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I’m a little late on this, but oh well… I do what I want.

By now, you must have seen Willow Smiths (Will Smith + Jada Pinkett Smith’s child) video for her banger “Whip My Hair”.  Doesn’t it just make you want to dance? She’s only 9 and already has so much personality.

Now that I’ve gotten that out of the way. Is it Willows mission in her young life to continue to come for Rihannas Elmo Red wig? Clearly. The newest blastoff is beginning her performance as shown in this video with Rih-funds “Only Girl in the World”. Message?

Loves this kid.

Willow Smith- Whip My Hair

Phill at it again.

Good Morning Folks,

Yes, I know 3 posts in a couple days with this gentleman however you know music and laughter are my life. This is the man behind the Trey Songz video, his name is Phill. Whatever music he shall be bringing out, I will be buying. His voice is something serious. He reminds me of Jamie Foxx, incredibly sexy voice but also jokes around while singing and keeps you entertained. This video made me exhale, the words are so simple ( I think it may be a freestyle). Either way, take a listen.


This man, does wonders for me. Ever since I was introduced to him over a year ago, I’ve been hooked. Who am I talking about? Well it’s none other than J.Cole!  If you haven’t heard about him by now, I’m not sure what to say about you or your life. This man should be the next big artist to blow out of Hip-Hop, I’m really rooting for him. The lyrics and DELIVERY (I’m real big on delivery) not to mention he fine as hell (Yes, I’m still female lol). Rumor has it he will be performing at tomorrow nights BET Awards and I shall be watching 2 inches from my TV screen.

You know I don’t usually post “new videos” but I love him too much not to.

Here is his video:

Who Dat

1 Small Step

“Been gone for awhile now I’m back with the jumpoff”. Shoutouts to the Lil Kim that still looked like a Barbie but at that time, not a deformed one.

Hello my loves.

How was everyone’s weekend? For those of you that don’t live in Canada, we had a Long Weekend with some sexy ass weather. My kind of time. I spent the weekend with majority of the people in my life right now and per usual it was goodtimes.

Hot weather makes me so happy, I don’t even think people understand me when I say this. There is nothing like picking up randomly, throwing on some cutoff shorts and hitting the road. Summer brings out a lot of good things to me.

Before I go completely off topic, I have some good news that I need to share. For those of you wondering what exactly it is I do, I thought I’d address that. What does Datchickneeks do? The simple answer is a little bit of everything. I’ve always had many interests growing up, and have never fully honed in on ONE thing in particular. That was always a problem with parental unit types, because I wouldn’t focus my energy into one group. At this point in time, I still  don’t think I need to do that. If I can excel in one more than one category, why not do so?  Growing up, I’ve always been into being my own unique self fashion wise. For those of you that went to highschool with me, you cannot forget my customized EVERYTHING. If it came to my head, I’d do it. To me, there was never anything wrong in trying. Well looks like that has aspect of my personality has finally paid off.  Opportunities arise in the simplest of ways and there is no way I couldn’t pass up on it.

(What is she talking about?!)

Lately I’ve been getting back into creating my own jewelry pieces and customized outfits and been wearing them around the town. Thankfully someone was paying attention because there is a store in Toronto called Haus Clothing, that has offered to sell some of my stuff along with The Discombobulated Tricks! !  🙂 🙂

It may not seem like much to you, but it’s a big deal to us. This is just the BEGINNING of a beautiful thing. We’re a team that works well with each other and all bring something a little different to the table.  The support that Rachel and William have shown us at Haus is amazing and very much appreciated.

I’ll be uploading pictures so that you all can see. If you want to check it out in person, slide on down to Haus Clothing. It’s located at 1265 Bloor St W (Bloor/Lansdowne).


On this blog I’ve featured a lot of Toronto’s musical talent, but what about film?

Another fresh, young talent on the rise comes from Michelle Berry. Talk about phenomenal woman, this film was written AND directed by her. Amazing, right?

