At Last

Good morning folks,


I have to write this real quick. Anyway yesterday I completed my photoshoot and it was a success. I was incredibly nervous, mannnnn. As I started, I began to relax after awhile and got into my groove. Small shoutouts right now:

Charlene: Thanks for the oppurtunity fam. You did an amazing job with the makeup and styling. Under such short notice, we pulled it off. ♥

Anna: “Ohhhhh Anna” LOL. You are gorgeous and a complete natural, you helped ease my nerves.

Claire: Thank you for the assistant help, really appreciate it!


Going into this I felt kind of alone as I didn’t have some support from my peoples for different reason. That’s the way the cookie crumbles I guess.

Halfway through, my eyes kind of welled up it just felt kind of surreal. I love photography, I’m in love with it. It gives you the oppurtunity to see objects in a completely different light. You see the depth, the beauty, the scariness, the innocence in things you may have never noticed before. Pictures don’t lie, people do.

Trust me when I say this will be the first of many!

Completely unedied

Completely unedited

Kinda Like a Big Deal

Good afternoon folks,


I’m so sick right now, it’s ridiculous. I’m a pretty tough girl, I can handle pain for the most part but something about a sore throat turns me into a big baby. I have some sort of chest cold and I’m NOT happy about it. Last night the fever-ish symptoms I had really were not a good look, yuck!

Anyhow, on Friday night I went out to a party called “Kinda Like a Big Deal” at Vola Lounge. The party started off kind of slow but once it got nice, it got real nice. The thing about that club (it’s the former Blurr Nightclub) it gets SOOOO HOT. I swear there is no form of ventilation in that spot, yikes. It was a sweat bucket, and since DJ Spoonz and Dj Rych Kidd were killing it everybody was wylin out. One of my highlights of the night was hearing “Summerbody Fit” in the club, I felt like a proud mama or something lol. Here are some pics, despite what one person thought I was not drunk. The height of my heels would not permit me to get drunk (I don’t get drunk anyway). Ladies you know what I’m talking about, your heel is so high that if you were to play around and get drunk that’s risking your whole life and ankles at that.


An Evening at the beach

Good morning folks,


Well a couple evenings ago, myself and some fresh females also known as The Discombobulated Tricks (Nicole, Char & Meg) Claire and Monique all decided to make a very impromptu visit to Woodbine Beach.  If you’re from the West Indies you’re probably thinking right now “Canada has no blasted beaches *kiss teeth*”. I’ve heard that many times before and even said it myself, yes it’s not the same as the beaches in other countries however Life gives you jeans that are too small, you make cut out shorts right? Exactly.  I for one will be trying to live down there this summer. The vibe is really chill, there are many things to do down there. For instance you can play beach volleyball, eat some streetmeat, get your tan on or walk/run/rollerblade or bike the boardwalk.  If all of that isn’t your thing, then maybe you can have a mini photoshoot as we did. The possibilities are ENDLESS.


While there I took pictures as always of things I thought were “Wowwwww” worthy.