To my Superhero

Every year a new Superhero movie comes out and we rush to the theatres to catch it. Whether it be Batman, Superman, Spiderman and of course Iron Man. Those movies are cool and all, but what about our everyday heroes? Everyone looks up to someone and in most cases it’s our mothers. My mom is a superhero, I’m convinced.

As I write this, I’m tearing up and I can’t seem to control it. My mother birthed 5 children and has practically raised us on her own. No, her husbands never left but she has been widowed, twice. That alone would practically kill me once, but twice? She’s a brave woman. We haven’t always seen eye to eye but really who has? The bottom line is I love my mother more than I can put into words. The things she’s sacrificed for her children and those around her is unbelievable.  Even though she says that I’m one of the kids that gave her the most trouble (I have no IDEA what she means) I still would give her the world. When I do have the world at my disposal, she will definitely be the first to reap the benefits of it.

Where I got my Fashion Sense from!


That's her in the middle.

I was either 13/14 (Shut up lol)

I can go on and on but I’ll keep it short and say, “when I grow up” if I amount to be half the woman that she is, I would be okay with that.

To all the other good mothers ,stepmother’s, god-mothers, adoptive mothers, Legal Guardians, Single Fathers, I must send out a special Happy Mothers Day to you as well. If it wasn’t for people like yourself, the world would cease to exist. You’re very much appreciated, even if you don’t hear it everyday you are.

With Love,


Sigh x 16

I wasn’t going to touch this subject but something forced me to.

There are days that have significance due to years past and no matter how hard you try to blur it to the back of your mind, it sits right there engrained in your memory.

16 years ago my father died.

The day plays out like a movie in my head no matter how much I try to forget the feeling. Do not get me twisted for a second, I’m not saying I’m trying to forget my father by any means- NEVER that. It’s just the feeling does not go away, personally I don’t think it ever will. I’m not going to go into great detail or anything, I wasn’t even going to write anything about it today, then something so simple happened. As soon as I got home and turned on the tv, Janet Jackson’s “Together Again” was on. This song was always pretty special to me so I felt it was a little too coincidental.

That’s all really, short and concise. Don’t forget to cherish your loved ones, I’ll continue telling you all that until I meet my father ❤

This song felt like it was written for me…

Love & Demise

So as I was trying to write 3 different posts at the same time, I got some bad news.  It was relayed to me that my Grandfather had passed away. Immediately I started crying and what not. It’s a hard thing when you hear someone has passed away, it’s so final; so forever. Once the tears dried up and the clarity kicked in, somehow I became at peace with it.  I’ve been mentally trying to prepare for this day for quite some time now. I always hoped I wouldn’t be at work or in public when I got the news. Thankfully that never happened. You see my grandfather had a very hard battle with a rare cancer. Have you ever seen someone deteriorate in front of your eyes? It’s not a settling sight.  When you think of what someones life used to be, then what it was reduced to you have a different outlook on death. The pain and the suffering is over. That makes me feel at peace in ways you would never even know.  He wasnt perfect, he wasn’t the greatest person at all times however he’s still my Grandfather and I’ll always love him.


Rest in Paradise, kiss my father and may you both continue to watch down on myself and my family.

Love forever, Nikki.

Sperm Donors vs Dad’s

Let me start off by saying Happy Daddy’s Day to all my truly deserving males out there.

It takes alot to be a Dad, it really does. In this day and age it’s sad that we have to congratulate those that actually DO take care of their children. You would think that would be a given, right? Nowadays it seems like  people have  no quams in making the baby but when it comes time to taking care of them they fade to black. So disappointing. I feel like males don’t truly understand the affect they have on children when they abandon them. It follows them for life and can have some devastating traits in ones personality and growth. Please don’t let your children be a statistic.


To those Daddys that realize that their children are truly God’s one true gift to them, stand up! I hope you have a wonderful day with or without your child(ren) at your side.


Happy Fathers Day to my brothers who gave me my beautiful niece and my handsome nephew, LOVE YOU GUYS! To my own Daddy (R.I.P) , love you for life which isn’t even a question.

Kenwyn and Zavier

Kenwyn and Zavier



Sheldon and Lishel

Sheldon and Lishel



Oh, just in time for Fathers Day… Congratulations Mr.Mcdonald on your baby boy, Maurai!  Yea yea, I know, you make pretty babies LOL. I can’t wait to see him.


Also, I want to shout out all the single mothers that play both roles. I salute you guys. I know it’s a hard and sometimes scary road but your children truly do appreciate it, even if they don’t voice it every day. 


Neeks signing off.

Always and Forever‏

Today marks a very special day, its my Dad’s birthdate. He would have been 50 years young today. For those that don’t know, my father died when I was the age of 8 going on 9. I don’t speak on it very much because I had/have a lot of repressed feelings as a child. It was always hard when people would ask something about your Dad and you would have to answer with “… My father passed away” and then came the very awkward stare from the other person leading to another awkward moment of silence. As a child, I think I dealt with death in the worst way. Kept Quiet.  In my adult years I’m still trying to master the concept of speaking aloud my feelings, instead of analyzing it in my head a million times. It’s hard at times but I have a few amazing friends that make it a lot easier. The point of this post wasn’t or isn’t to get anyone down, but more so to tell you guys to celebrate someones life in the present as well as in death. Tell your family and friends that you love them, one thing that still haunts me to this day is that my Dad left the house mad at me and I never saw him again. As I’m writing this I feel the tears welling up, but I’ve come to realize that sometimes they have to fall in order to heal. I feel my father’s presence from time to time and that gives me comfort.

 So I’ll blow out my fathers birthday candles today and my wish is that you all tell those around you that you love them today. Simple right? That’s all.


Happy Birthday Daddy, love always and forever.