot minute? Well it’s not that I don’t have anything to say, cause typically I always do. More so my mind maybe had too much to say. It’s easier for me to deduce my problems down myself before I take the time to write them here.

…Just wondering why this older man at my work keeps bothering me? First off, I’ll dismiss the fact that you got my number from God knows where only because we work on the same team…. but bruh, you calling me asking to come to your birthday and you’re old enough to be my Dad, is not what’s hot in these streets. Then when I ask you what you’re doing for it, you say “a private dinner”. If you don’t get your old silk pants, linen shirt, fake gold chain wearing, Coming to America behind from off of my phone…

…Just wondering why people yell “Free Lil Wayne” , “Free TI”,  “Free Wiz Khalifia” or any other celebrity that committed a stupid crime? Wiz Khalifia was arrested last night during a concert. Dude’s music is all about smoking weed, he tweets about it everyday and doesn’t hide the fact that he smokes weed. He tweets earlier on the evening “Kush smoke out at ….” and then that night he gets arrested. I mean, what? You guys feel sorry for him? I feel sorry for his mother. Don’t get me wrong, I keep up with celebrity gossip but I know that’s not the most important thing in life. Before you guys yell “Free Sakineh!” (the Iranian woman that is on Death Row for committing adultery) y’all are crying for a dumb rapper that will be in jail less than 6 months if that.  *Jay-Z voice* Stop ya bloodclot cryin!

…Just wondering why people figure I don’t catch their bullshit. Rarely do I miss things, just because I didn’t call you on your nonsense doesn’t mean I didn’t see it. I’ma need you to sit all the way down and keep it cute.

…Just wondering what this weather is saying. One day it feels like Fall and the next day Winter. I’m not feeling it at all. No bueno bitch.

Down, Down, Down

What in the hell?

I’m only blogging this because I caught some serious jokes off of it.

Why is he so awkward though?

Not only does his outfit remind me of something Aladdin would wear in 2010, but why dos he sound like a 14 year old girl?

Just Wondering (3)

… Just wondering why when I woke up this morning I seriously thought it was Fall. I crawled out of bed and layed on the floor and fell asleep for another 30 min. You know when it’s cold in your room and outside and your body just can’t seem to wake up?

… Just wondering why when people are mad at you and either ignore you, act rude or disrespect you then when they are good and “over it” you are magically supposed to be too. I discussed this with my girl about a month ago and she sees the same thing. Just because you came to your senses doesn’t mean I haven’t been fully intact all this time. You didn’t give a sh** about me and my well being and now because you realized I’m datchick, I’m supposed to be peachy keen? Life doesn’t work like that.

…Just wondering why I haven’t been to Wonderland once yet for the “summer”?

… Just wondering why people magically remember who I am once they a) Saw me in my costume or B) Remembered I’m the best they ever/never had. Don’t get caught slippin


… Just wondering why this female thinks that wearing club gear and a FULL face of makeup is appropriate for everyday work attire. One day I got confused and almost went home to put on my daisy dukes and 6 inch heels but I remembered where I was just before leaving the door.


… Just wondering how your life feels now? Happier? Stressfree? Now that I’m out of the picture.

Virgo Season

Virgo season is steadily approaching (Virgos do it best!) and that means my birthday is a little more than a month away. My friends keep asking me what I’m going to do and have these big plans to get live and what not, but I have no idea what I want to do. No, I lied I know what I WANT to do I just don’t think I can achieve it this year. Ever since I saw that one of my favs Jay-Z  is going to be performing at the VMA’s I really wanted to go lol. Then I found out the show falls on my birthday and I got extremely excited.  *Sigh*

Since it doesn’t seem like that’s happening, does anybody have any suggestions on some things that I could do? Hit me up, let me know!

Don’t come for me


This post is funny to me, like not the ‘lol’ that you put just because (y’all know what I mean, don’t you find that sometimes you put ‘lol’ just to put it and not that something is actually funny to you?) but actually funny like I laugh when I think about it.

Why do people try to go at me on some sly ‘ish? If you’re gonna go at me, I would at least want you to man up to it (I use man up for both male and female mind you).  Be real about yours, if you have an issue and I see dedications floating around my way don’t punk out when you’re asked about it. Those that I don’t know you like that and you have some kind of problem. Fallback real fast or approach me. Choose one carefully.


