SOTD: Upgrade Ya

Tying into my previous post, there is no way this couldn’t have been song of the day.

This was the FIRST song I fell in love with off of this album B’Day. I remember around the time the video dropped, everyone had their bullshit rumors swirling around that they broke up. When she dropped this video, at the point where Jay-Z starts to rap everyone was like “see see, he’s not even in it…” then they were shamed one scene after. The strength of a relationship is never truly known by the outside world looking in it. Unless you see things firsthand everyday, everything else is just speculation.

Who’s Mad?

Upgrade Ya- Beyoncé feat. Jay-Z

Hiiiii baby 🙂

I just want to know…

Why don’t you love me?

This is why I’ll forever go hard for this woman!  Not a released song, just a video for her fans cause she can. 

Oh and if you do love me, you’ll try to get me some of these outfits for my birthday or just because lol. *Muah*

She dusted off her Grammys, girl you’re too much LOL!

Stop Telephoning Me!

It’s here… it’s finally here.

Lady Gaga feat Beyonce- Telephone.

This video gave me life! Fashion, Drama, Extraness, Humor, Dance, Fashion, Fierceness.

That’s all I will say for now.

POTD: Resentment

I literally just watched this on tv and it spoke to my soul. This song always was special to me, because sadly I can relate (now on another occasion as well). This whole special better finally come to Canada because last time I checked we still don’t have it here on DVD *kiss teeth*.

Beyonce- Resentment Live

Yesssss Beyonce! “Like I couldn’t do it for you, like that wack bitch could” WOWWWW. I was dying when she said that.

Another notable quote “I got to look into her eyes, and see she’s had half of me… she ain’t even half of me”. Beyonce you’re always speaking to my LIFE. Geez.

Shoutouts to everyone that messaged me to tell me this was on, cause I would have missed it AGAIN. *Muah*

POTD: Be With You

Just one of those moods.


I just wish I could see her perform this live in person.


Ohhhh Beyonce.


Earlier today a friend posted a question on Twitter:


 “My homegirl just said all men cheat, I said I don’t believe that…but what do ya’ll think? Is that true? ESPECIALLY TO THE MEN, IS IT?


My immediate answer was “Not all, that is extreme”. That is such a broad generalized statement it’s ridiculous. Personally when I’m speaking to a male and he groups me into a category with every other female that he knows, I get a little annoyed by it. For females to make such a statement is really bananas, because think about it we all know at least one good man out there (I’m not saying he’s single but you feel me). Why is it okay for folks to say such things, just because every dude you’ve been with has been an ass. Listen I’m not the advocate for males out there, trust me when I say I’m very far from that. Just because you haven’t found a non cheater doesn’t mean they ALL do, hey alot of them might be dumb- sure! However all cheaters is crazy talk. That question that led us to speak about what people will put up with just to say they are in a relationship. What I mean by that is, if in the back of a womans head she’s thinking “All men cheat” why is she bothering to be in a relationship with a man? Isn’t that grounds for heartbreak/heartache & headache? To me, that’s what that sounds like. What are you really worth if you are willing to put up with that kind of nonsense. Not to mention, if you are with a cheater and let’s say he is cheating what do you look like sticking around with him? Do not begin to complain to others if you stick around and bare it. You let him dictate what the relationship is, don’t be mad after. Learn to be alone or just don’t even bother.



This is one of my favorite songs from the album “Destiny Fulfilled”. Actually both of them are.

Song of the Day: Green Light

In honor of the Baddest Chicks B’Day aka Miss Beyonce Knowles Carter, she would obviously get song of the day. Here are 2 songs from her album “B’Day”

What do I keep telling you guys, Virgos are oh so official!


|”I’m immune you can’t get no colder… you got the Green Light, you the King right? You’re holding up traffic Green means GO!|


“On top of you calling me back, you see I bet you think it’s all on track… and you acting like it’s all’a dat…”

I Am…

Good Evening Folks (I wrote this last night, to clear up  any confusion)


