The Dark Side

Good morning faithfuls,

I have so many thoughts that have been swirling around in this head of mine, however sometimes I’m a little nervous to put it out there for the world to read. This topic I’ve been meaning to write about, however it’s so touchy that I end up falling back on it. The more I say I should be careful while approaching it, the more I remember my name is Aneka aka Neeks and that’s not the way that I operate. There are things that people shy away from speaking about and I believe it’s so important to have a healthy flourishing life. There’s more to talk about in life than Gucci Mane, Rihanna and partying.

I digress.

For those that watch the news, you’ll see more and more celebrities committing suicide. With each story, I hear some people say “Why would they want to do that, they have all of that money“. My response is always, money doesn’t guarantee happiness. If you’re alone when you’re poor and suddenly you get rich and you have the world at your disposal, chances are you’re even more alone. Fake smiles and fake friendships only give people a fake sense of self and decrease their confidence. If you feel alone, and I mean truly ALONE most days of your life ; chances are you’re going to spiral into a depression. The sad thing about depression is that usually friends and family realize it too late. That’s something I never understood though. If you know your friend/family member is typically a friendly/smiling type of person and suddenly they are very to themselves and always seem sad, you’re internal alarm should be ringing away. The sad part is, that’s in the easy cases. Some people walk around with a fake facade of utter bliss when inside they are feeling lower than low. I’ve said it before on this blog, that you must check up with those that you care about, because you just never know. Speaking from experience, I’ve been on both sides of the fence. Depression is such a confidence degrading experience, if you have ever been there and I mean real depression, not ” I feel depressed” because you didn’t get the pair of shoes you wanted. Knowing that a friend is depressed and has even made attempts at ending their life is very devastating. Never will I ever want ANYONE in my life to feel like they’re alone and that suicide is their only way out. You can always come to me, for help, advice or even just a hug. It’s heartbreaking to hear someone that you love think that their life is meaningless. Every life has purpose, that’s how God intended it.

From the bottom of my heart, pray about it and look to those around you to help get you through your time of need. Despite what you may think, someone out there cares. That’s real.

Double Standard (3)

Hello There,

Todays Double Standard is another one I’m sure you ladies have heard before.

Here’s the thing, males seem to love lesbians. The minute they think of 2 lesbians + them = Excitement on their behalf. So why is it when a girl is NOT a lesbian and has no interest in women, some males feel the need to force the issue like it’s nothing. This has happened to me on more than 1 occasion mind you. This incident was the toned down one. A couple days ago myself and a male friend of mine (just a friend folks) were having a conversation via bbm about the post I wrote “I was getting some..”. Jokingly he says we should have a fun night with the 2 of us and another girl. At first I laughed it off and said “no thanks, I don’t do girls”…. his response… “Don’t worry you soon will”. Of course I had to hit him back and said “how about we make it me + you and another guy?”. Of course I knew what his response would be, “I’m not gay“.


So I am?!


It’s amazing the way some males think. For some odd reason they think it’s simple for a woman to experiment with girls but they would never entertain the idea of experimenting with other males. Just because there are DVDs like “Girls Gone Wild” and “The Girls Next Door” does not mean this girl is going to go wild with another female. I’m good, thanks though. I’m glad you like vagina and you were willing to share the concept with me, however I’ll pass- I have my own 😉



I was gettin’ some…

Good Morning my peoples,

I’m just going to warn you from now, todays topic is for Grown Folks only.

For the most part, I’ve pretty much stayed away from writing about sex and all things sex related, which has been extremely hard for me. One of my fav. Twitter followers though convinced me I should get it in (no pun intended there lol).  The consensus among most sane normal folks is that getting head aka going down on someone aka cunningulus or fellatio is pretty damn amazing. *Sigh*. Maybe I should clarify though, it’s amazing when done correctly.

This is the year 2010, so I think it’s my duty to put out a P.S.A (Public Service Announcement) to all of you men and women of the world. If you don’t give head because you think it’s nasty, you have no business having sex in the first place. Theres a big difference though, there are some that do it (male or female) and they’ll never admit it because they’re afraid of what others will say and there are those that have never tried it because they are afraid of others will say. Either way, who gives a damn about them?! If you’re about pleasing your partner, you’re going to do what’s necessary. As I write all of this I know there are some of you that are probably completely shocked or turned off by me… that’s fine, I’m just going to keep it 100 with you. There are so many different avenues of sex that should be explored. No one likes a boring partner, noooooobody!

I’ve said it once and I’ll say it again, fellas get your tongue game up. I’m sick and tired of some of y’all frontin like you don’t enjoy the delicacies below the belt. Some of y’all are so ready and eager but you wouldn’t dare let your boys know you do. I mean why? You put your mouth on much dirtier things (cigarettes, blunts, sometimes peoples facial lips are dirty) I mean really?! For those of you that are man enough to admit it. KUDOS to you! I love a man who can confess he gives head and even better ENJOYS it. #turnon. I’m towelling off a bit just thinking about it. Now to my dudes reading this just going down there is step 1 but really knowing what you’re doing is something all in its own. The 2 conversations I had with my male friends regarding this really showed me how different minds think. The seasoned vet explained to me his technique and just that alone, had me *ahem* intrigued to say the least. The depths of how far he takes it was pretty awesome. The 2nd friend was amazed when I told him that there is a little more to it than just “licking the box”. You have to “eat it like you mean it” (thanks guy #1 for that term lol). There is nothing more mood busting than someone that’s just doing it just because they think they have to. If you’re going to head downtown make sure you have your day pass ready to go and come (pun intended). If you’re not familiar with a womans clitoris, get acquainted very quickly. Treat the body as a canvas and paint your portrait very carefully and with purpose. Owwwwwww. There is so much to be explored, it’s crazy!

