Good morning,

I wasn’t even going to address this, but now I feel compelled. Yesterday, over Twitter a certain Toronto rapper decided to publicly air out his grievances towards Drake. The general public only knows 1 side to the story right now, and that is the rapper calling Drake a snitch and that he hates him. To tell you the truth, I’m not even going to give this claim much thought because we don’t know the full story. What I do have a problem with is the word “snitching”. The whole of Toronto is talking about this situation and some are taking sides saying that “snitching isn’t cool”. Do you remember couple years ago when people were actually airbrushing t-shirts with “Stop Snitching”. The ignorance of that is pretty disgusting to me.

*rolls up sleeves*

What exactly is snitching and what classifies a snitch? I wish this BET generation would just go away and read a book (one that isn’t strictly Eric Jerome Dickey or Sister Souljah). Is there ever going to be a day where we get past this stupid ignorant mentality? I don’t give a DAMN what any of you say, if a crime happened to one of your family members and they told the police you wouldn’t call them a snitch. You know what helps people not get caught? DON’T DO A CRIME. Brilliant and groundbreaking, huh? This ‘hood’ thuglife for life mentality needs to seize. The more unfortunate part about all of that is that majority of those that preach it, do not even live it. Up out my face with that nonsense. If these people spent more time perfecting something positive or even perfecting their craft, there would be less time for the foolishness I’m hearing about. Everyone wants to be hood and get rich, why not do it in a respectable manner? You want to live the life of rappers you see on tv? Well guess what, half of the stuff they’re rapping about they don’t even do! Again, up out my face. Guns are killing my people and if you don’t care enough and want to keep your “cool” outlook that’s on you… just don’t let me hear you complaining the next time a 4 year old gets shot on the bus, or one of the friends you grew up with was an innocent bystander just waiting for her boyfriend to meet her & gets shot and sadly killed. This stuff gets me heated, so I think I’m just going to end this right here, some of you may not agree with me but as you know I don’t care- this stuff must stop! I’ve been affected by this on a personal level and if we keep this mentality up, crimes will just get increasingly worse and people will continuously get away with it. Is that the kind of world you want to raise your kids in?

Didn’t think so

All the way turned up

*Jay-Z voice* What you wanna me to do? I’m sorrryyyy, but I’m back!

For those of you that have been rocking with me for awhile now, you should know how I get down. There’s only so long I can hold my tongue on certain things. This has been bugging me for awhile and I feel it needs to come off of my chest.


What does Friendship mean to you?


I hope you stopped and listed to yourself all the things it means. Me? 1 big thing I need from someone I consider a friend is honesty. Our generation consists of a bunch of spineless people that think telling someone how you feel means being rude. That’s so far from the truth, it’s not even funny. Granted if you go up to your friend and say “You dress horribly and you’re pretty ugly, I suggest makeup” yea, that’s kind of rude. However if you maybe tell your friend that the mini skirts she wears doesn’t compliment her body as well as say an A-line skirt, then you’re doing your friendly duties.

Trust and honesty is so vital to a relationship, without it nothing flourishes. Why is it that people don’t understand that concept as of yet? I mean, it’s so simple. If one of your “friends” does something that bothers you or has hurt you, why don’t you just bring it up to them? Pretending that everything is okay is fake and cowardly. What’s even more fake than pretending is going out of your way to ignore someone.  Welcome to Grade 5 folks, complete with the JTT crush (ladies y’all remember JTT lol). Don’t throw shade on some subliminal mess but you don’t have the guts to ever say it to someones face. That makes no kind of sense! Do you want attention? Do you want love? If so, go hug a tree or something because this isn’t the place. If you heard half a story from someone else about your “friend” and take it on as CNN fact when really the person is as credible as MediaTakeOut, your wack <– Just thought I’d let you know, since I’m sure 1 of your friends hasn’t told you yet.

*Double kisses*

This goes out to you…(2)

This might be a new section “This goes out to you“. It’s shall be a dedication of some sorts to an A class idiot.