Please take in the preview for her film titled “Leah”.

Don’t forget the name Michelle Berry folks.

Soooo Amazing!

Good Morning Lovelies,

Do you all know how much I love R&B singers? Especially a man who sings?


For those of you not acquainted with this man, here is your introduction. His name? Show Stephens, and he’s one of Toronto’s many talented R&B singers on the come up. This song is really good and the video is excellent as well. As I keep saying, Toronto we have to support our own GOOD talent! We have so much to offer, let’s support before everyone else does.

So Amazing- Show Stephens.

POTD: Zion

This song is fitting for the day.

What a beautiful song, the words are so honest and real. Lauryn Hill wrote this song to her son Zion, it expresses how those around her didn’t want her to have him and how she opted to accept her blessing from God. I remember watching this performance on tv when it originally aired.

How many times must I say on this blog alone, Lauryn can you come back to me?

Lauryn Hill- To Zion.

To my Superhero

Every year a new Superhero movie comes out and we rush to the theatres to catch it. Whether it be Batman, Superman, Spiderman and of course Iron Man. Those movies are cool and all, but what about our everyday heroes? Everyone looks up to someone and in most cases it’s our mothers. My mom is a superhero, I’m convinced.

As I write this, I’m tearing up and I can’t seem to control it. My mother birthed 5 children and has practically raised us on her own. No, her husbands never left but she has been widowed, twice. That alone would practically kill me once, but twice? She’s a brave woman. We haven’t always seen eye to eye but really who has? The bottom line is I love my mother more than I can put into words. The things she’s sacrificed for her children and those around her is unbelievable.  Even though she says that I’m one of the kids that gave her the most trouble (I have no IDEA what she means) I still would give her the world. When I do have the world at my disposal, she will definitely be the first to reap the benefits of it.

Where I got my Fashion Sense from!


That's her in the middle.

I was either 13/14 (Shut up lol)

I can go on and on but I’ll keep it short and say, “when I grow up” if I amount to be half the woman that she is, I would be okay with that.

To all the other good mothers ,stepmother’s, god-mothers, adoptive mothers, Legal Guardians, Single Fathers, I must send out a special Happy Mothers Day to you as well. If it wasn’t for people like yourself, the world would cease to exist. You’re very much appreciated, even if you don’t hear it everyday you are.

With Love,


I just want to know…

Why don’t you love me?

This is why I’ll forever go hard for this woman!  Not a released song, just a video for her fans cause she can. 

Oh and if you do love me, you’ll try to get me some of these outfits for my birthday or just because lol. *Muah*

She dusted off her Grammys, girl you’re too much LOL!

Jersey Shore: Do my eyes deceive me?

This ladies and gentlemen goes to show you what a good makeup artist, stylist and scrubbing can do for the image.

For those of you that watched the crazy cast of The Jersey Shore last season like myself you know that these people looked like the “Italian” version to Trailer Park Trash(those of you that don’t want to admit it, it’s okay I see you lol). This whole cast showed us what can happen when you give a group of people, too many bottles of gel and way too many tans. Somehow it begins to alter the brain matter.

The brilliant magazine that is Harper’s Bazaar has decided to showcase the ladies of The Jersey Shore in what I would call an amazing transformation.

This is them before:

You can just feel the crabs jumping off of them

Here is their May 2010 spread in Harper’s Bazaar:

From Left to Right:  Jenni “J-Woww”, Nicole “Snooki” and Sammi “The Sweetheart”.

Above Left: JWoww wears Marchesa, Snooki wears a Chado Ralph Rucci gown and Sammi’s in J. Mendel
Above Right: Snooki in Pamela Dennis

Above Left: Sammi in a  Marchesa gown)
Above Right: JWoww in Pamela Dennis)

They look A-MAY-ZING! This is why I always say, take pride in your appearance and everyone will take notice in a good way. I’m loving all of these dresses. Excellent styling.