Miami Dreaming

Good morning folks,


God has a funny way of telling you to slow down sometimes and just ‘be’. This horrible thing that I’ve been dealing with for a week now has been kicking my backside. I’m realizing more why I have it, and trying to not let it happen again. Thank you to everyone that’s been genuinly checking up on me, appreciate the soup/Vics/TLC offers. Mucho appreciated.

A couple days ago, myself and a lot of good people went out for a Farewall/Birthday Celebration for my good friend Malaika. She will be relocating to beautiful Miami to further her studies. Everything happened so quickly so it was very last minute and kind of surreal. It sucks to know that one of your true friends is going to be thousands of miles away. To me that means I am temporarily losing:

  • The person that if we have absolutely nothing to do we hit up the closest Red Lobster, Moxies, Popeyes or Swiss Chalet lol. We love food.
  • Who else am I going to call to say that the person on College Hill really did deserve to get cussed or boxed. Or that the girl from Top Model that got to stay is really murked and her attitude stinks?
  • Who else are Renee and I going to go to a soca party with?
  • Who else will I randomly spew Flavor of Love quotes with?


There are other many big things that came to my mind, but then I remembered you’re not going to be gone forever this is just a “See ya later “. I’m extremely happy for you, this is a major move and I’m proud that you had the guts to make it. If it was myself, I’d be there in a heartbeat without looking back.  Do well in your studies, party, meet a hot boy (or 2) and enjoy life.  The crazy friends that you have are already making plans to come down there so BE READY!


I love you and we’ll miss you TRICK!


(Btw this is my 100th Post!!!)