This one is a shoutout to a real thirsty b*tch. There are a lot of things on my list of annoyances and 1 of them is unoriginal people with no kind of sense (common sense, street sense, book sense, fashion sense, etc). This female needs this shoutout as an “I see you”.

Nowadays everyone has their own side hustle or dream they are trying to achieve. Most folks are not rolling in money so to get your business or name out there you have to realize that others need to eat too. Just because you are friends with someone does not mean that they should automaticallyalways hook you up. That’s tacky. There are things that friends can do for each other but it’s a matter of give an take and better yet realistic expectations. Example: If you’re starting out your own business and go to your friend that you know has a styling team and can get the photos/editing done as well would you expect all of that done for free? Well let’s throw a monkey wrench into that example. Why would you ask the pricing and then when told the pricing you dispute it. Don’t be a groupie, keep it moving then! You’re out of order right now. Take your thirsty behind somewhere else and see if you would be able to get all of what you were asking for, for half that price. Then to add insult to injury an original idea was pitched to you and now that you’ve come to terms with the fact that you’re thirsty and cannot pay up… you say “I’m going to use that idea with or without you”.

*Cut the record*

You’re for real right now?

You were serious when you just told me you’re going to steal an idea that wasn’t yours and take it somewhere else?

Okay Minni Vanilli.

We see you.

Do not forget word of mouth is crucial to any business. Kudos to you for playing yourself out.

Good day 🙂

January 13th

This day was complete and utter ‘crosses’ (badluck). 

I mean seriously I don’t even like talking about it because it was so stressful. This day I went to work like any other day, with some slight differences. One of which I had a photoshoot later that evening and I was extremely sick.  Not my idea of goodtimes at all. The previous day, I called up an acquaintance of mine (who is also a photographer) to help me out. I needed a backup because I didn’t feel well enough to conduct the entire shoot and also he had lighting that would be vital to the shoot. *exhales*. Now that you have some backgrounds I’m just going to point form the rest of this because it’s too much for me to write out in paragraph form. 

  • The shoot was set for 5pm-9pm, I was set to finish work at 4pm. That would have been okay if the shoot wasn’t downtown and that I drived. Factor in those 2 things and I was going to be late, which was okay by the client as they were aware of my availability beforehand.


  • The assistant photographer was aware of the shoot time and it was arranged to have a ride pick him up from his house with the lighting.


  • Approximately 1pm, Aneka (me), gets a bbm message from the assistant photographer saying he won’t be able to make it home until 6pm. *side eye*. The shoot starts at 5pm… anyone else see a problem with that? The scheduled ride for him, WAS the client therefore it was imperative she was on time to the shoot.


  • At this point I begin to stress slightly because I need to figure out an alternate ride for the photographer/lighting. Keep in mind I’m deathly sick and at work myself. This is not going well at all.


  • 4pm: I leave work and head to the GO Station. I arrive at 4:10pm for the 4:20pm bus. Is there any particular reason that I ended up getting on the 4:5opm bus? The 4:20 either never showed or came extremely early. I wish I could describe how cold it was that day. By the time I got on the bus, I was in tears… literally. I couldn’t feel my fingers or toes and with the already sick body I had, that definitely was not helping.


  • Throughout the time that I was waiting for that dreadful bus, I had to make an executive decision to pay for a cab for the assistant photog to get to the shoot. There was no other option, I needed him. The fact that he was coming from Mississauga was all the more stressful.


  • I finally arrive downtown and start to figure out how I’m going to get to the location (I had never been there), my phone is dying. Excellent. Precisely what I need at that point. The assistant photog (let’s just call him Tom) calls me saying he doesn’t know where he’s going. At that point I’m beyond defeated so I say “don’t you have the address?” he says the taxi man doesn’t know where he’s going and doesn’t have a map. THE F*@K?! All the while he’s frustrated and speaking to me in a very rude tone. Okay, let’s bring it on back for a second. I didn’t do sh*t to you, so don’t speak to me anyhow. You have a berry, google it! I was very calm though and gave him the major intersections.


