Shoutout these ladies.

These girls are fly.

                                                   L-R : Shannon, Moi, Charlene, Chey, Danielle

Came across this pic and just felt like shouting these ladies out as they’re all doing their thing!

Shannon is doing her thing for The Broken Heel Diaries. Check out that site, I love it! It’s a really good site for women.

The girl next to Shannon in the green skirt, is some chick named Neeks. Yea, she aight.

Charlene aka Asia fiasco is 1/3 of The Discombobulated Tricks styling team. They do it all, the necklace that I’m wearing in this pic was designed by them.

The 2 Goddess looking females on the far right are Chey and Danielle who represent Liipstik Styling Team.


I’m all about supporting my own, and these are people that you need to look out for! Check them all out at their respective sites.


You did what with Scissors?

Over the weekend I assisted on set for The Discombobulated Tricks shoot entitled “Skizzers” (Scissors lol). When I tell you it was a-may-zing, I mean just that. Man oh man.

Charlene, Nicole and Meg- Y’all are stupidddd for this one. Dumb, silly, stupid.

Frannie, you did an excellent job my dear.

Ishmil, well done again sir.

Sanaz, you were a great help.

Shoutouts to Courtney from Polyshmag for stopping through 🙂

Dance Life

I love dancers. I don’t know what it is about them, actually I lied… I do.

They’re entertaining, can move their body in *ahem* amazing shapes/lines, and they just seem like fun people.

Last November (yes, late I know) I went to my girl Asia Fiasco’s dance Bazaar. It was a tribute to Michael & Janet Jackson. Some of Canada’s hottest dancers were in the building, it was a thoroughly entertaining night. Shoutouts to all the amazing people I met that night.

Check out some of the videos:

The 1st has my homeslice Asia Fiasco KILLING IT!

(Char your body… stupid!)




Have you gotten ‘Laid’?

Good morning folks!

I’m very much delayed with these videos but I was on a roll on Sunday so I finally got a chance to upload a few. Does anyone know anything quicker than Youtube? For some reason they take freaking forever!

These first set of videos are from Shannon Boodram’s book release for “Laid” that happened in October. The Book release was fantastic. There were many different performances by artists such as : Daniel Daley, Kim Davis, Toya Alexis, Andrea Lewis, etc. Not to mention there were excerpts read from the book as well.  Here is the original post regarding Shannons Book -> here <-

These are 3 videos from that night (I have about 2 more I have to upload).

The 1st video:

Kim Davis singing “Valentine 4 Life” (acoustic version). This was an AMAZING performance. Holy moly, this version was FIRE. Kim, can you please release this version. Damn! Background vocals were sung by Toya Alexis (she’s Fire as well).

The 2nd Video:

Andrea Lewis (ThoseGirlsAreWild). Andrea performed a couple songs that she felt went with some of the themes in the book. This performance is her cover of Barrington Levy’s “Too Experienced”.

The 3rd Video:

Toya Alexis giving me goosebumps. This was the 1st time I’d ever heard of her and I officially became a fan.

Official Video: Grizzly Bears Panda

Remember last week I posted a trailer video to Wolf J Mcfarlane’s “Grizzly Bears Panda”?  Well here is the finished product and I’m impressed with the final result. If you’re not familiar with Wolf, he’s a very creative soul, not only is he an artist but also a Graphic Designer. Therefore his mind is always seeing things that the regular mind may not. This video demonstrates that- it’s simple yet extremely creative. This is his 1st video and a good start out the gate in my opinion. If you’ve never seen him perform, he’s a bit of a live wire so you’re always thoroughly entertained. Keep watch because 2010 he’s coming.

Check him out here—>  Official website and Twitter

Christmas Cheer

The beautiful multi-talented Melanie Fiona and Mr.Amazing, Brian McKnight teamed up to spread some Yuletide cheer.

Melanie Fiona with Brian McKnight on the keys “Someday at Christmas”

The Blueprint

It’s hard to read a Blueprint from a career from a man that’s just so G.O.A.T. I mean Jay-Z has been in the game for years and today marks his 40th Birthday, He is and will always be my favorite rapper.

The perfect blend of cleverness, wittyness, grittyness, with a flow for every kind of listener. There are people that try to be cool and there are those that just ‘are’- Jay Z falls into the latter. There is something about his laugh that is infectious, and his sarcasm in interviews keeps me throughly entertained each time. Most have tried to take shots at his throne, however none have successfully succeeded in dethroning him. The fact he’s married to the Hottest chick in the game just proves that all the “Camel” references don’t mean a thing. The influence he’s had on the world is undeniable,

(The sickness is killing me, so I can’t even think to write more… I’ll update later)



Happy Birthday Shawn Carter!

KJ is the Truth

I’ve spoken about KJ many times on here because I believe he’s extremely talented. Finally KJ will be releasing his debut album “The Headphone” on December 18th. To celebrate his upcoming release, KJ will be performing tracks from that album and giving the public a taste of what’s to come. I’ve told you all before, don’t sleep on KJ! There will also be special guests, so I suggest you come out and support!

The Drake Hotel

1150 Queen Street West

Toronto, ON M6J1J3

(416) 531-5042

The Headphone: Dec 18th

Support your local Talent!!!!

Manifesto 2

I wanted to split up the videos so it didn’t make the  previous post super long. I have wayyy more videos but it takes so long to upload them all. I’ll get to it soon enough.

Enjoy these, there are a lot of standout ones.

Special mention goes to homeboy with the soccer skills. From one soccer player to another, you’re ILL beyond words.

Manifesto 1

Good morning,

I know, I’m super late on this post. It got held up due to my stupid cpu, ugh. Needless to say couple weeks ago in Toronto the annual Manifesto Festival was held at Nathan Phillips Square. For those that don’t know, it’s a festival celebrating all things Hip-Hop Culture related. From the music, to clothing, dancing, etc. There was a showcase of all types of Homegrown Talent, with the closing act being Talib Kweli. Some performers were KJ, Wolf, Branden Phillips, Lelani Dee (i’m sorry, if I spelt it wrong have to verify it) Tona, Ayah, Saukrates, Jahvon and the list goes on and on. Did I mention, this show was completely free? Pretty cool if you ask me. I met alot of cool people and saw alot of familiar faces. It was a good day just chilling out enjoying what Toronto has to offer. Check the pics.