Throughout the time that I’ve had this blog, I’ve talked about many aspects of Love. The highs and lows and ins and outs of it. Looking back (and reading back) I’ve had my share of L’s with Love. When you’re going through it, it seems like it’s the worst thing that could have happened, after awhile you realize it was just to make way for something better. People always asked me why I held out so long and stayed single, I always answered with “getting a boyfriend isn’t hard” and I still stick by my answer. Getting a GOOD one is hard and getting a hard one is quite good (jokes… well not really).

*prays my family isn’t reading this…*

I digress.

I always told myself I was doing it for a reason, I just knew it. Throughout the way, I know people thought the real reasons why I was single were:

 a) I had some kind of issue and Men couldn’t put up with me

 b) I’m picky 

 c) I’m a total Looney Toon.

That’s fine though, people will always have their own opinion but I knew my worth. Losers in life have a special way of making you feel like you’re the problem when really they are. The fact that I now know for sure I wasn’t waiting in vain all this time has me smirking heavily. God has a funny way of placing people in your life at the correct moments. Needless to say my moment came and I was ready, word to Alicia Keys.

It’s a blessing to be matched with your equal, my efforts and everything I do is reciprocated. THAT is a word that has been missing. ReciprocityIt’s one thing to do nice things for someone and have certain feelings for them, but once it’s given back to you? There’s no better feeling.

My friends and family are happy for me, and that makes me feel good. The pouring in of love from some of you has been overwhelming. Thank You. 

To the fake “friends”/acquaintances/Stalkers from a distance  that wish that this doesn’t last, cause you’re as bitter those other members of Destinys Child. You push us to stay stronger. Like how I did that huh? Put “us” to remind you that not only are you bitter, but you’re probably lonely too? *winks*

 To the males that have hit me up with their “Sorry for 2010” a la Ruben Studdard, you’re late as usual.  The fact that you thought I would be around forever is comical at best. Scratch my name off of your never-ending roster, cause I’m a starting player already.

Right now my heart is full and it’s interesting that I never had a “checklist” before but now I’ve realized that he has every.last.check on it.

Funny how that works huh?



It’s very seldom that you’re blessed to find your equal, still play my part and let you take the lead role, believe me–   BEY!


This is a Public Service Announcement:

If you’re not ready to call someone your girlfriend and really be faithful. Don’t bother.

I’ll re-iterate.

If you have a “girlfriend” and you’re still flirting with anything that has a vagina, DO NOT BOTHER to get into a relationship.

What is the point of getting into a relationship, just to say you’re in one? (A popular topic on this blog). If you have a girlfriend, I don’t think it’s appropriate for you to tell me over and over how sexy you find me and what we can do together. Don’t try to tell me you’re “just joking” either. Spare me.

There are certain things that are within boundaries of healthy flirting. Do not get me wrong, I’m not saying that just because you’re in a relationship you shouldn’t flirt… negative! However if you are in a relationship, telling someone to come over or insinuating how good they would “taste” is crossing major lines. General rule of thumb, if you would go out of your way to keep that from your partner : You probably have no business doing it.

When a Womans Fed Up

When is enough really enough?

How many times can you put yourself and your spirit in harm’s way for the sake of ‘love’. I put love in quotations because sometimes it’s not even real love. Sometimes it’s the idea of it, or changed love.

Folks, if someone keeps showing you time and time again through actions and words that they don’t care about you. Please listen. Why allow them to damage your heart even more than it already is. They’ve proven to you time and time again that they don’t cherish it, so in my books that means they’re not worthy. At one point in time, maybe the love was mutual and shared. Now it isn’t and deep down in your heart, you know this. Yes, it hurts and yes you love that person but is it really worth it? Years of abuse to your heart is not doing you any favors. It’s just making it worse for your mind and soul. You wouldn’t trust a 2-year-old with your iPod because you’re afraid they’ll break it, so why would you trust someone unworthy with something as sacred as your heart? Think about it.

