Shoutout these ladies.

These girls are fly.

                                                   L-R : Shannon, Moi, Charlene, Chey, Danielle

Came across this pic and just felt like shouting these ladies out as they’re all doing their thing!

Shannon is doing her thing for The Broken Heel Diaries. Check out that site, I love it! It’s a really good site for women.

The girl next to Shannon in the green skirt, is some chick named Neeks. Yea, she aight.

Charlene aka Asia fiasco is 1/3 of The Discombobulated Tricks styling team. They do it all, the necklace that I’m wearing in this pic was designed by them.

The 2 Goddess looking females on the far right are Chey and Danielle who represent Liipstik Styling Team.


I’m all about supporting my own, and these are people that you need to look out for! Check them all out at their respective sites.


Brazen Hussy Fashion Show

Good Morning!

Yesterday was a pretty productive day for me. Did my regular 9-5’er, then had a photoshoot in the afternoon/evening, then attended the Brazen Hussy Fashion Show. My photoshoot went well, it was for up and coming dancer Tamara who’s pretty amazing. Shoutout to Shannon and Ren, thank you for all your behind the scenes help. This is the 1st of many 😉 , love you guys.

After the shoot I rushed over to the fashion show with my girl Char (@AsiaFiasco) which was held at ULTRA. We made it in the nick of time! Only missed 1 or 2 looks.

The show was a success, alot of muted neutral colors, which is very much in for the S/S 2010. They showed a variety of things: Dresses, tights, shirts, pants, body suits.

Loved this dress

The designers themselves

It was a great show, with great people.


Miss AsiaFiasco from the Discombobulated Tricks. You already know what it is.

MTV Personality Tika Simone and Char


Char and Amanda

Chey, you the bestest! The amount of fun we had with you was soooo great! Hi Danielle too! You guys are very tall, beautiful and fashionable. Hmmm hate much? LOL. Chey and Danielle represent Liipstick styling team.

Paparazzi snapping

Moi, Chey, Char

Naph: My bud. You’re so facety but it’s all love. Photographer, representing for Toro Magazine.

Steph, Naph, Neeks

Shannon: Long time no see! You’re doing big things with LaVieInc and The Broken Heel diaries. Thanks for the interview, I’m a little nervous to see it lol.

All in all, it was an excellent night. Looking forward to more of these.

You did what with Scissors?

Over the weekend I assisted on set for The Discombobulated Tricks shoot entitled “Skizzers” (Scissors lol). When I tell you it was a-may-zing, I mean just that. Man oh man.

Charlene, Nicole and Meg- Y’all are stupidddd for this one. Dumb, silly, stupid.

Frannie, you did an excellent job my dear.

Ishmil, well done again sir.

Sanaz, you were a great help.

Shoutouts to Courtney from Polyshmag for stopping through 🙂

Real Major

Hair, Makeup, Styling,  Photography, Creative Directing. You want it, we got it!

Oh, and who else can whine to “Raggamuffin’ and do the whole Single Ladies dance while doing all of the above.

Didn’t think so.

Datchickneeks + The Discombobulated Tricks = Love and Creativity

Myself, Nicole, Megz

Neeks, PradaTrick, AsiaFiasco & CPD

About 4am in the morning screwfacing.

Dance Life

I love dancers. I don’t know what it is about them, actually I lied… I do.

They’re entertaining, can move their body in *ahem* amazing shapes/lines, and they just seem like fun people.

Last November (yes, late I know) I went to my girl Asia Fiasco’s dance Bazaar. It was a tribute to Michael & Janet Jackson. Some of Canada’s hottest dancers were in the building, it was a thoroughly entertaining night. Shoutouts to all the amazing people I met that night.

Check out some of the videos:

The 1st has my homeslice Asia Fiasco KILLING IT!

(Char your body… stupid!)




Birthday Love: Asia Fiasco

Today marks the birthday of a very special trick, which one you ask?

Well it’s none other than miss Asia Fiasco of the Discombobulated Tricks.


Me and Char

Happy 21st Birthday!!!!

