TO BBM or NOT TO BBM, is it really even a question?

This is a guest post by Mr. Jay Guevara. Pretty true to say the least

For all you Crackberry users out there…


If you own a cell phone in Toronto, you have had the debate about which is better, the IPhone or the Blackberry.  To me, it is like comparing Dominique Wilkins and Michael Jordan, yes they both can dunk, but Jordan has championship rings. Or to stay in context, both devices have cool features, but Blackberry has BBM PING ME BITCH.  If you own a Blackberry you will agree that there has been no greater creation for personal communication with a large group of not so closely knit friends since MSN. 

I recently had the software go down on my trusty Curve 8330, and since I could not remember the birthday of the profile I used to get the account, I was left Berry-less for a month. In this month I lost contact with everyone.  People I used to talk to 5 times per day, were now ghosts.  I was no longer able to communicate in their relm. I couldn’t text them, because as a Berry owner, I know it is rude to send a text message to someone who has a Blackberry.  And Lord knows I didn’t have a single phone number for my 136 contacts, because dialing and calling someone who has a blackberry requires far too much effort.   I have compiled a list of things you may or may not have experienced while owning your blackberry.


1. I have met an attractive person of the opposite sex, only to look down at their phone and be turned off at the prospect of courting this individual via phone calls or text messages.  No BBM No TALK


2. The Blackberry is better than the IPhone – Your phone is for communicating with others. Not downloading cool apps to find a groovy restaurant in the lower side on China Town. For the simple fact that apple has not created a feature that allows you to PING people. Blackberry wins.


3. You have not opened a message from someone because you did not want the little D to turn to a R. You knew the question or PING was not something of interest and didn’t want/ have an answer at that time.  Or you have left the little D there to make it seem like you are actually someone who is busy and doesn’t have their blackberry in their hand all day.


4. You have sat there looking at the little R and wondered to yourself, do I follow up my last statement with another note or do I wait for the person to reply.


5. Sending pictures, ringtones, songs… any piece of data your phone can hold is just as easy as sending it on MSN. Send file and you have just made someone smile with a picture of your…


Neeks addition to this post…

1. Do you ever SWEAR that your phone is flashing red, then when you unlock it there is no damn message showing LOL. I swear this phone really does have ‘crack’ like symptoms.


2. Similarily do you ever swear that your phone vibrated, only to check it and yet again there is no freaking text message/missed call/facebook msg/bbm message. Damn that’s a lot of ways to feel rejected all at once.


3. Have you ever felt like your Berry gives you so much trouble, but then when told by some smarty pants to switch to a PCS or other type of smartphone you reply “Ummm no, that’s alright”. Seriously, my phone pisses me off to the highest degree but now I cannot see myself without a Blackberry!