WOWWW July 27th

Sometimes I really have to wonder if some people have any real people on their team cause some of this stuff just baffles my brain. If I were to ever look like this and subsequently dress like this, I really REALLY hope that one of my homies would check me with the quickness. This is downright unacceptable and I give her 2 speeding tickets and a do not pass GO for this travesty. that you...?

Girl, WHAT

She is on the ride of her life and I would just appreciate it if she hopped off ASAP. I would say she’s on crack, but doesn’t that make you skinny? She is stretching that poor pleather/leather jumpoff for dear life. I don’t even know what to reduce these pictures too. I guess nothing but no mirrors and maybe a too tight weave. I’m over this Foxy, while you’re throwing out this “ensemble” I’ma need you to change your name too. Ain’t nothing about that mess “Foxy”.


This man, does wonders for me. Ever since I was introduced to him over a year ago, I’ve been hooked. Who am I talking about? Well it’s none other than J.Cole!  If you haven’t heard about him by now, I’m not sure what to say about you or your life. This man should be the next big artist to blow out of Hip-Hop, I’m really rooting for him. The lyrics and DELIVERY (I’m real big on delivery) not to mention he fine as hell (Yes, I’m still female lol). Rumor has it he will be performing at tomorrow nights BET Awards and I shall be watching 2 inches from my TV screen.

You know I don’t usually post “new videos” but I love him too much not to.

Here is his video:

Who Dat

1 Year Later.


We all remember what we were doing when Pandemonium broke out one year ago today. I was at home when I began to see bbm status updates “Pray for Michael Jackson”. My heart immediately started racing and thoughts of “what happened” began running through my head. That night was a bunch of confusion mixed with scare and prayer.  When the news finally were confirmed that the King of Pop aka Michael Gary Jackson had passed away, I was devastated. As I stated last year when I made my posts about him, you never expected him to be ‘Invincible’ however you expected him to be his ‘Bad’ self until at least his 80’s. The measure of a man should not be realized only in death but in life as well. Michael Jackson was and always will be the greatest of all TIME. Point blank period.

Before I go on and on, I’m going to finish off with a poem. This was written by my longtime friend Maria about Michael Jackson and she was gracious enough to send it to me to post on my blog. Thanks Maria!

Forever Missed, Never Forgotten

(When a tear drop falls in your name,

it is because you are missed)


The innocence of your beauty,

purifies the world’s heart.

Your rays of light reflect in our mirrors,

like a shining star.

Your existence overshadows

all negativity on earth,

like an illuminating light

that hovers over the moon

during a solar Eclipse.

Where there is darkness and loneliness,

we are cured with your endless love.

No shape, color or size,

can escape your overwhelming kindness.

The earth’s blue waters and green lands

shine brighter within the universe

from having your magical feet

and selfless hands touch down on them.

Your time spent on our planet

was too short for us to cope with,

but an infinity for what lives on in your name.

Life is short, but yours was a million lifetimes

in half a century.

Your being was larger than life,

louder than words,

faster than light,

and forever remembered.

This world is a better place

because you lived.

You are forever missed

and never forgotten.


♥ <R.I.P Michael Jackson> ♥


-Maria Iaccheo

Jersey Shore: Do my eyes deceive me?

This ladies and gentlemen goes to show you what a good makeup artist, stylist and scrubbing can do for the image.

For those of you that watched the crazy cast of The Jersey Shore last season like myself you know that these people looked like the “Italian” version to Trailer Park Trash(those of you that don’t want to admit it, it’s okay I see you lol). This whole cast showed us what can happen when you give a group of people, too many bottles of gel and way too many tans. Somehow it begins to alter the brain matter.

The brilliant magazine that is Harper’s Bazaar has decided to showcase the ladies of The Jersey Shore in what I would call an amazing transformation.

This is them before:

You can just feel the crabs jumping off of them

Here is their May 2010 spread in Harper’s Bazaar:

From Left to Right:  Jenni “J-Woww”, Nicole “Snooki” and Sammi “The Sweetheart”.

Above Left: JWoww wears Marchesa, Snooki wears a Chado Ralph Rucci gown and Sammi’s in J. Mendel
Above Right: Snooki in Pamela Dennis

Above Left: Sammi in a  Marchesa gown)
Above Right: JWoww in Pamela Dennis)

They look A-MAY-ZING! This is why I always say, take pride in your appearance and everyone will take notice in a good way. I’m loving all of these dresses. Excellent styling.

Wowwww April 28th

*Shakes head*

Folks this is what happens when you don’t know how to dress age appropriate.

I give you, Toni Braxton…

What happened?

...and why did it happen?

Toni Braxton is 42 years old and she has NO BUSINESS in this outfit. None. Her kitty kat is printed out for the world to see , not to mention those lace cutouts at the side? Her bum is also sagging. Is this a joke?

 Don’t even get me riled up on that shaved head of hers. I need all of these moms to stop this ASAP! I didn’t like it on Cassie, Lala, Mel B , Toni what made you think we would accept it? Not only was it a bad idea, it looks like you cut it in the dark with shades on. No ma’ammmm no ma’am.

There is nothing wrong with looking sexy at any age, but there is a way to do it age appropriately. This definitely missed that boat by a week.

Get it KeKe

The young and fantastic actor, KeKe Palmer (Akeelah and the Bee) posted a video of herself singing Mary J Blige’s “I’m Going Down”. If you didn’t know, she can sing and is recording an album.

I’m posting this video more so because the video is quite hilarious. Yes she sounds amazing, however what stole the show is her little sister doing her own interpretive dance in the background.

Check it out:

Chad’s Way

This is just some morning eye candy for my ladies.

There is something about this man that is so sexy. *fans self*

Chad Ocho Cinco is a NFL Football player, who plays for the Cincinnati Bengals. Currently he’s on Dancing with the Stars and I’m thankful for whoever made the decision to put him on there.



The Chad Way? Yes, please.

So umm.. yea… goodday!

Stop Telephoning Me!

It’s here… it’s finally here.

Lady Gaga feat Beyonce- Telephone.

This video gave me life! Fashion, Drama, Extraness, Humor, Dance, Fashion, Fierceness.

That’s all I will say for now.

Really Teyana?

Teyana Taylor is really getting on my nerves.

She’s been roaming around for so long not releasing anything but Youtube videos and being seen on red carpets looking fly, and she’s hiding this voice? When is she going to finally release that “upcoming” album (Something from Harlem, sorry can’t recall the name since it’s been so long). Everytime I hear her sing, I wonder why she’s not dropping. Her tone is sexy/sultry.

Oh I forgot to mention this girl can DANCE and rap. Teyana, I hope when you do drop it’s fire!

Here she is singing Fantasia Barrinos song “Free Yourself”. As mentioned on a previous post, I LOVE this song.

Teyana doing her own choreography to Ester Deans “Drop It Low”. Get it girl!   (Asia, this has your name written all over it)

Thanks for bringing this dancing one to my attention Chantea 😀

SOTD: Pop Day #2

Day 2 of my tribute to Pop Boy Bands goes to one of my personal favorites…



Justin, JC, Joey, Lance and Chris.

This is where I first fell in love with the a-may-zingness that is Justin Timberlake *Yup, afro and all*. Now, again people seem to hate him but have you seen him in concert? (I have) This man puts in WORK! He can sing, dance and is such a hard worker. Did I mention he has hits?

Moving right along, JC was another standout talent in that group, such a well-rounded performer. Now I know the rest of the guys weren’t as popular but they played their position well and helped out the harmonies.

All in all I loved me some N’Sync.