(To my friend that’s going through this right now, yes this was inspired by you. Keep your head held high, you don’t deserve to be treated like you’re insignificant. You’re worth way more than that <3)

Ladies, what?

Good Morning,

Humans are such interesting mammals. It’s amazing all the funny, intelligent and stupid things that we can manage to do. With this post I’m hoping someone can help me figure out a couple things.

Why is it that when females have a boyfriend (or just started talking to a guy) and they know there is a girl that he currently likes or just recently liked is still in the picture they INSIST that he cut the girl off? Logically, if I know that there’s this guy that I like and I have an inclination that he’s still interested in another girl, I’m not even pursuing it. Why? Because I’ll drive myself crazy because I don’t trust him. Chances are if you force a guy to cut out a female that’s heavily in his life, he’s going to:

A) Do it behind your back.

B) Abide for a bit, then do it behind your back.

 C) The female will sniff out your insecurity and aid him in doing it behind your back.

Think about it ladies, there is a reason that she’s in his life. It may not be good reasons, but there is a reason and if you think you have the upper hand by laying down the law to him- you’re going to get played in the end. Trusttttt meeee. I’ve seen it happen one too many times. So just because you don’t SEE it happening, it probably is… through email, bbm, Facebook, Twitter and the best IN PERSON. Look at how many avenues that is right there. If you don’t trust him, don’t even bother to be with him. You’re setting yourself up for failure and heartbreak.

A Letter to You

Good morning my lovelies!

Being a Virgo, I’m too much in my head. I think and analyze way more than I probably need to for my life, however it works for me. Lately I realize I’ve been thinking about someone who I have no business thinking about. No damn business. With every relationship (friendship or more) I re-evaluate every couple of months or so to see if it’s working in my favor. Is there any particular reason why I need to be thinking about this person “from my past life”?

The thing is, I don’t miss him in the sense of I want to be with him on that Mariah Carey ‘We Belong Together’ tip, but he does cross my mind. That’s the stupid thing about truly caring or “loving” someone, that doesn’t ever go away. Don’t get me wrong, I still might want to do the Gully Creepa on your head but I still care for you. Funny how that works- feelings really do suck sometimes. At times, I just miss our friendship when it was good, hearing the sound of your voice. It’s disgusting that I’m even writing this, but hey that’s what blogs are for right? You had a profound way of screwing up my life at one point, however I’m standing and I’m breathing. The fact that you knocked me down harder than Keri Hilson sang about was dead wrong, but I got back up. Maybe I’m just writing this to say thanks, because of you, I now have an even better intuition and I truly appreciate good people that much more.

Thanks for the good times and you can suck it for the bad,

       Sincerly Neeks

I was gettin’ some…

Good Morning my peoples,

I’m just going to warn you from now, todays topic is for Grown Folks only.

For the most part, I’ve pretty much stayed away from writing about sex and all things sex related, which has been extremely hard for me. One of my fav. Twitter followers though convinced me I should get it in (no pun intended there lol).  The consensus among most sane normal folks is that getting head aka going down on someone aka cunningulus or fellatio is pretty damn amazing. *Sigh*. Maybe I should clarify though, it’s amazing when done correctly.

This is the year 2010, so I think it’s my duty to put out a P.S.A (Public Service Announcement) to all of you men and women of the world. If you don’t give head because you think it’s nasty, you have no business having sex in the first place. Theres a big difference though, there are some that do it (male or female) and they’ll never admit it because they’re afraid of what others will say and there are those that have never tried it because they are afraid of others will say. Either way, who gives a damn about them?! If you’re about pleasing your partner, you’re going to do what’s necessary. As I write all of this I know there are some of you that are probably completely shocked or turned off by me… that’s fine, I’m just going to keep it 100 with you. There are so many different avenues of sex that should be explored. No one likes a boring partner, noooooobody!

