…Just wondering (11)

…Just wondering why I haven’t blogged in a hot minute? Well it’s not that I don’t have anything to say, cause typically I always do. More so my mind maybe had too much to say. It’s easier for me to deduce my problems down myself before I take the time to write them here.

…Just wondering why this older man at my work keeps bothering me? First off, I’ll dismiss the fact that you got my number from God knows where only because we work on the same team…. but bruh, you calling me asking to come to your birthday and you’re old enough to be my Dad, is not what’s hot in these streets. Then when I ask you what you’re doing for it, you say “a private dinner”. If you don’t get your old silk pants, linen shirt, fake gold chain wearing, Coming to America behind from off of my phone…

…Just wondering why people yell “Free Lil Wayne” , “Free TI”,  “Free Wiz Khalifia” or any other celebrity that committed a stupid crime? Wiz Khalifia was arrested last night during a concert. Dude’s music is all about smoking weed, he tweets about it everyday and doesn’t hide the fact that he smokes weed. He tweets earlier on the evening “Kush smoke out at ….” and then that night he gets arrested. I mean, what? You guys feel sorry for him? I feel sorry for his mother. Don’t get me wrong, I keep up with celebrity gossip but I know that’s not the most important thing in life. Before you guys yell “Free Sakineh!” (the Iranian woman that is on Death Row for committing adultery) y’all are crying for a dumb rapper that will be in jail less than 6 months if that.  *Jay-Z voice* Stop ya bloodclot cryin!

…Just wondering why people figure I don’t catch their bullshit. Rarely do I miss things, just because I didn’t call you on your nonsense doesn’t mean I didn’t see it. I’ma need you to sit all the way down and keep it cute.

…Just wondering what this weather is saying. One day it feels like Fall and the next day Winter. I’m not feeling it at all. No bueno bitch.



Why does it take walking away from someone for them to  realize that you’re serious with your words? Is it because so many people don’t say what they mean and mean what they say? I’ve always been the type of person to tell you where we stand, whether it be friendship or relationship so why do people take it as the shock of the century when I come through with my word.

For those of you that have taken the time to read my blog before, you’ll see I’ve written about this before and *yawns* I’m so over it.  Back and forth, round and round we go on this never-ending merry-go-round. Truthfully, I’ve hopped off the ride and already tumbled over from motion sickness. My spirit felt weak, my soul stripped. You can’t make anyone love you, nor can you make anyone treat you the way you’re deserved to be treated. With that being said, I resolved to never get on that ride again because the cost was too high and the line was too long. Thank God for that because my mind feels free *cue the Destiny’s Child song*.  When people realize that you stopped checking in and stopped putting forth the effort that you used to give, then suddenly the red flag goes up and they think “what the hell is going on here?”. Unfortunately for them, at that point it’s too late. Damage done, life mash up. With all that being said, does it hurt when the person that made you feel this way realizes the aforementioned? I guess so… makes me wonder though, did you feel hurt when you treated me like I wasn’t deserving of your respect? No? Did you feel hurt when I spent nights upset because you weren’t who you said you were? Oh, didn’t think so.

Take that hurt and put it somewhere, preferably somewhere far from me because I don’t care.

Cover time: Single Ladies


I love a good cover and a cover of my wife Beyonce? Yes, I am all over that. Sara Bareilles does a sick version of Beyonce’s “Single Ladies”. I love me some Sara, so this was a win all around for me.

I love when someone can flip a song and make it their own, without completely jacking it up a la Fabolous’ teeth. I’ma need Frostwire to acquire this version, my iPod needs it like yesterday.

Down, Down, Down

What in the hell?

I’m only blogging this because I caught some serious jokes off of it.

Why is he so awkward though?

Not only does his outfit remind me of something Aladdin would wear in 2010, but why dos he sound like a 14 year old girl?

Phill at it again.

Good Morning Folks,

Yes, I know 3 posts in a couple days with this gentleman however you know music and laughter are my life. This is the man behind the Trey Songz video, his name is Phill. Whatever music he shall be bringing out, I will be buying. His voice is something serious. He reminds me of Jamie Foxx, incredibly sexy voice but also jokes around while singing and keeps you entertained. This video made me exhale, the words are so simple ( I think it may be a freestyle). Either way, take a listen.

JOTD: Good Morning

This made me laugh out loud at a  certain part. It’s slow starting but it picks up at the 2 minute mark. It’s from the same guy that did the Trey Songz impression a couple posts down. This guy is *Rallo voice* Hi-laaaa-rious.



This is even funnier and his VOICE!!!!!! *Blank stare* . My word… just my word…

SOTD: Who do you love?

I shouldn’t have much to say for the description. This is CLASSIC 90’s music and the lyrics still ring true.

“..who do you love? Are you for sure?”

LL in his fine days.

LL Cool J feat. Total

Thinking of You…


When I saw this above picture I’m pretty sure I made a noise and yelled “yesssss”.  I’ve had this picture for quite sometime and just haven’t gotten the time to blog it, but it’s your lucky day folks cause here it is.

How many times have you seen this? How many songs have you heard about this? I swear to you, I feel like I’m the only person sometimes that waits until my mind is mentally over the last one before I start with the new one. Who is this situation really fair to? It’s not fair to Miss.Jam, look at how happy she is, big ass grin just strolling down the street. However look at Mr. Bread, he looks scared as hell, with the biggest blank face ever. The smirk that Miss. Peanut Butter is giving  is damn near priceless. So again, who really wins in this situation? To me, it’s nobody. Miss. Jam is happy because she has the man but in reality she really doesn’t. What she’s actually doing is wasting valuable time. Mr. Bread is wasting his own time, because really if Jam isn’t doing it why bother? Your mind and your heart are interconnected and if they are both plugged into someone elses mainboard, your system shall surely crash. You thinking you can do a quick hack on it, is just that a quick and easy fix for a problem that needs more attention. Judging by this pic we don’t really know how Miss. Peanut Butter got into this triangle but either she’s the one who broke his heart or he broke hers. Either way, lose mothereffin lose. This stuff happens so often it’s unbelievable, I mean how can you possibly give something a chance to work if you know you’re stuck on another person? It won’t work. So why not cut your losses and keep it moving? Be by yourself until you can truly figure out what you want and then go for it.

Things that make me ponder…

JOTD: Trey Songz

This is the funniest thing I’ve seen all day ( I started this on the 17th) …

I’ve watched this video 4 times and each time I’m crying long tears within the 1st minute. No one can tell me this isn’t a good impersonation of him. No one!

Pleaseeeee watch this!

Shoutout to @Jaefiasco for this video, we have a shared joke of Mr. Trey Songz and his antics.

(I just watched it again and I can’t breathe again……..!)

JOTD: Hold Yuh (African Remix)

This is hilarious.

Femi you make me laugh man.

By now unless you’ve been living underneath a rock, you should be familiar with the Reggae song “Hold Yuh” by Gyptian. Well here is the African remix to it.