To my ladies (don’t roll your eyes at me right now) same thing applies, if you’re going to give head don’t do it because he’s forcing you. Do it on your own accord and make it good. The male anatomy is a beautiful thing so treat it as such <– I’m so serious. Do not try to be a porn star and think you have to deep throat it and all that other stuff, take your time and let your partner guide you if it’s your 1st time. Chances are he’ll help you along the way, and do remember you can just tell when he’s enjoying it. Everybody’s body has different indicators to let you know they’re enjoying it, follow it. Be very careful of your teeth as well, for those that have been bitten anywhere on their body before… depending on how hard you’ve been bitten that stuff hurts. I’ve heard many a horror story of  “biters”, so take your time. Just like our anatomy there are many important ‘features’ to a male body. The head (or the tip) is real important. Take your time with it and show its own separate attention. Your tongue is really crucial ladies so use it to your advantage. Switch up the flow and show every inch attention. If you want to have your partner remember you forever, give him some unforgettable head. I haven’t lied to y’all once since starting this blog, so I wouldn’t start now.

Don’t say I didn’t tell y’all!

(I know some of y’all are probably sooooo disgusted with me right now. DAH WELL! I’m grown and you should be too. I censored it a little bit because I could have went sooo much more in-depth. Trust me)

Guest Spot: It ain’t trickin if you got it!

Good night all,

I’ll do my greetings and what not on a seperate post, this is all about the guest writer. So once again a friend of mine felt they needed to get some things off of their chest and as usual, I feel the need to oblige. Do remember folks, if you want to do a guest spot just let me know your thoughts and we can get it rolling.

Disclaimer: The thoughts and views expressed by the Guest writer are not that of the blog owner lol. Proceed…


“It ain’t trickin If you got it”

Now before i get started i wanna say that in this entry I mean no disrespect in anyway to any respectable females, I love y’all! This is just simply my outlook on a certain topic.

This also only applies to the initial boy meets girl scenerio

Ok so here we go…

I was having a discussion with a colleague of mine and he stated that he will never and has never paid for pussy in his life. I beg to differ, every man has paid and will continue to pay for pussy until the day the world ends.

hTe title of this post is called “it ain’t trickin if you got it” I for one disagree. It’s trickin regardless if you got it or not.

Now everyone knows the power that pussy has on most men, dudes get shot, stabbed, beaten, all for the P-U-S-S-Y. The power i’m gonna be referring to is the power that pussy has on a mans wallet. Some dudes will buy a gold chain instead of paying their rent all to get some pussy, dudes will put rims on their cars instead of buying groceries all to impress some girls to get some pussy, so what i’m trying to say is regardless if a man goes downtown to find a prostitute, or a man pays for a lap dance at a strip club, or a man even buys a drink for a girl at the bar, the end result is he is he wants to get some, and he is willing to PAY get it.

 “Most” female pussy comes with a price tag. It can fluctuate like gas prices based on the mood and emotionally status of that particular female. I know your wondering where the hell i’m going with this so let me explain; If a man meets a girl that just found out her boyfriend cheated on her…chances are her coochie is on clearance! You can probably buy her some gum and some lip gloss and you can get the coochie. If a man meets a girl that recently just broke up with her boyfriend her coochie is probably on a sample sale meaning, if you pay to take her to a movie, maybe a dinner you can probably get it but only a sample cause she might get back with her boyfriend. Now if you meet a girl that hasn’t been in a relationship for years because she feels all men are dogs then thats some gucci coochie meaning way OVER priced! You gotta take her to a couple movies, a couple dinners, maybe even a concert or two in order to get it…

Ladies don’t be naive to fellas being extra generous with their pocket change, yes he may just be a “nice guy” which i doubt, chances are what he’s really doing is making an investment. He’s making deposits, watching you gain interest, then once you’ve gain enough interest the plan is make you go through withdrawls….Fellas don’t be mad at me for giving the females some insight, Steve Harvey already exposed us so its nothing they don’t already know.

 But anyway getting back to the matter at hand, Fellas all i’m saying is if you are willing to drive from sauga to scarboro/durham or vice versa for a girl when gas prices are at $1.03 per litre and its not your girl…then regardless of what you think- you are paying for some pussy.

I’m not saying there is another wrong with doing this because its just the way things are, I’m just trying to inform y’all that it’s happening and will continue to happen.

 So ladies do me a favour, think back and ask yourself on average… How much is your pussy worth?




Well initially I was going to add my piece to this, however I opted out of it. I want to hear what the readers have to say.

What do you guys think?