I had the pleasure of meeting this woman last year and we immediately clicked. The fact that we were chilling for over an hour before we even knew each others names said a lot. You rarely meet females nowadays that are so friendly and cool right off the bat and thankfully this one (as well as the other tricks) are like this. We’ve gotten extremely close over this past year and I consider you to be one of my close friends. You’re a talented, caring, generous, stylish female and good things are coming your way. I know it and feel it in my heart. The business ventures we have and the jokes we have on the regular are priceless! I’m thankful that God brought us together and I know this will be a long-lasting friendship.

Love you for life! xoxoxoxo                 (On behalf of myself and Breezy LOL)

Check her out: and Asiafiasco

Prizes and such..

How about I don’t try to shoot videos when I’m not feeling well. Dah well, just watch it.


Indoor BBQ

I love summertime.

The BBQ’s, the people, the music, the food, the beautiful people, the food, the sexy people on their game. Shoot let me stop.

Yesterday, I went to a BBQ  hosted by Blake, Marvin and Tristan. It was a good time. Alot of jokes, a whole lot of jokes. I met some cool new people, thanks for the jokes.  Only took a couple of pics for some reason. Too bad the weather SUCKED, so it was more of an indoor thing but it was still cool.


Looking at, Looking at, Looking at ME

“Looking at, Looking at, Looking at me. Eyes on me like honey to a bee…”


You ever notice that quite a few people have some serious staring problems. I mean, is it that serious for you to be looking that hard? It’s really not polite, not in the slightest. I don’t even too much know you like that.  My homie Char and I were sitting outside my place yesterday and this guy who I recently became acquainted with came outside my building with another male friend and 2 female friends/girlfriends/jumpoffs (me nah know and me nah care) so I smiled at the guy that I was familiar with he stared into the car and kept it moving but homegirls behind him must not have liked that. They stared inside the car from once they came out the building, started passing the car and even once past the car. Whoa, whoa WOW. CAN YOU RELAX?!? Even Char was pretty freaking confused because there was no need for all of that Tom Foolery. I often wonder why Black girls can’t just smile at another black girl. Why must it always be on some kind of cut eye? For what? It’s rare that you see a black girl and she just smiles and doesn’t have the “black girl attitude” that we are known for having. You need to moss, it’s really not that serious. If you want me to bring it to you like that, I can surely play your game and I’m sure I’ll win it. 

Sometimes I find that girls are looking staring grilling because they like something that you’re wearing. That’s fine, but why can’t you just say “I like your shoes”, or even just give that other female the look like “yea you look good girl”. Is it just me, but am I the only girl that compliments other girls, even girls I don’t even really know. I’ll tell people straight up, I love your dress, hair, shoes whatever. Why is that so hard? There’s no harm in that. Don’t ice grill me because you think I look good, what cotton picking sense does that make.

Lastly the guys that grill you because they think you look good? Huh? You are staring me down so hard that I think you know the shape of my kitty kat and I’m wearing baggy jeans and a tee. Dude, if you want to approach me just do it and get it over with. Do not stare me down, that’s creepy as hell and I don’t appreciate it. Stalker vibes are not a good look, it never is.

At Last

Good morning folks,


I have to write this real quick. Anyway yesterday I completed my photoshoot and it was a success. I was incredibly nervous, mannnnn. As I started, I began to relax after awhile and got into my groove. Small shoutouts right now:

Charlene: Thanks for the oppurtunity fam. You did an amazing job with the makeup and styling. Under such short notice, we pulled it off. ♥

Anna: “Ohhhhh Anna” LOL. You are gorgeous and a complete natural, you helped ease my nerves.

Claire: Thank you for the assistant help, really appreciate it!


Going into this I felt kind of alone as I didn’t have some support from my peoples for different reason. That’s the way the cookie crumbles I guess.

Halfway through, my eyes kind of welled up it just felt kind of surreal. I love photography, I’m in love with it. It gives you the oppurtunity to see objects in a completely different light. You see the depth, the beauty, the scariness, the innocence in things you may have never noticed before. Pictures don’t lie, people do.

Trust me when I say this will be the first of many!

Completely unedied

Completely unedited