  • When Tom does arrive he has brought his girlfriend. Which equated to a major problem as the ride home only had 1 space. Ummm that’s nice, that was never approved by me. I express that and keep it moving. At the shoot we had issues with lighting as one of the bulbs broke on the way over. GREAT! We begin to scramble to figure out an alternative. One of the people on set chimed in that they have lighting and could try to have someone bring it over. *phew*


  • The shoot time was originally scheduled from 5-9pm. The hair/makeup/styling wasn’t done until approx.9:30pm. Kind of sucked, but I know that happens sometimes so I was pretty calm. My only issue was that I felt like trash and really just wanted my bed and for someone to unscrew my head from my body. However Tom and Tina (his girlfriend) we re not so calm. They were quite frustrated and continuously expressed that with me. Man oh man. For those that know me, I did so well in holding my tongue. Very well.


  • When the shoot finally started, Tom was so frustrated and everyone was so frustrated with him that I had no other choice but to shoot the whole thing. Have you ever been standing and felt like you just wanted to collapse? Yea, imagine that for 2 hours straight. However I made it through and I was impressed with the final product. The hair/makeup/styling was on point and I’m happy with what I shot.


  • The shoot finished at approx.12 am and i had no other choice but to get a cab to go home. We went outside (Tom, Tina and myself) and I hailed a cab. Here is the crucial part. I got in the cab and said “Can you take us to Mississauga, and can you get me a flat rate”. This part is extremely critical (i’m soooo mad, I had a whole paragraph written at this point and my internet messed up. F*ckkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkk)


At this point the driver asks me how many stops and I tell him 2 stops. He calls his dispatcher and they tell him $63 dollars so he tells me $69 to incorporate the 2 stops. I ask him if he can do better so he tells me $65. FINE. I agree and put on my headphones and try to zone out and forget this horrible day I’d just had. We arrive at the 1st stop and say goodbye to Tom and Tina. Tina barely says a word to me, and for those that know Aneka….you already know I was fuming. We get to my house and give the driver $67 and begin to hop out, he says wait wait you owe me more. Do you know this asshole ran the meter and was expecting me to pay $79 dollars after he had already confirmed $65 with me? I reply “no no no, you told me $65”. What happens next really still blows my mind. He called the police on me…. 

YUP, you read correctly. This jerkoff called the cops on me. At that point gloves come off and that already stupid day just became worse. My anger level is off the meter. I get his cab number and call his company. The supervisor finally comes on the phone and to make an already long-er story short-er. The gist of what he said I have no damn way of winning this battle. He said that a driver has the right to refuse a flat rate and that they reserve the right to call the police after. I replied with “how is a customer supposed to defend themselves then, since he agreed to the flat rate”. He replied “you would have to pay upfront and get a receipt”. The hell?! Do I work for the taxi company? How on Gods green earth was I to know that?! 

As I sit in the cab waiting for the police to show up, the driver decides to add insult to injury and say “Don’t try anything smart. There is a camera at the front and we have your phone number now”. Motherf*cker are you normal? If I was going to do you anything, I would have lonnggggg done it. You telling me that to try and warn me, is not doing anything. As I sat there waiting for the cab I called him every name under the sun. Did I mention he also took out a tape recorder and started taping me? LOL. This story was so unreal to me. 

After approximately 20 minutes of waiting, I see a police car pull up. Out comes a female officer who asks me for my side of the story. I tell it short and sweet. Then it’s the drivers turn and the 1st thing out of his mouth is “she lied about the whole thing”. You guys may think I’m stupid for staying and waiting for police instead of just paying the difference since it was only 12 dollars but that was not the point. It was the principle behind it. Do not make me out to be a liar, when you are blatantly LYING. That will turn me from a sweetheart into super b*tch real easily. The officer seemed to have been believing me as she kept asking the driver “sir what do you want to have done here” and he kept dodging the question. Mind you all the while the meter is still running. Suddenly a next police car pulls up. What?! Realllllyyyy? This time 2 male drivers get out. The female officer explains to them what happened and they converse for a minute before 1 of the males comes up to me. “Ma’am heres your 2 options: Either pay the $12 difference or pay the fare at what it’s at right now (approx 90 something dollars) and go to court after to fight the difference. I suggest you just pay the 12 dollars.” I agree and take out my money and all the while I’m calling the cab driver every name under the book. My last words were “enjoy those $12 in hell b*tch”. Then I went into my house fuming. At that point, I really realized how people hurt others. I’m not even joking. This cab driver lied on everything and felt no way about it and I had no way of defending myself. 