I’m still completely elated right now. Last night was the “I Am” Beyonce Tour stop in Toronto and you have to know by now that I am a HUGE Beyonce Knowles (Carter) fan. This is the thing about myself, I LOVE Music so much. If I like an artist or song, I get excited. Music has the power to put you in a mood that you need to be in, or a mood that you need to have expressed. It’s an understatement to say that I appreciate those that put in hard work and love their craft. I love great singers, great performers, great dancers, just overall great  entertainment. All that with a sweet personality and killer fashion sense? How could I not be all over that? Beyonce is to me what Michael Jackson was to our parents when we were younger. I know alot of you right now are like “No this girl did not just compare Beyonce to Michael!”. Stop, relax and take it in. Michael Jackson did so much for HIS CRAFT, he perfected what he loved and made it his life. He inhaled music and exhaled excellence. In MY humble opinion that is what Beyonce is to this generation. Personally I don’t give a damn if you agree with me or not, this is my blog and I’ll say what I want to say lol. For the most part a lot of people don’t like her because they believe she is too “nuff or extra”, that’s fine and dandy but why can’t people just admit that she’s great at what she does? To me, regardless of if you like her or not you cannot deny that this woman goes hard on that stage and gives it every drop of energy in her. Don’t believe me? Attend one of her shows or even just watch “The Beyonce Experience” DVD, then tell me she’s not on top of her game.

This is my 3rd time seeing Beyonce in concert and each time I get a little closer to the stage, so it’s only fitting that the next time I will be front row and shall meet her backstage. Speak it into existence Neeks… speak it into existence.

The concert was held at The Molson Ampitheatre in Toronto and this is the first concert I had attended at this venue. I prefer the ACC, but this spot was alright. The show started at 7:30 sharp with the opening acts Eva Avila and then the girl group “Richgirl”.  *Yawn*. The crowd was feeling the same way I was, everyone was just amped to see the main act. My original seat was Section 202, seat 5 which was actually pretty decent but I wanted better. While sitting there to myself, (yes, I went solo dolo… I was born by myself!) I noticed a friend Erica sitting not to far from where my seat was located. As we stood there talking we resolved to get better seats because this was not a game to any of us. To make a long story short, 5 minutes before the show began I was standing by floor seats about 10 rows back Center Stage. It was as if all the planets aligned and gave us that big break, I kid you not.

It was kind of strange not having some of my closest friends in the place enjoying this with me, but you guys were there in spirit ❤

Once that show started, it was gametime. Beyonce came out in all of her fierceness and gave us the BUSINESS *surprise, surprise*. I was not disappointed, the only thing I was disappointed in was that the show wasn’t longer! A lot of times during the show, I stood there in awe and shock. It’s really weird to see someone that you admire on tv right a couple steps in front of your face. She ran through songs from her 3 albums (Dangerously in Love, B’Day and I Am) and also gave us some Destiny’s Child. Then she surprised us with some Canadian Flavor with a small Alanis Morrissette cover and Sarah McLachlan. Owwwwwww!     

The venue was PACKED! Seriously though, even the grass had people sitting on it. Toronto’s own Drake was in the building. If you heard the pre-teen girls screaming once he took his seat before the show started. It was bananas how many girls were just flashing cameras in his face. It was nice to see people acknowledging Toronto’s own talent, because I mean you have to support your own city before you support others right?


*My videos are kind of short because its really hard to videotape and do the whole dance routine and try not to sing into the camera as well LOL*

Continue to check back in this post because it will take maybe a day or 2 to upload all the videos.

Enjoy these as much as I do.

Perfomance of the Day: Badgirl

Usher puts it down, but my girl Beyonce kills it.

Dedicated to all my bad chicks out there!


Performances of the Day: Destiny’s Child

Good Afternoon,


How’s everybody doing out there? Good, I’m hoping. Today, I had a couple things to do, one of which was pick up my ticket for the Beyonce Concert on Monday *woooooot woooooooot*. Too bad, there was an issue when I got there so whomp whomp for me. Hopefully everything works out for me in the next couple days, or else I will be on City Tv news and y’all will probably be embarrassed to say you read my blog lol.

So in light of the fact that my wife will be here on Monday, you will be bombarded with more postings with her involved. I don’t give a damn! Y’all should just embrace it, because she is f-a-b-u-l-o-u-s.


Here are some performances from Destinys Child that I’ve always loved. Watch, you won’t be disappointed.

This first one is of them singing the National Anthem at the All Star Game a couple years back. They demolished it. I mean really, which female groups harmonies are like this nowadays?


Pleaseeeeee watch this one, it’s Destiny’s Child singing “Let’s Wait Awhile” for a tribute for Janet Jackson a couple of years back. I remember when I saw this on tv, I was sitting there like “Damnnnn”



The last is one of my favorite performances from them. Definitely my fav. of them singing this song “Cater to you”. Such an innocent and honest performance. Everybody held it down, especially my girl Bee though. Her first verse is one of my favorites in music. The delivery is so on point! Just watch it.