I’ve said it once and I’ll say it again, fellas get your tongue game up. I’m sick and tired of some of y’all frontin like you don’t enjoy the delicacies below the belt. Some of y’all are so ready and eager but you wouldn’t dare let your boys know you do. I mean why? You put your mouth on much dirtier things (cigarettes, blunts, sometimes peoples facial lips are dirty) I mean really?! For those of you that are man enough to admit it. KUDOS to you! I love a man who can confess he gives head and even better ENJOYS it. #turnon. I’m towelling off a bit just thinking about it. Now to my dudes reading this just going down there is step 1 but really knowing what you’re doing is something all in its own. The 2 conversations I had with my male friends regarding this really showed me how different minds think. The seasoned vet explained to me his technique and just that alone, had me *ahem* intrigued to say the least. The depths of how far he takes it was pretty awesome. The 2nd friend was amazed when I told him that there is a little more to it than just “licking the box”. You have to “eat it like you mean it” (thanks guy #1 for that term lol). There is nothing more mood busting than someone that’s just doing it just because they think they have to. If you’re going to head downtown make sure you have your day pass ready to go and come (pun intended). If you’re not familiar with a womans clitoris, get acquainted very quickly. Treat the body as a canvas and paint your portrait very carefully and with purpose. Owwwwwww. There is so much to be explored, it’s crazy!

To my ladies (don’t roll your eyes at me right now) same thing applies, if you’re going to give head don’t do it because he’s forcing you. Do it on your own accord and make it good. The male anatomy is a beautiful thing so treat it as such <– I’m so serious. Do not try to be a porn star and think you have to deep throat it and all that other stuff, take your time and let your partner guide you if it’s your 1st time. Chances are he’ll help you along the way, and do remember you can just tell when he’s enjoying it. Everybody’s body has different indicators to let you know they’re enjoying it, follow it. Be very careful of your teeth as well, for those that have been bitten anywhere on their body before… depending on how hard you’ve been bitten that stuff hurts. I’ve heard many a horror story of  “biters”, so take your time. Just like our anatomy there are many important ‘features’ to a male body. The head (or the tip) is real important. Take your time with it and show its own separate attention. Your tongue is really crucial ladies so use it to your advantage. Switch up the flow and show every inch attention. If you want to have your partner remember you forever, give him some unforgettable head. I haven’t lied to y’all once since starting this blog, so I wouldn’t start now.

Don’t say I didn’t tell y’all!

(I know some of y’all are probably sooooo disgusted with me right now. DAH WELL! I’m grown and you should be too. I censored it a little bit because I could have went sooo much more in-depth. Trust me)

One Less Lonely Girl

Yes, I sure did name this post off of Justin Biebers song. Yup, I did lol.  

Lately inspiration has been coming from conversations shared amongst me and my friends (male or female) and Twitter. The bottom line is, there seems to be a lot of lonely souls walking the planet. It’s unfortunate because there is more than enough to go around too. You find someone who you click with, you laugh/joke, go out and have a good time, share amazing conversations and start picturing what it would be like to be in a relationship with that person. Downside? They’re just not serious. They don’t think they are “ready” to be in a relationship. By all means, that is valid in some cases- Either the person needs time between their relationships or you guys don’t really know each other that well yet. I get all of that. However what if you’re beyond that point? What exactly are you waiting for? Armageddon to profess your affection and willingness to ‘lock them down’? This obsession our generation has with playing the field is really out of hand at some points. No one is saying you have to settle down and get married but run with it sometimes. We spend so much time wasted with all of these losers (male or female) that when you come across the “good one” you should pay better attention and handle with more care.  

Winter time plays a big part in this lonely feeling too it seems. Everyone wants to have a good ol’ time in summer and play the fields, but once all the crop dies in Winter you want something more. Winter makes you want to snuggle up by a fire and just chill out with someone special. Yes, I feel you… I really do. It’s interesting because I know a lot of females that just want to be held down as much as they hold down these dudes that they’re talking to. Fellas I know a lot of good “wifey” material women, grab them up and don’t let go.  