Throughout this whole day I never felt more alone in my life. That’s why that day was the WORST day I’ve had in awhile. As I read this back, I realize it’s novel territory and I’m sure only 2 of you will actually get to this point but I felt I had to vent because lets face it… where else am I going to do that? 

You better hope we don’t meet again buddy. If any of you readers happen to get this bastard. Tell him he’s going to hell for me and then  take another cab

Asshole's ID

Once again

Morning Y’all,

I will skip all the formalities right now and just say what I think needs to be said.

The ride that people are on is at an all time high. If you don’t want to speak to me, that’s your perogative. If you think I’m ugly, a b*tch, a bad dresser, bad photographer, not funny- again your issue not mine. The problem is I used to see you all, and now I don’t. So now that I don’t see you, you’re trying to fall into my eyesight. Not happening.

Keep it Moving

One more time for the cheap seats in the back.

Keep it Moving

If you want to act the fool for a week, month, year and then one day suddenly think by sending me an email I’m going to magically forget your previous indiscretions. You were mistaken, yet again. Come approach me and express your wrongdoing do not try to hide things under the rug and think I will just shrug it off and be chummy again. The New Year is steadily approaching, keep it up- way up. You can miss me with all of that in this coming year.

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Ashton, where are you?

Good Morning

Yesterday was a rough day, slow rough day. There are days that are slow and then there are days that are slow, painful and annoying rolled into one big ugly bow. You guessed it, yesterday was the latter.

Finally when I became free off of the plantation and ready to just cool off. On my way home, I decide to stop at a “mall” and get my Tim Hortons Hot Chocolate. As I stand there sipping the delicious drink, I see a familiar face. Not familiar as in a friend or acquaintance but familiar as in “Ohhh hell, THIS GUY”. So, what do I do? The only thing any other person would do, pretend I don’t see him. That worked for about 2 minutes until he smelled me out like any animal in heat would. You know what, why don’t I just post the dialogue so that you can show your male friends how NOT to approach a female.

Male: Hello there

Neeks: *Look of annoyance* Oh hi there

Male: You’re soo sexy, those lips .

Neeks: Umm, thank you?

Male: What’s your name?

Neeks: Keisha (Hell YEA I have a fake name). I’ve met you before

Male: No you haven’t if you met me before, I’d remember.

Neeks: Buddy, I met you before. You want me to call you out? You have “gangsta” tatted on your neck.

Pause the scene right here.

What self respecting male tattoos “gangsta” on his neck?!? Is this a bloody joke? I swear to you Ashton Kutcher is somewhere watching me.

Male: C’mon you just saw that right now. How old are you?

Neeks: Okay man, whatever. I’m 24 how old are you? What’s your name?

Male: I’m 27. My name is Jason

Neeks: I don’t believe you’re 27, and ewww your name is Jason?

Male: Yes, but you can call me Davonte. Here is my passport if you don’t believe my age

He begins to pull out something from his pocket. Do you know this guy pulled out a tattered Canadian passport for me to look at? Heaven above me, is this you playing a joke on me?

Neeks: Why would I call you Davonte if your name is Jason? Why do you have your passport on you bro?

Davonte: Don’t watch that. Soo do you have a man?

Neeks: Yes, yes I do (I really don’t)

Davonte: Damnnn. Can I get your number so we can be friends?

Neeks: No you cannot

Davonte: Why not? Why can’t we be friends?

Neeks: Because when you looked at me, you didn’t think “Damn that girl can be a good friend”

Davonte: *Smirks* Yea yea, you’re right still. Can I get your number anyways?