Remember, “don’t come for me if you have not been sent for”

The Art of Communication



I swear I’m so frustrated, it’s not even funny! Telus is out to ruin my life, I’m sooo convinced. My Blackberry messenger and Internet has not been working for 2 days and I feel out of touch with the whole world. I mean what’s the point in even having this damn phone right now? Yea, okay they keep throwing perks at me but who cares?! I just want my phone to work like it’s supposed to, that’s it. I swear Jay, you were on point with that Previous “To BBM or Not” Post. I emphasize with you, because I realize noone gives a damn about me. I have contacts on my BBM list that I talk to and everyone is cussing me wondering “what’s wrong with your phone” however no one  has called me or text me (Except you Char). It’s quite clear, us in the Blackberry World are spoiled as hell lol. No access to the internet and bbm makes me feel utterly useless, cause I have no idea what’s going on. I needed to find an address 2 days ago, so I pulled out my phone to Google it and “DAMN IT” (That’s a variation of what I said)  to my pissed off state of mind already, no internet!!!!

Telus this feud shall continue until Kingdom Come.


A couple days ago I was having a discussion with my friends about the breakdown in communication nowadays. It seems that in the age of texting, bbm’ing,facebooking, twittering, msn’ing we don’t know how to talk to people anymore. People will converse over these mediums with ease but when it comes to talking over the phone or actually being around that person there is little to no conversation. Pretty strange to me. Is it because it’s that much easier to hide behind these things? If you’re forced to be around someone you have to show some kind of personality, not everyone is comfortable with doing so. Personally, I’m not that big on the phone anymore it really depends on who it is. If you call me and then you think that listening to silence is fun, please do not bother to call me. If you don’t know how to have an intelligent conversation then kindly keep it moving. It seems that our generation needs to be re-trained in the aspect of a healthy conversation. There are so many things in life to talk about besides Music/Movies/Celebrity Life/Sex and Parties. It seems that if it isn’t any of those topics, you’ll get a bunch of  “ummm” “uhhhhh” and “hmmmm”. I’m not saying that you can’t talk about those topics because let’s be real some of them are awfully interesting, however there is a lot more to life. We all seem to be “dumbed down” permanently, and I don’t even know if this will ever change. Pretty sad if you ask me…

Birthday Love: Malaika

I  have to show some love to my homie all the way down south right now (still hate you for that lol)


Party like a Rockstar

Party like a Rockstar

I wish we were all out there to go to South Beach with you (trick! lol) but since we’re not, I’m going to send the long distance shoutout. Wishing you nothing but the best and many more Birthdays to come.  I know the homesickness will pass real soon, don’t even stress.

Love ya homie!

(Ohhh, hopefully Telus stops being the spawn of Satan so I can send you a voicenote sometime this year)

Random thoughts

Good Morning peoples,


Soooo is everyone excited for this weekend? I can’t believe it’s Caribana ALREADY! Usually people say that once Caribana passes summer is done, so since we haven’t had a summer yet does that mean it will officially start? I hope so… As you guys know I’ve been fighting a sickness for awhile now and just when it started to push its way out, I’ve been getting sicker as the days progress. I blame the rain, I got caught in it 1 to many times. This weather sucks so badly.

So is everybody partying it up this weekend? I know there are alot of things going on this weekend, I’m not really into the partying Caribana weekend. For many different reasons.  I will be out at least once though, shake my donk a little bit lol. The parade though, I will be playing Mas and I’m a little nervous. When I signed up, I knew the costume was gonna be skimpy but when I got it, it morphed slightly. It really leaves nothing to the imagination= SCARY. I’m just going to throw the insecurites to the wind and remember, I’m not the only one going to be out there. Please say a short prayer for me lol.

Moving along…

I finally and I do mean FINALLY upgraded myself  *cue Beyonce* and it felt really good… until Telus had to knock me in my funny bone (y’all know how much that hurts, I never understood why it’s called a “funny” bone and there is nothing funny about it). So Telus has been having a system outage for the last couple days and the idiot that I spoke to told me it would only take 30 minutes-4 hours for my phone to be switched over. I said fine because I could afford it at that point, it’s now 24 hours later and it’s STILL not working? No thanks, you can keep all of that. I’ve called Telus approximately 7 times in the last 2 days, I don’t even think that’s normal. So if you’ve been trying to reach me on bbm and it wasn’t working, there is your answer. My damn internet isn’t working either. Did I mention, Damn You Telus?

Song of the Day: Love is You

I swear I never see music videos, I didnt even know this song had a video.

This song gives me goosebumps. Her voice is so jazzy it drives me CRAZY!  Love her, love this song, love the words 


My fav. Youtuber Phatfffat demolishes this song singing it acapella. I strongly advise you watch this video.