That Summerbody fit

Good evening peoples… actually good night, sorry.


If you didnt know I love to party, especially a good party with good people. Summers almost over, however that doesnt mean you cannot party like its here to stay. This Friday August 28th,2009 where you should be is at Dazzling Lounge for the “Summerbody Fit” Party.

Here are the Cliffs notes for you quick readers:

“Summerbody Fit”

Dazzling Lounge, 291 King St W


DJ Rych Kidd and DJ LRS

Dress Code: Fashionable.  No pajama pants, no pants hanging down to your knees, no Uggs, no dirty kicks. None of that foolishness.


Come out and party with me and my homeslices, don’t worry even if you’re missing the “fit” from the Summerbody everyone is still welcome lol.


There you have it

There you have it


Indoor BBQ

I love summertime.

The BBQ’s, the people, the music, the food, the beautiful people, the food, the sexy people on their game. Shoot let me stop.

Yesterday, I went to a BBQ  hosted by Blake, Marvin and Tristan. It was a good time. Alot of jokes, a whole lot of jokes. I met some cool new people, thanks for the jokes.  Only took a couple of pics for some reason. Too bad the weather SUCKED, so it was more of an indoor thing but it was still cool.


Dollar and a Dream

Yesterday evening there was a Final Competition for some of Toronto’s Talent called “Urban X-Posure: Triple Threat”. The premise was a showcase to figure out “Who’s Got Next” and the prize was something amazing, a Cross Country Canadian Tour as well as some other things. The finalists were:


Frankie Payne



Y Shaws

Daniel Daley (Who was out of the country and couldn’t perform, wuddup D!)

Blake Carrington

Rachelle Janety

Boombox Saints



The Winner was………………………..




Congratulations Baby! I’m soooooo proud of you, I really am. A Dollar and a Dream really does pay off. Torontofresh is oh so official.


This Thursday, July 9th 2009 if you want to see the next big thing out of Toronto come out to The Drake Hotel. Blake Carrington will be performing and I suggest that you come out as this will be his last show before heading off to LA. There will be guest performances from KJ and Brendan Doors. 

Cliff Notes:

  • Blake Carrington who is kinda like a Big Deal will be performing at The Drake Hotel
  • Located at 1150 Queen St W
  • Thursday July 9th, 2009
  • Guest performances by KJ and Brendan Doors
  • The Show Starts at 9pm
  • It’s $10 to get in. Now now, don’t shake your head I know you have $10 that you were going to waste on foolishness. You might as well spend it on Good Music







Be There!

Be There!





 I expect to see a lot of you there!


Get Excited!

Morning everyone,

I’m starting to get real excited for different reasons. To name a few, THE WEATHER! It’s finally starting to get hot, that’s all I’ve been waiting for. If you know me, you should know that I live for the hot weather. Short shorts, short skirts, short dresses… you get the point. It’s so much easier to get dressed in the summer time, it takes way less thought and planning. Also there are so many more activities that can be done in the summer, going to the Lakeshore or the beach, going to the Zoo, just going places to chill out and take pictures. The possibilites are endless. I’m hoping the weatherman(woman) isn’t fooling me AGAIN. My heart can’t take anymore of that crap.


Next reason I’m excited is for TRANSFORMERS (robots in disguise). If you haven’t guessed by now, I loveddddd the first one. Great action, great graphics, funny as hell, nostalgic and Shia LeBouf is so cute. This sequel looks even crazier than the first, which is saying alot. Watching the commercial makes me clap my hands, needless to say I’m amped


On Friday me and my friends are hitting up the Shuffle party.  I’ve been once before and it was a really good time, I suggest all of you attend. The music is somewhat random (like an iPod Shuffle) so the mixes aren’t predicatable at all. It’s at the Revival (somewhere on College St, sorry I can’t remember the exact address). Goodtimes indeed.


I was just reminded over the weekend that RIBFEST is coming up  (how I forgot, I have no idea!). This year it is from June 26th-July 1st at Centennial Park. I heart food, therefore I must be in attendance for at least one of these days. Mmmmmmmm, my mouth is watering just thinking about it!

Lastly, Friday July 3rd is the FITTING ROOM 2@ Dazzling Lounge. The first one was a good time, so I don’t doubt the 2nd one will be. It’s hosted by Blake Carrington and spinning is DJ Lissa Monet and DJ LRS (they held it down at the last one). Come out and do your little 2 step/stanky leg/pose against the wall whatever your thing is at the club, just come out and do it!


I hope to see you all at some of these events.

Part Deux


Slight plug, I’ll keep it short though

Blake Carrington, Daniel Daley and KJ... putting it down.

Blake Carrington, Daniel Daley and KJ... putting it down.


All the information is there.

Be there! We’ll take pics and all that good stuff lol.