Neeks: Are you kidding me? I just told you no.

After about 4 exchanges of this… he finally goes “I don’t care you’re taking my number”

Neeks: Grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr. FINE. Puts number in phone.

Davonte : Are you going to call me?

Neeks: No

Davonte: Why did you take my number then?

Neeks: You told me that you wouldn’t take no for an answer.

Davonte: That’s coldddd. Why wouldn’t you call me.. like like just to say hi?

Neeks: Why would I ? I have a boyfriend. Would you want your girlfriend giving out her number all willy nilly?

Davonte: *Smirks* Yea yea you’re right still… but but only you could make your pants come down

Neeks: Oh really? How do girls get raped then?

Davonte: *Shocked face* Whoa whoa, I would NEVER do that.

Neeks: I never said you would but I don’t know you like that.

Davonte: Nah I wouldn’t do that ever.

Neeks: Ummm okay.

You get the point. This went on for a couple more minutes. If you’re thinking why didn’t I walk away? I couldn’t, I was waiting on something. This is not uncommon for females, male approaches with the lamest “pick up” in history to try and get a girls number. The problem is, I think people don’t weigh out their pros and cons before approaching a female. Some are very dilusional, which is extremely sad. At least I got a funny story out of  it I guess.

P.S. Davonte? I mean really?! I remember when all of us females loved names like Davonte because of Jodeci, however that was 10+ years ago. Buddy, upgrade your “game”.

This goes out to Number 1

Good morning folks,

I was dying to write this last night, and I didnt have time at first then when I got home I was extremely tired. Now that I’ve had time to simmer a bit maybe the raw emotion had a chance to cool but I’m still just as infuriated as I was before.

This is a Blind Item, I’m sure who it’s regarding will definitely know it’s for them.

So there are a couple things that are high on my list of piss-offs and number 1 would have to be disrespect. I don’t like to disrespect people because that right there is Bad Karma. That will always come back to you in life and you should remember that. So why is it that people always feel the need to try and disrespect me thinking they can GET AWAY WITH IT?! I don’t appreciate that in the least and I’m no ones fool. Now that I’m sure your interest has been peaked, I know you’re wondering what has me in such a tizzy. Well, some unnamed male has been trying to gain brownie points with me for quite some time now. The typical I’m a good man and I’m not just trying to see your kitty all come out of his mouth, as if it’s supposed to be the magic words. Homie, I don’t believe you… you need more people! This is where it gets tricky. This “suitor” tries to give me a birthday present Jeremih style and I kindly refuse, bbm’ing me, calling me. So what does this simpleton go and do? He begins to message my friend that’s in the SAME CAR AS ME.


You couldn’t even give me the decency of allowing me to get home? Really? No, seriously though? Did you not think I would  book that? Then I get home and you’re still trying to get at me. Are you that hard up *no pun intended*. You wonder why I never take your behind seriously. This is it! Listen up and hear me good, I’m not the one nor the two or even the three. Next time I see you, believe you me I’m calling you out. That is a promise and I don’t make those very often. You’ve successfully pissed me off jerkoff.

Terrible Tuesday



I woke up this morning with a smile for different reasons. Those that knew I had a bad day did their best to cheer me up. (Special mention Char: Uhhhhhhhhhh . Yes, grasshopper LOL). Yesterday, my girl at work nicknamed the day “Topsy, Turvy, Tomfoolery Tuesday”. The amount of nonsense that occurred in and out of work yesterday was bananas. Soooo much to mention, then the craziness on Big Brother was so laughable it wasn’t even funny. I called it, BB was the only thing that helped me through the day and it surely did make up for it. You ever have one of those days where you just feel like everything that could go wrong does? Or like if you are in the Twilight Zone? Yup, yesterday was one of those days.  I have resolved that today shall be a better day and as I type this I received notice that el douchebag got the BOOT! It’s a celebration b*tches.








Wolf in sheeps clothing, stay pretending

Steady defending,

Why deny what you are?