You guys are serious?

Hello Folks,

As you can see from my previous post, Drakes “Over” video dropped today. As I’ve already stated it’s fire. Of course not everyone will feel the same way but sometimes I have to wonder if people really think when watching media content or just tune out after awhile. There are a lot of people saying they do not like it for reasons such as:

  • It makes no sense
  • It has nothing to do with the video
  • It’s boring


Wow, this is what we’ve come to huh? If a video isn’t completely literal or doesn’t have cars, boobs and extravagant clothing it’s wack? Why did people go crazy for Kanye Wests “Can’t Tell me Nothing”? That video had “nothing to do with the song” and was just him performing in the desert with lights. (For the record, don’t try and crucify me, as I thought that video was well done as well). If something is not literal “Can you see me, can you see me, get your visine on” *flash to Drake holding Visine in his hand*, People just can’t feel it huh? Or “bout to set it off in this b*tch, Jada Pinkett  *cut to scene of Jada in Set it Off Movie*. Have we really become that basic? The concept made perfect sense to me, I’m so glad he came back strong (since I was NOT a fan of “Best I Ever Had”). Granted sometimes vidoes completely miss the mark when they’re not literal and we’re all left wondering what really occurred, however this video was not a ‘hard’ concept. This generation needs to realize that thinking and being outside the box does not need to always be spaceships and such a la Andre 3000 but could be something as simple as this video or Erykah Badus “Window Seat”.

As I always say you can’t please everyone, it’s physically impossible. There will always be people that don’t believe and that’s okay because that’s just apart of life. However if we took more time to think for ourselves, maybe we’d be better off as a generation.
Just saying…

Yesss Drake! Over Video

I’m real excited about this one.

Toronto’s own Drake dropped the long awaited video from his 1st album “Thank Me Later” and I for one am extremely pleased. The video is brilliant, sheer brilliance. It’s simple, yet really not… you know what? Just Watch!

Yes Drizzy, it really is Over.

Celeb Look-a-like (1)

I don’t know why I haven’t started this before, but better late than never. My friends and I have a great habit of comparing people to celebrities when we go out, and taking pics of/with them. This pic was sent to me via Twitter and I laughed out loud. Literally.

Ladies and Gentleman, I give you Drakes long lost brother…


                  Here is Aubrey Drake Graham…

You can't say you dont see it!


No folks, this isn’t his real bro but he definitely can pass for it.

Shoutouts to Drake, holding it down right now.

Song of the Day: A Little Bit

I love this song. Truthfully I love the Drake version better, but this original version is mad cool too.

Lykke Li is a Swedish singer, Drake took this song and added his own taste to it on his mixtape “So Far Gone”. I listen to this song just about everyday. It speaks to me (yea you laugh).  You know there are those songs that say exactly what you want to say, without ever having to say it? This gets two thumbs up

*Shoutouts to Claire & Abi, I know this is one of your fav’s too. *



For good measure, here is the Drake version.

Best I never saw

This week Toronto’s very own Drake released his video for the “Best I Ever Had”. I’m not going to post it here, if you want to watch it check out . The song is big, the mixtape “So Far Gone” is live we all know that… the video? Left me wondering what happened when the video treatment was being made for this song.

  • Kanye West directed the video, so I’m just wondering one thing. When he first called up Drake and said he wanted to do the video are we entirely sure that he heard the right song? Granted there are some videos that can get a bly for not “mirroring” the song, this however was not one of them. Kanye you lose.


  • The volumptious bouncing breasts in the video *yawn*. It got very old by the 2nd scene. Next time please at least get airheads that can act. Thanks!


  • I know some people don’t consider it to be a big deal, but I actually do… how come the “A Team” were all predominately lightskin females (well aware there was a brownskin in there) and the Butch females were all predominately darkskin? That is something the music industry needs to realize is not sending a good message to females growing up. I’ve been saying I wanted to write a huge blog post on this topic but I guess I’ll address it here. Why are we so stuck on the fact that light equals beauty? Do not get me wrong, I’m not saying that light skin or mixed females are not pretty (obviously not all) but are they the ONLY pretty girls in the world? I’m just saying though.  I’m sure there are going to be a couple of you saying I’m “hating” (my hating blog is coming realllllll soon) I’m just speaking my mind, if you don’t agree that’s cool you’re entitled to your own opinion.


  • The whole “Take the D” part was funny, however if that was supposed to save the video that failed miserably.


  • What happened to Drakes performance scenes? I think he had 1 scene just straight rapping. Highly stupid to me, this is his first major “Introduction to the World” he should have been more visible in the video.

There’s not much more for me to say because the video was awfully repetitive, lots of T&A with a side of jumping mascots.


All in all, you guys should know by now I’m proud to say that Drake is our own Canadian Talent. However I feel just because he’s at the “made it status” doesnt mean that he should release mediocre things  just because he can. If you’re gonna go hard, go hard! (No pun intended)

 Once again, just my opinion right… if you don’t agree, congratulations for you lol

Neeks sits and awaits the “you’re hating” comments…