The Blueprint

It’s hard to read a Blueprint from a career from a man that’s just so G.O.A.T. I mean Jay-Z has been in the game for years and today marks his 40th Birthday, He is and will always be my favorite rapper.

The perfect blend of cleverness, wittyness, grittyness, with a flow for every kind of listener. There are people that try to be cool and there are those that just ‘are’- Jay Z falls into the latter. There is something about his laugh that is infectious, and his sarcasm in interviews keeps me throughly entertained each time. Most have tried to take shots at his throne, however none have successfully succeeded in dethroning him. The fact he’s married to the Hottest chick in the game just proves that all the “Camel” references don’t mean a thing. The influence he’s had on the world is undeniable,

(The sickness is killing me, so I can’t even think to write more… I’ll update later)



Happy Birthday Shawn Carter!