Another interesting tidbit is I know a couple good men that are single and available however when I ask them what they want in a woman they are not exactly sure. It varies from day-to-day. Guys don’t jump down my throat right now, I’m not saying all of you, nor am I saying that all these single women know what they want. I know there are a lot of triflin females roaming amongst the masses. Don’t get it twisted for a second.  The bottom line is, if we took more time to build substance and hold down the good ones around us, there would be less broken & lonely hearts roaming the world.

Questionable Lyric 1

Good Morning,

Being the music lover that I am, I’m always listening to something or I have some song in my head. Yesterday on my way from work, I’m listening to my trusty iPod and Jagged Edges “Let’s get Married” (the original slow version) comes on. Immediately I go “awww” and start singing along. Have you noticed that sometimes you know all the lyrics to a song but never actually stopped and thought about what it meant. Here’s what struck me with this song.


Meet me at the altar in your white dress

We ain’t gettin no younger we might as well do it

Been feelin’ you all the while girl I must confess

Girl let’s just get married I just want to get married

“We ain’t getting no younger girl, we might as well do it”. *Flava flav voice* Wowwwww. You know what you might as well do? I “might as well” go to the mall and buy shoes because I really want a new pair. I “might as well” watch Pootytang because I’m bored. I “might as well” eat that corned beef because I’m hungry and there’s nothing else to eat. Those are “might as wells”. You don’t “might as well” get married. I’m laughing right now. I mean really?! Ladies, imagine your man proposing the thought of marriage to you like that. Well baby, we’ve already been together for 13 years, we might as well get married. Oh boy.

The next part that struck me was the 2nd verse, sung by a different group member:

Said I done it all, but frankly girl I’m tired of this emptiness

I wanna come home to you and only you

Cause making love to just anyone ain’t happenin’

I just gotta be with you

Did you think about, us finishing something we started so long ago

I wanna give you my all

Hmmm, so is he dating this girl exclusively already? Or what? If he isn’t dating her exclusively he wants to jump from that to marriage? If he is dating her exclusively, he’s tired of that “emptiness”? Well damn, that sucks being with a man that feels empty while he’s with me. Imagine after marriage when stuff really gets tough lol.

Sorry guys, just my crazy mind analyzing stuff again. Sometimes I feel like we don’t pay enough attention to the lyrics that we listen to. Alot of different messages in there. This one is not as bad, the song is still a good song. This is all in good fun people. I’m going to try and do a questionable lyrics post as often as I remember them.

Guest Spot: It ain’t trickin if you got it!

Good night all,

I’ll do my greetings and what not on a seperate post, this is all about the guest writer. So once again a friend of mine felt they needed to get some things off of their chest and as usual, I feel the need to oblige. Do remember folks, if you want to do a guest spot just let me know your thoughts and we can get it rolling.

Disclaimer: The thoughts and views expressed by the Guest writer are not that of the blog owner lol. Proceed…


“It ain’t trickin If you got it”

Now before i get started i wanna say that in this entry I mean no disrespect in anyway to any respectable females, I love y’all! This is just simply my outlook on a certain topic.

This also only applies to the initial boy meets girl scenerio

Ok so here we go…

I was having a discussion with a colleague of mine and he stated that he will never and has never paid for pussy in his life. I beg to differ, every man has paid and will continue to pay for pussy until the day the world ends.

hTe title of this post is called “it ain’t trickin if you got it” I for one disagree. It’s trickin regardless if you got it or not.

Now everyone knows the power that pussy has on most men, dudes get shot, stabbed, beaten, all for the P-U-S-S-Y. The power i’m gonna be referring to is the power that pussy has on a mans wallet. Some dudes will buy a gold chain instead of paying their rent all to get some pussy, dudes will put rims on their cars instead of buying groceries all to impress some girls to get some pussy, so what i’m trying to say is regardless if a man goes downtown to find a prostitute, or a man pays for a lap dance at a strip club, or a man even buys a drink for a girl at the bar, the end result is he is he wants to get some, and he is willing to PAY get it.

