Birthday Love: CPD

She won’t see this yet but…


I hope you’re having the time of your life right now in Freshyland. You deserve it, you work hard as hell. To those reading it, this woman does it ALL! She works a zillion jobs, can create something out of nothing, has a big heart, can make you laugh and bad you up all in one conversation LOL. This woman definitely has an ‘S’ tatted on her chest.

So thankful to have you in my corner.

Love you dearlyyyyyy, you slim waist curly haired sensation.

Not sure who took this pic lol

Mego, AsiaFiasco and Pradatrick

Birthday Love: Asia Fiasco

Today marks the birthday of a very special trick, which one you ask?

Well it’s none other than miss Asia Fiasco of the Discombobulated Tricks.


Me and Char

Happy 21st Birthday!!!!

I had the pleasure of meeting this woman last year and we immediately clicked. The fact that we were chilling for over an hour before we even knew each others names said a lot. You rarely meet females nowadays that are so friendly and cool right off the bat and thankfully this one (as well as the other tricks) are like this. We’ve gotten extremely close over this past year and I consider you to be one of my close friends. You’re a talented, caring, generous, stylish female and good things are coming your way. I know it and feel it in my heart. The business ventures we have and the jokes we have on the regular are priceless! I’m thankful that God brought us together and I know this will be a long-lasting friendship.

Love you for life! xoxoxoxo                 (On behalf of myself and Breezy LOL)

Check her out: and Asiafiasco

Birthday Love: DITS Nicole

Today marks the birthday of a Fabulous, intelligent, fashionable, discombobulated trick!

HAPPY BIRTHDAY to Nicole aka the B*tch that wears Prada (1/3 of the Discombobulated Tricks)

The fierceness that is you!

You are my muse, and we have many more shoots to do. You are a silent killer in hiding (I’m sure Char & Meg would agree lol)

Let’s get it!

Birthday Love: Willy-T

Happy Birthday to ya… Happy Birthday to ya… Happy Birthhhhdayyyyy

To one of my fav freshies lol.


Willy & Meg

Willy & Meg

Birthday Love: Abi

Happy Birthday to my homie Abi!


Wishing you the best and many freaking more. We’ve been friends for 10 years, damn! Writing it out and actually thinking about how long that is sounds crazy. The amount of jokes we’ve caught is ridiculous. I hope you had fun last night lol lol lol. That is all I will say.

Love you xoxoxo.

Virgo Love

Virgo Love

September 16th

First off, I have to give 2 birthday shoutouts.

1 to my older brother and 1 to my not so little cousin who turned 18 today. Love you both! ❤

I’m so serious when I say I know someone born on just about each day in September. There are 3 other people on this day alone that are celebrating birthdays today as well.


Virgo season is so official

24 years ago today

Good morning folks,


24 years ago on Friday the 13th (yes, I was born on that day) a fly baby was born in Trinidad. Okay maybe not fly, because my cute phase kicked in when I was a couple months old. C’mon folks don’t boost, we all can’t be cute babies as long as we’re not unattractive adults that’s all that matters! lol . I’ve been through alot in my life, a whole lot. Sometimes I wasn’t sure if I would make it through it all, and each time I pulled out. God has given me the blessing of seeing another year of life. Sadly not everyone can make it to 24 years of life, so I’m eternally grateful and blessed. 

 Thanks for all the calls,bbm messages, texts, facebook msgs, twitter messages and face to face shoutouts, mic shoutouts.

Thanks to all those that came out last night so I could get bodied on my B’day. I got shown a lot of love.. literally.

I love my family and my friends, I really do. Heaven only knows life wouldn’t be worth living without you guys. Times when I felt I was at the lowest points, my real deal friends where always there and to that I’ll be forever in debt. Loyalty is so big in my book and I ride for people that show it and live by it.


Back then

Back then

Now- The Updated look

Now- The Updated look





Updated Look

Updated Look


Back then

Back then




Song of the Day: Green Light

In honor of the Baddest Chicks B’Day aka Miss Beyonce Knowles Carter, she would obviously get song of the day. Here are 2 songs from her album “B’Day”

What do I keep telling you guys, Virgos are oh so official!


|”I’m immune you can’t get no colder… you got the Green Light, you the King right? You’re holding up traffic Green means GO!|


“On top of you calling me back, you see I bet you think it’s all on track… and you acting like it’s all’a dat…”

Virgo Season

Virgo season is steadily approaching (Virgos do it best!) and that means my birthday is a little more than a month away. My friends keep asking me what I’m going to do and have these big plans to get live and what not, but I have no idea what I want to do. No, I lied I know what I WANT to do I just don’t think I can achieve it this year. Ever since I saw that one of my favs Jay-Z  is going to be performing at the VMA’s I really wanted to go lol. Then I found out the show falls on my birthday and I got extremely excited.  *Sigh*

Since it doesn’t seem like that’s happening, does anybody have any suggestions on some things that I could do? Hit me up, let me know!

Birthday Love: Malaika

I  have to show some love to my homie all the way down south right now (still hate you for that lol)


Party like a Rockstar

Party like a Rockstar

I wish we were all out there to go to South Beach with you (trick! lol) but since we’re not, I’m going to send the long distance shoutout. Wishing you nothing but the best and many more Birthdays to come.  I know the homesickness will pass real soon, don’t even stress.

Love ya homie!

(Ohhh, hopefully Telus stops being the spawn of Satan so I can send you a voicenote sometime this year)