Kinda Like a Big Deal

Good afternoon folks,


I’m so sick right now, it’s ridiculous. I’m a pretty tough girl, I can handle pain for the most part but something about a sore throat turns me into a big baby. I have some sort of chest cold and I’m NOT happy about it. Last night the fever-ish symptoms I had really were not a good look, yuck!

Anyhow, on Friday night I went out to a party called “Kinda Like a Big Deal” at Vola Lounge. The party started off kind of slow but once it got nice, it got real nice. The thing about that club (it’s the former Blurr Nightclub) it gets SOOOO HOT. I swear there is no form of ventilation in that spot, yikes. It was a sweat bucket, and since DJ Spoonz and Dj Rych Kidd were killing it everybody was wylin out. One of my highlights of the night was hearing “Summerbody Fit” in the club, I felt like a proud mama or something lol. Here are some pics, despite what one person thought I was not drunk. The height of my heels would not permit me to get drunk (I don’t get drunk anyway). Ladies you know what I’m talking about, your heel is so high that if you were to play around and get drunk that’s risking your whole life and ankles at that.


What a Day

Tuesday was an interesting day to say the least. Besides going to work and what not, I had the pleasure of attending another Blake Carrington Performance. Before that though, I headed out with my homeslices Megz and Char (aka Asia Fiasco) along with Willy to a free show for the community. They went to support their homie Curtis who was singing, so I rolled as well.  As usual, the flyness and the jokes were in attendance.

Curtis my dear, it was a pleasure dahlin lol. You are hilarious. We spent the early evening hanging out, taking in the performances, doing the Stanky leg lol.

Check the pics out


Did I mention y’all should be checking out and  . If you haven’t before, now you really have no excuse.

Neeks out!