 “Most” female pussy comes with a price tag. It can fluctuate like gas prices based on the mood and emotionally status of that particular female. I know your wondering where the hell i’m going with this so let me explain; If a man meets a girl that just found out her boyfriend cheated on her…chances are her coochie is on clearance! You can probably buy her some gum and some lip gloss and you can get the coochie. If a man meets a girl that recently just broke up with her boyfriend her coochie is probably on a sample sale meaning, if you pay to take her to a movie, maybe a dinner you can probably get it but only a sample cause she might get back with her boyfriend. Now if you meet a girl that hasn’t been in a relationship for years because she feels all men are dogs then thats some gucci coochie meaning way OVER priced! You gotta take her to a couple movies, a couple dinners, maybe even a concert or two in order to get it…

Ladies don’t be naive to fellas being extra generous with their pocket change, yes he may just be a “nice guy” which i doubt, chances are what he’s really doing is making an investment. He’s making deposits, watching you gain interest, then once you’ve gain enough interest the plan is make you go through withdrawls….Fellas don’t be mad at me for giving the females some insight, Steve Harvey already exposed us so its nothing they don’t already know.

 But anyway getting back to the matter at hand, Fellas all i’m saying is if you are willing to drive from sauga to scarboro/durham or vice versa for a girl when gas prices are at $1.03 per litre and its not your girl…then regardless of what you think- you are paying for some pussy.

I’m not saying there is another wrong with doing this because its just the way things are, I’m just trying to inform y’all that it’s happening and will continue to happen.

 So ladies do me a favour, think back and ask yourself on average… How much is your pussy worth?




Well initially I was going to add my piece to this, however I opted out of it. I want to hear what the readers have to say.

What do you guys think?

Advice Guru



Como estas?

Another rough morning, holy moly. My body is soooo sore from my game, I need a massage like crazy. I already tried soaking in epsom salts and I still feel really stiff and sore. It’s always something.

My next post sparks from a line that Kanye West sings in “Knock You Down”.

“How could a goddess ask, someone that’s only average…For advice, OMG, you listen to that bitch? ”


That’s such a big line to me, because it’s SO TRUE. I have a lot of different points that in my head, hopefully I can formulate it in a way for you guys to understand what I mean. 

Next I want you guys to read this:

Karrine Steffans’ third book, a self-help guide to relationships for women, The Vixen Manual: How to Find, Seduce and Keep the Man You Want went on sale in the summer of 2009. Featuring graphic sexual depictions and no-nonsense language, Steffans told The Today Show that the book is meant to tell women of all ages the many things that Steffans wished she knew when she was younger.

Am I the only person scratching their head thinking “What the ass?”. That must be a joke, and a very unfunny one at that. So, we as women are expected to take advice from a woman nicknamed “Superhead” on how to keep a man, yet every man she’s ever wanted has left her because she’s a skeeze. Yea, SURE that’s precisely what I’m going to do *blank stare*.  So this ties into my original quote from Kanye, why do we take advice from people that really have NO BUSINESS giving advice to us? Ladies, your man is acting up so you go to advice from a girl that’s NEVER kept a relationship for longer than 3 months or a girl that’s known for sleeping around heavy and what does she tell you “He’s no good, LEAVE HIM”. He could have said he was going to call and didn’t, what does she tell you “He’s an ass, ditch him” lol. What? Are we adults here? Ladies, that one female may be your “friend” but sometimes we need to check the sources. There are those girls that are lonely themselves and don’t want you to be happy either so tell you the most asinine advice ever. The same works for males of course, those males that only sleep around with girls and don’t know how to properly express feelings trying to advise their boy on how to treat their lady. That’s like 2+4 = 15, ‘ish just doesn’t add up. It’s funny some of the things you’ll hear from your friends. Even when it comes to general life advice, someone that has nothing going for them is always the 1st to instruct you on how to live YOUR life. For what? You have nothing productive to tell me so how about you go sit down in a corner somewhere.


Please folks always consider your source, the next time the neighbourhood groupie tells you how to live your life like Rihanna.


Rant done